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ViRAY has ISE debut Coda Audio

German manufacturer Coda Audio is exhibiting at ISE 2013 for the first time and is focusing on its new three-way line array system, ViRAY, which is on show along with the CoRAY, G and D series. Designed for both fixed instal- lation and touring applications, the high-output, ultra-compact and lightweight ViRAY enclosure utilises Coda’s Dual Diaphragm Planar-wave-driver (DDP) technol-


Alan Kaufman President, DynaScan Technology

The inclusion of digital signage elements in retail locations has become virtually compulsory in almost every walk of life. No surprise then that our ISE 2013 stand is twice the size of before. We witness LCD screens and videowalls in practically every store, bank, real-estate office, or pharmacy. Retailers have come to rely upon the value of animated displays to attract shoppers from outside and enrich their experience once inside the store. DynaScan identified this

direction long before others, and has designed a premium product targeted for such applications. Today, we offer the brightest LCD displays in the world with the widest range of sizes to meet any site-specific requirement. Not surprisingly, Europe is adopting in-store DS solutions faster than anywhere else. Highly busy European streets with their city lifestyles are reasons enough for needing better storefront window communication. In addition to the retail sector, we are also seeing increasing

demand from train stations,

airports and other public venues. Clear messaging and timely engagement with the public ensure a pleasant and safe flow of foot-traffic in high-density areas. At the same time, the displays need to be highly visible to overcome optical distractions and natural light from outside, and DynaScan solutions stand above the rest. Our newest product combines the benefits of high brightness with super- narrow bezel for ultimate videowalls. There is a reason why ISE is the most important yearly event for our company: it is when we introduce new models and give our channel partners and clients a taste of the latest technologies. Every year our presence grows. Our sales team from Europe, the USA and Asia will be at ISE 2013 to assist all visitors and spend time to discuss projects and solutions. Stand: 11-F53

ogy and can be used as a single unit as well as in multiple arrays. All ViRAY drivers are loaded to

Coda’s ViCOUPLER which com- bines the energy produced from all transducers to perform as a single source with phase destruction to achieve a coherent wavefront; the ViCOUPLER determines the hori- zontal on-axis and off-axis fre- quency response. ViRAY can also be fully inte- grated with Coda Audio’s RC Power/DSP management racks. It

can be used in passive or biamp configurations, with a maximum of six ViRAY ele- ments running from one amplifier channel in passive mode. ViRAY has a frequency

response of 55Hz-22kHz and, for extended bass response, is comple-

Expanded switching, extension solutions

Magenta Research

mented by the optional SCV-F, which utilises Coda Audio’s Sensor Control technology to turn the two elements into one unified system. Stand: 7-S210

USB tools get serious Vaddio

EasyUSB tools deliver pro-quality computer peripherals that trans- form the user’s PC into an effective meeting-room system, according to their developer, Vaddio. The product line includes an HD USB PTZ camera, a USB audio mixer/amplifier, USB microphone options and, for control, a web- based room control system. For legacy and traditional AV systems, Vaddio provides the AV Bridge, enabling a gateway from analogue to digital. This lets users connect audio and video inputs to their computer through a USB connection, integrating legacy AV systems into group collaboration software. Vaddio’s EasyUSB tools

are based on UVC/UAC USB standards, so there is no need for custom software drivers or a particular OS to be installed on the PC. This means that they work seam- lessly with any soft client

At ISE 2013, Magenta Research will exhibit new technology to send high-resolution video, audio, serial and other auxil- iary signals across fibre-optic and twisted-pair cabling. Central to the stand is a

conferencing systems including Skype, Google+, Movi and Lync, as well as lecture capture systems such as Tegrity and Panopto. Rob Sheeley, president of Vad- dio, commented: “Until now, audio and video products designed to work with a computer have pro- duced fairly low-quality sound and images. We wanted to create a new standard for computer peripherals based on professional AV quality performance. We believe we have delivered just that with our EasyUSB products. Now you can build an enterprise-quality video- conferencing system with afford- able soft codecs.” Stand: 1-M122

live Voyager ultra-fast switch- ing demonstration, which will show the speed of a fibre- optic based Voyager VG- Matrix 160 switch. Other new Voyager products include the recently released four-port core, which increases the dis- tribution options of Voyager transmitters and the Voyager SRx scaling receiver. A Voyager wall plate trans- mitter aimed at conference rooms and floor boxes will also launch at the show, alongside a Pro Audio mod- ule that can introduce bal- anced audio signals into any Voyager application. Magenta’s brand new HD-

One DX500 and HD-One LX500 HDMI extension prod- ucts will also debut. These HDMI extenders deliver HDCP-protected digital video 150m over Cat6. The HD- One DX500 extends embed- ded HDMI audio in addition to video, while the HD-One LX500 adds support for two- way serial and IR signals. Magenta will also demo

its newly revamped Multi- View II line-up for extending, switching and distributing high-resolution video, audio and serial signals over UTP. Stand: 11-C84

Speakers Lighting Controls Lecture Capture Shades Touch Screens

We connect more than just technology

Business today is all about communication and collaboration. Only Crestron products are Integrated by Design™

to deliver

the ultimate high performance, easy-to-use conference room.

Mobile Solutions Table Top Touch Screen Handheld Remote ISE STAND 2-C24

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