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thedaily 15 keynote address Making the impossible possible Attendees at this year’s ISE Keynote Address will learn how to use technology to introduce an element of magic to their projects

Last year saw the inaugural ISE Keynote Address, when Gerhard Schulz of Ingram Micro talked about how integrators and distrib- utors can work together to add value in the supply chain. Show attendees are in for a rather different Keynote this year, as the stage will be taken by glob- ally renowned cyber-illusionist Marco Tempest. Presented on the eve of ISE 2013, Tempest’s Keynote is entitled ‘Inventing the Impossi- ble’. It will address the use of illu- sion as a creative tool and how it can be used to bring seemingly impossible scenarios to life. Using examples of the magical illusion work Tempest has designed in collaboration with engineers, animators and program- mers, the Keynote will focus on the envisaging of future technologies, the value of open-source projects and how illusion can provide an inviting gateway to social-media interactivity.

What can ISE attendees expect to see? A look at videos on suggests that he may perform some close- up magic: perhaps shuffling three iPhones on a tabletop as a regular magician works with playing cards – but with the images on their

screens changing and seemingly moving between phones. He’s also likely to send live video of himself onto a large screen, but what the audience sees on the screen is enhanced through the use of aug- mented reality technology. Another technique that Tem-

pest has made his own is what he calls ‘Magic Projection’. This uses a handheld screen with a projected image that seems to interact when Tempest moves it. According to one website, this is accomplished using infrared tracking points in the screen and highly efficient, open- source, video analysis software. Mike Blackman, managing director of Integrated Systems Events, is quick to point out the relevance of Tempest’s use of tech- nology to the ISE audience. “Marco Tempest has a worldwide reputation as an inspirational speaker whose use of computer- based imagery, augmented reality and other visual technologies is as original as it is breathtaking,” he says. “Whether they are combining multiple projected images to create a single animated canvas, building interactive kiosks for retail spaces or visitor attractions, designing multichannel sound systems or simply providing multimedia con-

Use your illusion: Marco Tempest incorporates video and digital

technology into his work as a magician

new form of contemporary illu- sion. The expansion of the internet and social media has provided more opportunities for digital illu- sions and interacting with audi- ences, and in Amsterdam I hope to show that using these influences in smart, creative and compelling ways can indeed allow us to ‘Invent The Impossible.’” Tempest, who is a New York-

tent for installed or live applica- tions, ISE attendees are in the busi- ness of adding value by persuading people to suspend their disbelief. “Marco Tempest’s unique take on the use of illusion as a creative tool fits perfectly with ISE’s busi- ness and technology landscape,

while his commitment to collabo- ration, creativity and enterprise could hardly be more topical.” Tempest adds: “My interest in computer-generated imagery is what led me to incorporate video and digital technology into my work as a magician, and develop a

Happy Birthday to ISE!

ISE has come a long way from its origins in Geneva in 2004, where 120 exhibitors attracted 3,500 attendees. The next year the show was located in Brussels, before moving to Amsterdam in 2006. It

has shown steady, uninterrupted growth since the very first event. When the show was first held

in Amsterdam, it occupied a single hall in the RAI – Hall 8. In an apt quirk of fate, this is the hall that

the show has added to its footprint this year as it expands to occupy 12 halls in the venue. Because 2013 marks the 10th

ISE show, this year’s opening reception is called ISE’s 10th Birth-

day Party. Exhibitors and visitors that have attended the show over the past decade will be recognised and thanked for their support. ISE’s 10th Birthday Party will be held at 19:00 on Monday 28 Janu-

ary in the Forum Lounge, adjacent to the location of the Keynote Address by Marco Tempest, which the party follows. Admission to the party is free of charge to all ISE attendees.

Putting the “A” back into AV

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based native of Zurich, has deliv- ered presentations to a string of different corporate and institu- tional bodies including Google, the TED Conference and the Royal Society. He has worked in magic since his teenage years, and as early as 1991 was using a 32-screen videowall to inject technology into his performances. Tempest’s Keynote Address, which is free of charge to ISE atten- dess, will begin at 18:00 on Mon- day 28 January, and will be located in the Forum of the RAI. Mike Blackman concludes: “We are delighted that Marco is coming to Amsterdam to present ‘Invent- ing The Impossible’ on the eve of ISE 2013, and look forward to a presentation that will amuse, entertain and inspire Europe’s pro- fessional AV community in ways they could not have imagined.”

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