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Smart Building Conference Speaker biographies

Get smart

Smart buildings present a significant opportunity for the AV industry – but maximising the benefit requires different ways of thinking about building technology and engaging with project stakeholders. A conference debut at ISE 2013 promises to shed new light on this area

Placing the AV industry at the heart of discussions about the future of intelligent building design, the Smart Building Con- ference makes its debut on the eve of ISE 2013. A joint venture of ISE’s co-

owners InfoComm International and CEDIA, the Smart Building Conference is designed to attract architects, design consultants, developers, electrical contractors and other key stakeholders in the construction sector, along with the integrator, distributor and manu- facturer channels that represent ISE’s core market.

In part, smart building tech- nology is about maximising the efficiency of individual buildings, using automation and remote management to optimise their performance and minimise their energy consumption. However, at another level, smart building tech- nology is also about using Cloud technology to create information networks that form elements of intelligent, sustainable cities. The Conference will look at

how smart buildings are being designed, built and used, with expert case studies illustrating the different possibilities available in specialist technology areas such as

lighting control, multimedia dis- tribution and energy manage- ment, along with bigger-picture presentations from some of the industry’s pre-eminent educators and consultants.

The Smart Building Confer- ence will be MC’d by Bob Snyder, editor-in-chief of rAVe Europe, and speakers include Joost Brinkman from Accenture, Allen Weidman of the STEP Founda- tion, Arup’s Graham Naylor- Smith and renowned lighting designer Lucy Martin. Delegates who register for the Smart Building Conference before the event can save €50. A ticket booked in advance costs €199, or €179 for InfoComm and/or CEDIA members. These prices go up to €249 and €229 respectively for those who register on the day. (All prices are quoted exclusive of VAT.) Information and registration details are on the event website. The conference will take place

on Monday 28 January from 10:00 to 17:30 and includes lunch. The location is room E102 in the Eli- cium building. Turn over the page for the full conference agenda. www.smartbuildingconference .org

Allen Weidman Allen Weidman brings more than 30 years of association experi- ence to STEP, having

worked with numerous federal and state regulatory agencies. He has developed, integrated and managed industry coalitions on federal and interna- tional environmental issues. Wei- dman also serves as sustainability officer for Info- Comm International. Prior to joining STEP, Weidman served as a senior account exec- utive for Kellen Company, an association management firm. He has also served as executive director for six different industry sector groups during his tenure at the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI). In addition, he played an integral role in the development of the US Green Building Council’s LEED Certifica- tion Program and two American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers standards.

Geoff Meads

Geoff Meads is a highly respected marketer and tech- nical trainer with

over 20 years’ experience in the home technology sector. He's worked for some of the most notable brands in the world – including Philips and Arcam – and now owns Presto AV, a web design and technical training agency working mainly with technology companies.

Meads has taught for CEDIA for nearly 10 years, is a key mem- ber of the CEDIA Education Coun- cil and currently manages education for CEDIA Region 1.

Bob Snyder Bob Snyder is the edi- tor-in-chief of Channel Media Europe, content provider and channel

consultant to high-tech companies in Europe and Middle East. A well-known speaker on

European IT and AV industry trends, Bob has been a guest speaker for international leaders as well as research organisations and trade associations. Over a career of 30 years,

Snyder has distinguished himself by the breadth of his experience in EMEA channels.

Joost Brinkman Joost Brinkman is a senior manager at Accenture Sustain- ability Services. He

has been working in the energy industry since 2001 and was responsible for the overall man- agement and development of the Amsterdam Smart City pro- gramme (2009-2011). He is also the driving force behind the Accenture sustainability strategy, especially on the introduction of electrical vehicles, and is a mem- ber of the board of the Green Business Club.

Graham Naylor-Smith Graham Naylor- Smith is one of Europe’s leading audiovisual and multi

media consultants, serving clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia. He heads up Arup’s audiovisual and multimedia capa- bility and is one of the manage- ment team of the firm’s ITC practice. Having trained in the capital projects departments at the BBC, he joined Arup in 1993 to

develop its audiovisual consul- tancy services.

He is well known as an expo- nent of the opportunities brought about by the convergence of audiovisual with information and communications technologies and is actively involved in the development of ‘smart building’ consultancy services.

Lucy Martin

Lucy Martin is design director of John Cullen Lighting, heading up the

award-winning design team working on projects throughout the world. She contributes to national press articles and also lectures regularly at design schools and interior events. Her first book on lighting, The Lighting Bible, was recently published by Apple.

Lutz Steiner

Lutz Steiner is a research assis- tant at the Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany and holds a Diploma degree in electrical engineering. His research is focused on smart grids and sus- tainable cities. Steiner has com- pleted several projects in the field of building automation.

Jon Melchin

Jon Melchin is the director of architectural business develop- ment for FSR, Inc. He works nationally with the architectural and design community to facili- tate the specification of FSR prod- ucts. He is a Passport Provider with the AIA-CES, and conducts a presentation that earns one SD and one HSW credit. He has con- tributed numerous articles to international trade magazines.

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