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InfoComm University schedule 11:00-11:50 11:00-12:50

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Speaker: Neta Lempert, CTS Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65 InfoComm members)

2K, 4K, 8K, When Does High Res Actually Matter? We will find out the needs for a 4Kx2K installation in terms of band- width, and learn how 2K, 4K or 8K relate to today’s AV world.

Speaker: Pete Putman Room: D204 Fee: €125 (€95)

Digital AV in 2 Hours Prepare for a comprehensive discussion of digital video, including sampling, bit rates, digital video encoding/decoding formats, SDTV vs. HDTV, multicasting, recording, storage and playback platforms.

12:00-12:50 13:00-13:50

InfoComm University returns to ISE 2013

InfoComm International is bring- ing its renowned InfoComm Uni- versity education courses back to Amsterdam as part of ISE 2013’s Education Zone. Run jointly with CEDIA, the Education Zone will be centrally and conveniently located, as in 2012, in the Elicium Building, with

from manufacturers, consultants and distributors was made, and then combined with sessions led by InfoComm’s own staff or board members.

sessions taking place in a suite of rooms above Hall 12 of ISE 2013. The InfoComm University pro- gramme is the result of a Call For Presenters issued last June, which drew a record response from the industry. “In fact, [the response] was so great that we were only able to select the top one-third of sub- missions for inclusion in the ISE 2013 programme,” reveals Scott Wills, CTS-D, CTS-I, InfoComm’s director of international education and member services. A selection of submissions

Wills points out that the final shape of each year’s InfoComm University programme at ISE is determined by a European Advi- sory Group comprising 14 of the AV industry’s leading subject mat- ter experts. “These volunteers make a huge difference to the relevance and credibility of the programme,” enthuses Wills. “The Group has members from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the Czech Republic to mention only a few, and these individuals perform a number of different industry roles, making it a very diverse and inter- esting panel to work with.” ISE 2013 attendees will save

20% on education pricing if they book sessions in advance rather than on-site, with prices ranging from €85 to €125. InfoComm members receive a substantial fur- ther discount – see the schedule opposite.

From 2013, only two member categories

As of 1 January, InfoComm Inter- national is offering a new, simpli- fied membership structure in the form of Member and Affiliate membership categories.

Member and Affiliate holders will be eligible to receive free online and discounted classroom training and certification, free Info-

Comm standards and select market research, plus free access to Info- Comm community and network- ing events around the world, such as roundtables and trade shows. As part of this initiative, the EduBucks system has been phased out in favour of an education dis- count programme.

13:00-14:30 14:00-14:50 15:00-15:50 15:00-16:30 16:00-16:50 worked video market. Wednesday 30 January 2013 10:00-10:50

10:00-11:30 Update on HDBaseT

11:00-11:50 12:00-12:50

Speaker: Fredrik Svahnberg Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Multi-Image Projection Techniques This seminar explores challenges for multi-image projection on three- dimensional surfaces, curved and dome-shaped screens.

Speaker: HDBaseT Alliance Panellists, Micha Risling Room: D204 Fee: €125 (€95)

A panel update, giving views on the state of the industry, recent devel- opments, and the progress of HDBaseT in various markets.

Speaker: Greg Jeffreys Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Measure of Success - Projected Image InfoComm’s new ANSI Standard, Projected Image System Contrast Ratio, offers specifiers and users a way to design projected systems.

Speaker: Miguel Tresserras CTS-D, David López Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Selling Solutions Not Hardware - Missed Oppor- tunities in the Digital Signage Marketplace Two integrators will share their experience, missteps, and successes in getting ‘beyond the box’ with digital signage.

Speaker: David Lesch, CTS; Frank Sheehan Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

AV Systems Commissioning Best Practices Who should be doing what in commissioning: best practices, tips and hints with perspectives from the installer, designer and InfoComm.

Speaker: Steve K. Jackson, ISF, ISF C, DSE Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Finish the Job! Video Standards and Display Matching Videowall calibration and screen matching can be very challenging. We will discuss the elements of the picture that matter most and how to more easily use the same process no matter the manufacturer.

