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54 thedaily news Matrix with Clarity Planar Systems

According to Planar, the new Clar- ity Matrix MultiTouch System is suitable for interactive LCD video - walls in public spaces or collabora- tion environments. Incorporating the latest touch technology to enable up to 32 touch points simultaneously, it allows not only for multiple touches or common gesture recog- nition by a single user, but enables multiple people to interact with the wall and not affect other users. The manufacturer also believes that the product provides a better touch experience, delivering pin- point accuracy which prevents any

false touch points. Clarity Matrix MultiTouch

boasts an ultra-slim profile, high- impact interactive display, and fea- tures Planar’s ERO (Extended Ruggedness and Optics) technol- ogy. ERO, Planar claims, prevents damage to the LCD panels and pro- vides a smooth touch surface, while ensuring ease of installation and serviceability, less parallax error, and superior optical properties. Stand: 3-A82

Speaker brand has invisible touch Stealth Acoustics

Designed for quick and

The LRG Series is the latest generation of high-perfor- mance invisible speakers from Stealth Acoustics. Featuring a newly designed low-profile high-power woofer for solid bass response down to 30Hz, it is a full inch thinner than previous models.

As a result, the speakers can be installed easily within wall or ceiling cavities as shal- low as 65mm. In addition, Stealth has incorporated a proprietary radiating surface, Fidelity-Glass, that is said to generate more delicate highs, a deep and solid bass output, and overall better response.

Widget Designer 4.0 shown Coolux Media Systems

German manufacturer Coolux Media Systems is presenting the latest version of its interactive application builder software, the Widget Designer. One of the most significant new

features of Version 4.0 is the built- in web server, which enables cre-

ation and control of all show con- trol interfaces from any remote HTML browsing device. Any num- ber of devices can be controlled and integrated this way. Additional enhancements to the

node-based programming environ- ment have made it possible to cross-connect, route and set up a very wide range of different control scenarios, such as Camera Tracking,

AirScan, Kinect, and Nintendo Wii. “Our aim has always been to

develop a product that would make it possible for non-program- mers to produce immersive inter- active experiences. We feel very confident that old and new cus- tomers alike will use our latest products to create true beauty,” stated Jan Huewel, CEO of Coolux. Stand: 7-N176

New brand focus for distributor BMB Electronics

BMB Electronics is to showcase products from the HAI and Niveo brands at ISE 2013 – both of which are new additions to the BMB portfolio. From HAI comes the Omni LTE

system, which controls homes and businesses by schedule, motion detection, door openings, sunrise, sunset, alarm activation/deactiva- tion and more. This 230V system features an Ethernet port and may

be controlled remotely from a PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or e-reader, as well as onsite from in- wall or tabletop touchscreens. Mobile apps are available for Android and iOS devices. Also on display will be items from the Niveo Professional range, specifically the Managed Switches and Managed Access Points. In addition, BMB will showcase the new Amina AIW750 2-way loud- speaker. The product boosts 200W peak power handling (100W full continuous IEC) with an efficiency of 87dB 1m/1W after applying a full 2mm plaster skim coat. Stand: 1-P22


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Veris 2 European debut Community Professional Loudspeakers

The second generation of its Veris (Versatile Installation Sys- tems) loudspeaker series, Veris 2, will be on show on Community Professional Loudspeakers’ stand at ISE 2013. The new range comprises a

total of 11 models, all of which have been designed for installed sound reinforcement and play- back applications. They include some significant enhancements over the original Veris series, including 1in-exit HF drivers and a re-engineered grille design. All models also offer improved, individually-voiced crossovers on 64º and 96º models; and all smaller Veris 2 models come standard with a fully rotatable square horn.

There are four compact models, which include sin- gle and dual 6in and 8in enclosures, and are designed for surface mount or distributed systems. The larger Veris 2 systems include two-way and three-way models with 12in or

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15in woofers, and the latter are available in multiple coverage patterns for short-, mid-, and long-throw applications. There are also three sub-

woofer systems: the compact V2- 210S dual 10in; the V2-212S dual 12in; and the most powerful V2- 215S dual 15in. All Veris 2 models are avail- able in black or white finishes, and are equipped with threaded mounting points, making them compatible with the full range of accessory brackets that is available for the original Veris series. Also available is Commu- nity’s Vertical Yoke Bracket, which enables precise vertical aiming of all full-range Veris 2 models. “We introduced the original

Veris series in 2007, and it has been one of our most well- received and successful lines,” said Julia Lee, Community Pro- fessional’s director of sales and marketing. “Veris 2 continues the Veris legacy of versatility, performance, and elegant design.”

Stand: 7-M190

easy installation, the series is available in a host of options, including premium full-range (LR4G), three-way full-range (LR3G), two-way full-range (LR8G), two-way single stereo

(SLR8G) and compact, two- way full-range (LR6G) ver- sions. Stealth also provides 100W and 120W sub-woofers and high-quality monaural and eight-channel amplifiers. Stand: 5-R116

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