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G is for ‘green’ with home audio series Genelec

“The G and F Series represent a

ISE 2013 will see Finnish audio specialist Genelec introducing the G and F Series – a new range of home audio products blending sustainable materials and energy- saving features with the manufac- turer’s professional quality performance. The new models incorporate

Genelec’s Power Management Technology to ensure they meet the forthcoming ErP Energy Related Products Directive. In addition, the speaker cabinets are made from recycled aluminium so can be reused indefinitely, adding to the sustainable nature of the products.

new blueprint for home audio loudspeakers,” said Tomi Hassinen, international sales manager for home audio products at Genelec. “The professional quality perform- ance alongside the recycled materi- als and our green manufacturing philosophy add up to a future- proof package that is designed for broad appeal across the home audio and small installation sector. We are proud to be introducing them to the systems integration community at ISE 2013.” The G Series represents the lat-

est phase of Genelec’s long history in loudspeaker design and devel- opment. Delivering a powerful sound experience with the benefits of an active loudspeaker design, the G Series combines a compact aluminium enclosure with easy

New cable for HDMI Oehlbach

German manufacturer Oehlbach is showing the new 19-PIN Multi- Line installation cable from its PRO IN series. According to Oehlbach the cable sets new standards in terms of installation convenience and offers a professional and flexible

solution for a large number of HDMI applications. The product range consists of three different products: the MultiLine installa- tion cable, an HDMI adapter and an HDMI multimedia tray. The prefabricated digital Multi -

Line installation cable is built up with 19 separate and shielded inner conductors. By screwing on the 19-PIN HDMI adapter or the

Dr Hyun-Kuk Shin, CEO, president & founder, Opticis

What does the ISE show mean to

you? It lets us have insight and

feedback from our EU regional dis- tributors, system integrators and designers, who all have rich expe- riences in real application sites. It leads us to figure out the market potential of new products and the effectiveness of their features.

What do you think are the key developments in, or threats to, your market sector at the current time? We need to design fibre optic AV extenders to keep the highest sig- nal integrity in data transmission for leading-edge displays or video sources. We must strive to inte- grate all digital data into less data streams, as well as to invent a

compact fibre optic module. We’ve kept our eyes carefully on the quality of data compression for IP- based transmission too.

Why should delegates visit your stand at ISE 2013? We exhibit and demonstrate many new leading-edge fibre optic AV extenders for HDMI, DisplayPort and Dual Link DVI to accommo-

Retrofitting via radio Gira

New from Gira is eNet, its latest solution to retrofit an electrical installation without having to prise open walls and lay new cables. Essentially it is a bi-direc- tional radio system which is

designed to both network and control home technology. Its transmitters, sensors and actua- tors enable lights and blinds to be controlled by radio or integrated in scenes, while the device also displays energy consumption. When the Gira eNet Server is used, the eNet system can also be operated via the Gira Control Clients or via a smartphone or PC. Thanks to push-button tech-

19-PIN HDMI multimedia tray, this cable can be transformed into a high-speed HDMI cable with Ethernet channel.

Just 16mm in diameter, the small 19-PIN connector head allows for simple routing of the cable in narrow conduits; and a dedicated 19-PIN installation sleeve ensures easy insertion of the cable into empty conduits.

The HDMI to 19-PIN multi-

media tray and the adapter are equipped with a high precision, high speed HDMI jack at the front and a 19-PIN MultiLine connector at the rear. This enables sturdy, quick and convenient installation without soldering or crimping. All plug contacts are plated with 24-carat gold. Stand: 7-V185


date the highest data bandwidth for video, even covering 4K resolution. Such products are designed to be all fibre-detachable with industry-standard connectors for ease of installation, as well as to be the smallest modules in the industry and the implications that has for less power consumption. Stand: 4-U20

In-walls offer precise audio quality


nology, the system can be installed quickly and intuitively, making it suitable for both pri- vate homes and rental properties. Gira is also presenting its

DCS-IP-gateway, which has a number of new features. With the DCS Communicator, conversa- tions can now also be accepted via Mac OS X. If no one is at home, a voice message can be played via the door station when

the doorbell is rung; visitors can leave audio and video messages. With the new Skype expansion of the DCS-IP-gateway, users can see who is at the door while away from home via any device run- ning a Skype app. Gira’s video amplifier, distributor and multi- plexer are three new DCS devices for planning door communica- tion systems more flexibly. Stand: 7-N180

German manufacturer Magnat- Audio-Produkte is presenting its Interior Quantum range of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers. Magnat’s Interior Quantum loudspeakers contain woofer and mid-tone diaphragms which are made with stable and stiff anodised ceramic-aluminium cones. This, the manufacturer claims, allows for extremely precise sound reproduction more com- monly seen in well-tuned larger speakers rather than in-wall and in-ceiling models. The series boasts four models: the Interior ICQ 62, 82, and 262, and the Interior IWQ 262. All of these loudspeakers come with a three-step level setting for the treble and mid-tone range, which Magnat says makes it possible to achieve optimum sound settings even in extreme conditions in rooms. While three of the Interior Quantum loudspeakers have single tweeters as standard, the ICQ 262 two-way in-ceiling model comes with two 35º swiveling tweeters, which are arranged at fixed angles. Thanks to its twin voice coil, this dual-coax system may be used for both mono and stereo playback. There is also a clamping mech- anism within the frame of all the Interior Quantum loudspeakers, which Magnat says makes for a quick and efficient installation in both wall and ceiling applications. Stand: 7-V185

connectivity to sources such as home cinema amplifier, PC, portable music player or multi- room system. Stand: 1-G90

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