Speaker: Brian Davies Room: D204 Fee: €125 (€95)

System Design in the Net-centric Era This course will present the new generation of thought processes/ design approaches required to build a successful system that lever- ages the network to its best effect.

Speaker: Bas Smeets Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

What's New in Digital Signage – OPS, Mobile Inte- gration, Open Source Platforms and More This session will discuss the future trends of Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification, developed to simplify the use of small PCs with displays.

Speaker: Gordon Moore, CTS Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Setting Audio Gain - Getting It Right Learn the fundamentals of setting audio throughout a system. You’ll develop a list of equipment for unity gain and system optimisation.

Speaker: Bill Schripsema, CTS Room: D204 Fee: €125 (€95)

HDMI Done Right: A Technical Deep Dive This class will discuss protocols such as EDID, Hot Plug, HDCP, and how they work with one another.

Speaker: Paul Depper- schmidt, CTS Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

How Networked Video Will Change Your Business and the AV Market This presentation will explore the next five years in the AV and net-

12:00-13:30 1300-1350 14:00-14:50 14:00-15:30 15:00-15:50 16:00-16:50 16:00-16:50 10:00-10:50 10:00-11:30 11:00-11:50 12:00-12:50 12:00-13:30

Speaker: Peter Maag Room: D204 Fee: €125 (€95)

Planning Your Multicast Enterprise Video Network By using multicast video workflows, organisations can now fully lever- age the opportunities of IP video and mitigate the challenges of this powerful new type of deployment.

Speaker: David Aleksander- sen Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Emerging Illumination Technologies; Hybrid, LED & Lasers This in-depth seminar will explore current and future illumination technologies for pro AV applications.

Speaker: Tibor Fejes Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Operation of DisplayPort and Thunderbolt This seminar will discuss the industry needs for DisplayPort and the features of DisplayPort v1.1a – and also Apple's Thunderbolt standard.

Speaker: Pete Putman Room: D204 Fee: €125 (€95)

AV Signals Gone Wireless Examine the technical requirements and challenges of wireless audio, video and data transmission, including minimum bit-rates, compres- sion formats, spectrum requirements and new, proprietary wireless protocols such as WHDI.

Speaker: Jason Brameld, Ann Brigida, CTS, AStd Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

AV System Performance Verification: Deliver What Was Promised Get a first-hand look at the Audiovisual Systems Performance Verifica- tion checklist, and hear about the upcoming standard.

Speaker: Doug Howard Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Lessons Learned - Streaming Video to Both Desktop and Mobile Devices A presentation filled with customer experiences and lessons learned when streaming video to desktops and mobile devices at the same time.

Speaker: TBC Room: D204 Fee: €85 (€65)

Smart Buildings: An AV integrators' Tutorial We’ll provide a high-level overview of this growing sector, discuss the origins and maturity of the market, and identify some major players.

Thursday 31 January 2013

Speaker: Yossi Lanchner Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Declare Format Independence! Future- Proofing Design for Boardrooms How to enable users to walk into a boardroom, and connect any laptop to the AV system, regardless of the output format

Speaker: Tibor Fejes Room: D204 Fee: €125 (€95)

Avoid Design Errors in Digital Video Transmission The presentation explains the foundations of how digital video sig- nalling works, and moves on to TMDS and why reclocking is necessary.

Speaker: Ratnesh Javeri, CTS- D, Ann Brigida, CTS, AStd Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

Rise Above Your Peers - Design, Coordinate, Document with InfoComm Standard Guide Get the facts on the new ANSI/INFOCOMM 2M-2010 Standard Guide for

Audiovisual Systems Design and Coordination Processes.

Speaker: Michael Goldman, CTS Room: D203 Fee: €85 (€65)

The Future of Systems Control Long-term, control systems may become cloud-based with centralised server farms in which control companies lease space to integrators.

Speaker: Janko Ramuscak Room: D204 Fee: €125 (€95)

The Secret of a Good Sound System Design How drivers are physically arranged is still the dominating factor in many key parameters of a loudspeaker cabinet.

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