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CEDIA education sessions 10:00-15:00

Monday 28 January 2013

Speaker: Steven Rissi Room: D202 Fee: €480 (€340 for CEDIA members )

CEDIA EST2 Certification Exam

(English, French, Spanish and Italian) This session is aimed at people who wish to become CEDIA EST2 certified; the first section of the class is a revision session to help candidates prepare for the exam.

10:00-17:00 Geoff Meads will

present sessions on profitable websites and social media, while Matt Dodd (inset) will cover

business processes and recurring revenues

Focus on CI business topics

As well as the technology-related topics that one would expect from CEDIA, there are also a number of sessions relating to other aspects of running a CI business, including marketing and promotion, and business planning.

‘Building and Maintaining a Profitable Website’ is the title of a session presented by Geoff Meads of Presto AV. “The key to a prof- itable website lies in a balance of good graphic design and simplicity of function,” says Meads. “Under- standing a visitor’s needs and tasks is the first step. I hope this course will show that, with a little thought and planning, it’s possible to turn casual and anonymous site visitors into real and keen clients.” The course will take a workshop

environment, with real build exam- ples. There will also be guidance on statistical analysis and goal setting for delegates’ own websites. “We’ll discuss the planning and build stages needed to deliver sites that allow site owners to impress poten- tial customers while guiding visi- tors simply and comfortably towards action!” he adds. Meads will also be presenting a CEDIA education session on ‘Social Media as a Marketing Tool’. This will take the approach of evaluat- ing social media activity along the same lines as other marketing activ- ities. “What is a ‘like’ or a ‘retweet’

really worth? Does the time you spend diligently updating your sta- tus actually pay off in real profit?” he asks. “Our class takes a hard look at the time you spend posting and will look at honing your efforts to make sure they have a positive effect on your bottom line.” There will also be discussion of the vari- ous social media platforms and a demonstration of tools to stream- line social media activities. ‘Developing Profitable Business

Processes’ is the title of a course presented by CEDIA education chair Matt Dodd of Thinkingbricks. “Processes within your company are vital to ensure the business is profitable,” he says. “Simple analy- sis of current business practices and a refresher on business basics allows people to leave the room with new focus on generating real profit back at base.” With post-install revenue becoming ever more significant in integrators’ business models, Dodd will also present a course entitled ‘Maintenance and Aftercare – Developing a Recurring Revenue Strategy’. He comments: “The opportunities to increase turnover within the business through exist- ing projects are easily missed. By looking at simple yet effective methods within the course you will leave with fresh new ideas to regenerate the bottom line.”

09:30-10:30 09:30-12:30 11:00-12:30 13:00-14:30 13:00-14:30 15:00-16:30 15:00-16:30

Speaker: Peter Aylett Room: D201 Fee: €260 (€200)

Home Cinema Design Workshop This course will give you an insight into the importance of designing cinemas using standards-based engineering calculations rather than subjective guesswork.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Speaker: Peter Aylett Room: D201 Fee: €85 (€65)

Mobile Devices - From a Personal Scale Experience into a Home Scale Experience This seminar will discuss how we are moving away from our A/V

matrix switched past, and into the era of a cloud-based topology

Speaker: Simon Buddle Room: D202 Fee: €195 (€150)

The Art of Project Documentation This course will teach you how to use documentation to ensure great project communication.

Speaker: Geoff Meads Room: D201 Fee: €125 (€95)

Introduction to IP With the vast majority of subsystems now able to be converged over IP, this is arguably the most important topic to have a solid foundation in.

Speaker: Geoff Meads Room: D202 Fee: €125 (€95)

Building and Maintaining a Profitable Website Setting out the essential project goals for those considering a new website or for anyone looking to redesign or refresh an existing site.

Speaker: Peter Aylett Room: D201 Fee: €125 (€95)

Technology and Consumer Trends Highlighting future technologies and perceptions that will affect the residential integration sector over the coming years.

Speaker: Simon Buddle Room: D202 Fee: €125 (€95)

Choosing and Using Control Systems With control systems becoming increasingly commoditised, this is a guide to specifying and selecting the right control solution for clients.

Speaker: Steven Rissi Room: D201 Fee: €125 (€95)

Introduction to User Interfaces What is a user interface and what type will fit your clients’ needs the best? Participants will find answers to these questions and more while participating in this introductory course.

Wednesday 30 January 2013 09:00-10:30

Speaker: Peter Aylett Room: D202 Fee: €125 (€95)

Developing a Design Process for your Company This intensive seminar will look at the end-to-end process of design management and discuss both the methodology, as well as the docu- mentation necessary in the real world.

09:00-10:30 11:00-12:30 11:00-12:30 13:00-14:30 13:00-14:30 15:00-16:30 15:00-16:30 09:00-10:30 09:30-12:30 11:00-12:30 13:00-14:30 You can book when registering for ISE 2013 (prices do not include VAT)

Speaker: Phil Davis Room: D201 Fee: €125 (€95)

HDMI Distribution Concepts & Technologies This course will give students an understanding of the technologies available for HDMI distribution, their strengths and weaknesses, and impart the essential information required by designers and installers.

Speaker: David Robinson Room: D202 Fee: €125 (€95)

Introduction to HVAC Systems This course explains explain the basics of HVAC systems including both heating and cooling systems and explains new technologies.

Speaker: James Chen Room: D201 Fee: €125 (€95)

Ultra High Definition, 4K Video, Compatibility and HDMI System Design A discussion of the 4K video format followed by an explanation of the

state of the market, and how 4K might be delivered going forward.

Speaker: Matt Dodd Room: D202 Fee: €125 (€95)

Maintenance and Aftercare - Developing a Recurring Revenue Strategy This session will present three different recurring revenue strategies

and allow attendees to formulate a strategy that works for them.

Speaker: Steven Rissi Room: D201 Fee: €125 (€95)

Residential Security Fundamentals Fundamental concepts and components of residential security sys- tems – including zones, wiring configurations, and comms options.

Speaker: Hagai Feiner Room: D202 Fee: €125 (€95)

Extending WiFi Networks: The Next Steps Explaining the basics of clustered WiFi, the equipment required and some survey and set-up secrets of robust wireless performance.

Speaker: Geoff Meads Room: D201 Fee: €125 (€95)

Social Media as a Marketing Tool This course takes a long, hard look at social media, judging it on potential profit just like any other marketing activity.

Thursday 31 January 2013

Speaker: Phil Davis Room: D201 Fee: €125 (€95)

HDMI Troubleshooting Explore and discuss the root causes of HDMI failures, how to test for compliance and steps to resolve these complex problems.

Speaker: Steven Rissi; Geoff Meads Room: D202 Fee: €195 (€150)

Introduction to Audio, Video and Home Cinema If you’ve heard the buzz about home entertainment, this course is the ideal opportunity to get involved and understand the technology.

Speaker: Hagai Feiner Room: D201 Fee: €125 (€95)

Divide & Conquer Your IP Networks This course explores the necessities behind IP network segregation and the practical implications of such setups. Topics will include sub- nets and vLANs plus a basic explanation of network trunking.

Speaker: Matt Dodd Room: D202 Fee: €125 (€95)

Developing Profitable Business Processes A high-level overview of business planning, funding, and formation, as well as information about developing a corporate culture.

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