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The DXT 9000, a scalable digital voice alarm with a pro-audio spec- ification, is being launched by RCF. The manufacturer says it’s suffi- ciently versatile to be used in almost any application, from the smallest school or hotel to huge campuses with multiple buildings. It is a distributed system in

which every component, including the loudspeakers, has its own phys- ical address, can be monitored according to the latest EN54 stan- dards, and can be configured after installation where necessary. While paging and voice evacua- tion are the primary uses for the DXT 9000, it can also be used to interface pro-audio active speakers through RCF’s RD-NET control and monitoring system. Active loud- speakers can be combined together with 70V/100V line amplifiers on the same dedicated network, and all system amplification is Class

system launch RCF

RS-EZ pendant speakers SoundTube

D+, which is unique to RCF. For maximum flexibility, the

DXT 9000 boasts a double-ring topology: the first, simple ring is designed for small and medium- sized systems and the second is for larger projects. For any size of sys- tem, all components are designed to be plug-and-play, and RCF says set-up is easily configurable. All digital amplifiers and active components are connected using RCF’s proprietary Flexicomm bus technology; for ease of installation, the majority of connections use twin-pair or four-pair J-Type fire- rated cable, while fibre-optic can also be used for longer distances where the DXT 9000 can run over LAN or TCP/IP networks. In the event of a failure in the

network’s input stage, a ‘fall back’ feature automatically allows the DXT 9000 to receive a signal from a dedicated fire base-station micro- phone, ensuring that the safety of the facility is never compromised. Stand: 7-H230

Audio specialist SoundTube will be showcasing its recently intro- duced RS-EZ pendant speaker series on its stand at ISE 2013. These 3in, 4in, 6in and 8in speak- ers are described as offering strong off-axis performance, easy instal- lation and attractive styling. The speakers, which began shipping in the autumn of 2012, join SoundTube’s existing line of pendant speakers. This includes the RSI and HPI series, which fea- ture patented BroadBeam wave-

guide technology. They are aimed at installers who need economical speakers for open-ceiling uses. Within the series, the RS42-EZ, RS62-EZ and RS82-EZ speakers incorporate SoundTube’s BroadBeam Ring which increases high-frequency dispersion for full-fidelity sound, even well off-axis. The HP82-EZ provides high- end performance thanks to the company’s Broadbeam HP com- pression driver and has been designed for applications requiring long-throw performance. Units

include a ceramic input terminal, a built-in thermal fuse, hanging and safety cables, transformer and tap switch, and cover plate with a weather-resistant rubber plug. The RS31-EZ brings the audio quality of SoundTube’s 3in micro module speakers to a pendant style. It’s available with and with- out a transformer and includes a combination audio/hanging cable with a 25:1 safety factor and mounting plate for mounting directly to a standard ceiling junc- tion box.

Stand: 11-D84

Watchout for big changes Dataton

According to Fredrik Svahnberg, Dataton’s marketing director, the company will present a very much updated version of its Watchout multiscreen software at ISE 2013. “Over the last year we have really improved Watchout, adding a number of new features such as

3D stereoscopic playback, live video streaming, interactivity and multiple languages,” commented Svahnberg. “What we are showing here at ISE marks the start of a major move forward for us.” This year also marks Dataton's 40th anniversary, as well as the opening of its new corporate HQ at Mjärdevi Science Park in

VIP Preview Edition 2013

Linköping; the manufacturer is hosting a party on its stand at 17:00 on Monday 28 January to celebrate. Dataton is also presenting an InfoComm University session in the Education Zone. ‘Multi-Image Projection Techniques’ is to be delivered by Svahnberg at 10:00 on Wednesday 30 January. Stand: 7-K175



Collaboration around new glass screen

Paradigm AV



The new multichannel Par- adigm Glass Screen uses four ultra-short throw pro- jectors, whose images are edge-blended using soft- ware from Scalable Tech- nologies, which Paradigm Audio Visual also distrib- utes in the UK. The company highlights the display’s optical quality

glass surface, which only faces the viewer and pro- vides options for anti- reflective and colour tints. It forms the main display within a collaborative meet- ing space and its content will include a series of Para- digm products and projects, which will be accessible via a multitouch LCD panel and laptop/ tablet. Paradigm AV will also introduce a collaboration software solution at the show, which will provide control across the entire

stand network. The software requires no special hard- ware and is compatible with all major software applica- tions for Windows and Mac- intosh OS X. This allows it to support a wide array of team collab- oration space configura- tions by weaving together the components of technol- ogy-enabled meeting areas, for example displays, inter- active whiteboards or mobile computers, to offer a unified user experience. Stand: 11-F54

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