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VIP Preview Edition 2013

InfoComm Future Trends Summit How the integration world will change

The second part of the Future Trends Summit is entitled ‘Future of the AV Business and Market’. It promises to offer a glimpse into how the world of systems integra- tion will look in 2015 and beyond. Which markets are set to shrink and which to grow? What market opportunities, outside threats, or customer behaviours will paint the picture of our future? If you think the commer- cial road ahead will be straight, it won’t be. Technology shifts are now carving out the big curves ahead. You must alter your busi- ness course or find yourself stranded off-road. Industry insid- ers Bob Snyder and Joel Rollins will offer insights into how the world of systems integration will

look in the near future, and what you must do now to prepare. Bob Snyder (pictured left) is editor-in-chief of rAVe Europe. He says: “My talk, ‘I Will Survive IT in 2015’, concentrates on the forces that will create change in IT as AV faces the changeover to digital technology. If you think you already know IT, the IT industry is in such turmoil that inside experts call it the biggest sea-change that has ever hit this fast-moving sector. Drawing from our 30-year experi- ence with IT and IT system integra- tors, I will explain why and how IT is changing – and how these changes will create new business models and transform pro AV. “This is a talk about technology but it is less a technical session and

more a commercial understanding of how pro-AV organisations must evolve if they want to grow in the world of IP networks. The talk is entertaining as well as enlighten- ing, but the takeaway includes spe- cific suggestions on how to prepare your AV organisation to meet the future.” Joel Rollins, general manager

of Everett Hall Associates, has an AV career spanning 20 years. He has designed AV presentation facilities for corporations such as AT&T, IBM, Ford Motor Company, NCR and EDS, and is a past mem- ber of InfoComm’s Board of Gov- ernors (what is now the Board of Directors). Rollins says: “Our industry has gone through massive, transfor-

The technology roadmap

Simpson, Pete Putman and Blair Parkin will help you stay ahead of the curve with an overview of the technological developments likely to impact on integration busi- nesses in the years to come. Bob Simpson co-founded

The third part of the Future Trends Summit, entitled ‘Future of AV Technologies’, will provide an overview of the cutting-edge developments likely to impact on integration businesses in the years to come. What are the technolo-

gies to watch in the coming months or years, and what disrup- tive technologies might catch you by surprise?

Offering the benefit of nearly

100 years’ professional experience between them, presenters Bob

Electrosonic in 1964, and chaired the company for the period 1964- 2004; he is now a director of, and adviser to, the international Elec- trosonic Group. He is a frequent writer and lecturer on audiovisual and lighting control topics, and has worked on many corporate, control room, expo, museum, theme park and permanent exhi- bition projects. Pete Putman is president of

ROAM Consulting in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He provides con-

sulting, training and product test- ing/development services to man- ufacturers of electronic displays, interfaces, and digital TV and video equipment. In addi- tion, he edits and publishes, a website focused on digital TV, HDTV and display technologies, and has written extensively on HDTV and display technology for numerous consumer and trade magazines. Blair Parkin (pictured left) is managing director of the consul- tancy Visual Acuity. He is a tech- nologist, entrepreneur and business leader with extensive experience of the audiovisual, visualisation, presentation and computing technologies, applica- tions and markets.

Parkin comments: “The Future

Trends session will be looking at the technology trends, bench- marking them to the latest Info- Comm Market Definition Study and unpacking what is driving the specific technological change. The speakers will be taking the audi- ence on a journey through each of the major AV technologies, the next steps and the drivers for change. This is a wide-ranging review presenting a snapshot of the road ahead for the technolo- gies in our industry.” He concludes: “Expect to learn some things you did not know, affirm some things you thought and be surprised by some opin- ions and views of where it is all going.”

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mative changes in the last 10 years – so that the industry we represent today doesn’t look like, or act like, the industry of only a decade ago. But, as with all of technology, the pace of change only accelerates. The next decade will bring yet more transforma- tive change. Will you, and your organisation, be the kind of com- pany that survives – and thrives – in this world of fast-paced change? What will be the skill sets, and the attitudes, necessary to be successful in that world? Who will the new competitors be? What technologies, and what social change agents, will deter- mine customer demands in the next decade? How do you pre- pare for those demands?”

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