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Equinox advantage Vantage EMEA

Equinox 4 – the first in a new line of easy-to-use in-wall LCD key- pads from Vantage – will be on show at ISE 2013. In addition to providing a single-layer user interface for quick and intuitive control of lighting scenarios, inte- rior climate and audio systems, Equinox 4 gives users and inte- grators their first encounter with Vantage’s new User Experience Platform.

This platform is described as

a bold, overarching initiative that will result in a unified signature physical and graphical aesthetic that remains consistent across all the control devices in a Vantage system.

Equinox 4’s ‘always on’ design

means that the keypad senses presence and wakes up with a simple gesture. Its Vantage bus connection facilitates full com- patibility with the existing In - Fusion station bus-based systems, as well as Vantage’s new Enhanced InFusion Lighting Solution. Additional Equinox interfaces

are on the way. A larger in-wall touchscreen, Equinox 7-UX, was introduced at the end of 2012, and the Equinox 4-UX is coming in Q2 of 2013, as well as iOS and Android apps. Their introduction will allow integrators to design more advanced UIs that go beyond the single-layer experi- ence of Equinox 4 while main- taining the same simplicity and intuitiveness across all platforms. Stand: 1-M6

New push-to-open videowall SmartMetals Mounting Solutions

For its fifth ISE appearance, Smart- Metals is exhibiting a wide selec- tion of products from within three product platforms: floor, wall and ceiling solutions for flat screens and projectors. An increase in narrow-bezel retail display implementations inspired SmartMetals to focus on fixed installation video wall solu- tions at the show, primarily for wall

and floor installations. SmartMetals will launch a ‘push-to-open’ solution at the show. This universal mount is aimed at 46-47in or 52-55in displays, specifically those that are integrated into a wall or used to compose a videowall. The mount features horizontal positioning, an

Blending active 3D Shanghai Mviewtech

Active 3D, lossless projection and perfect fidelity for curved screens are on the cards from Shanghai Mviewtech with the MPGA20X active 3D camber edge-blending device.

The MPGA20X was developed

to improve the quality of projec- tion onto curved surfaces such as arcs, domes, balls and almost all special-shaped multichannel pro- jection applications.

instruction to determine the vertical position of the mount and an alignment set to level the display on or in the wall. It also pro- vides a maintenance posi- tion, where the complete

display comes forwards for replace- ment or servicing. Stand: 9-F121

The company says that while

passive 3D is the norm in stereo applications, the technology is restricted in terms of hardware and supported environments. Active 3D projection is friendlier, but poses challenges to edge blending hard- ware with stereo depth, luminance, fluency and synchronisation. The MPGA20X is Mviewtech’s contribution to making active 3D as easy as 2D, by removing all evi- dence of multichannel blending in a seamless and easy-to-use manner.

Second-generation optical digital geometric correction supports one- hundredth pixel fidelity, while the company says it also protects shape, intactness, chroma, bright- ness, blackness and contrast. Stand: 9-B150

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