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VIP Preview Edition 2013

thedaily 23 InfoComm Future Trends Summit Expert views of the future

We look ahead to the one-day InfoComm Future Trends Summit, which looks at how customer needs, the AV market and technologies are changing in the medium to long term

For the third successive year, Info- Comm International is hosting its one-day Future Trends Summit at ISE. The event runs from 11:00 to 17:30 on Monday 28 January, the day before the 2013 exhibition opens.

Aimed at leadership-level AV

professionals, the Summit will be moderated by Clive Couldwell, editor of AVmagazine. The pro- gramme will be divided into three distinct segments, devoted respectively to customer needs (featuring an end-user panel), the AV business and market, and technologies. Scott Wills, InfoComm’s direc- tor of international education and member services, says the Summit holds a unique place within the conference and educa- tion programme at ISE. “While other events deep-dive into a particular aspect of tech- nology or a particular applica- tion, ‘Future Trends’ takes a comprehensive look at our indus- try from a number of different viewpoints – consultant, integra- tor, end customer and more. We

discuss market opportunities, dis- ruptive technologies and outside threats, offering a complete pic- ture of the future of AV to today’s business leaders.”

The programme will be informed by InfoComm’s 2012 Global Market Definition and Strategy Study. The event prom- ises not just industry insight, but actionable intelligence for dele- gates to take away from the day. “If you are a systems integrator keen to reposition your company for the next three to five years, the Future Trends Summit is for you,” adds Wills.

The Summit takes place in

room D204 of the RAI. On the day of the Summit, enter the complex at Entrance C or K, pro- ceed to the Elicium and take the escalators to the 200 Level. Attendance at the Future

Trends Summit costs €180 for InfoComm members, or €270 for non-members – lunch is included. More information, and registration details, can be found at the event website.

The development of customer needs


11:00Welcome Clive Couldwell, Editor, AV magazine Duffy Wilbert, Senior VP Member Services, InfoComm International

11:30 Part 1: Future Customer Needs Kiat Huang, AV/IT Manager, Google UK Mark Large, Director of ICT, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children Simon Birkett, Technology Enhanced Learning Manager, Institute for Learning Enhancement and Innovation, University of Derby; chair of SCHOMS

13:00 Part 2: Future of AV Business and Market Bob Snyder, Editor-in-Chief, rAVe Europe Joel Rollins, General Manager, Everett Hall Associates (Boxed lunch included)

15:30 Part 3: Future of AV Technologies Robert Simpson, Founder Director, Electrosonic Peter Putman, President, ROAM Consulting Blair Parkin, Managing Director, Visual Acuity

17:30 Summit concludes

Top: Simon Birkett, University of Derby/SCHOMS; Above (L-R): Clive Couldwell, event chair; Kiat Huang, Google, who will speak in Part 1; Peter Putman, ROAM Consulting, and Robert Simpson, Electrosonic, will appear in Part 3

Who is the AV (or AV/IT) cus- tomer of the future? What is influencing his buying deci- sions? What will he need, or even demand of AV, going for- ward? To answer these questions, the first part of the Future Trends Summit, ‘Future Customer Needs’, will comprise a panel of AV users from a number of mar- ket sectors including corporate, education and healthcare. Panel- lists include Kiat Huang of Google; Simon Birkett of the University of Derby; and Mark Large from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Each will outline cutting-edge uses of AV technology in their sector, pro- vide perspective on where need and demand are heading in their industry as a whole, and share their view of AV decisions they will be considering in the com- ing years.

Kiat Huang is the AV team’s partner manager and product owner at Google. For the past five

years, he has led AV and IT teams including software development, deployments and support. Huang explains: “Google has a deep interest in AV systems – we develop and use AV exten- sively throughout the company to benefit our employees and partners. The Google AV group purchases, develops, integrates and supports AV systems to power our in-house solutions including videoconferencing, tech talks, digital signage and showcase partner plexes. Google has built one of the world's largest videoconferencing net- works based on Google Hangout infrastructure. We engage OEMs and integrators to help us inno- vate, build and scale.” At the Summit, he will talk about “Google's experiences of the challenges and successes of innovating AV, the technologies we invest in and the trends we see in collaboration, interactiv- ity, Cloud, mobile integration and hardware”.

Simon Birkett leads the

Technology Enhanced Learning team within the Institute for Learning Enhancement and Innovation at the University of Derby. His team promotes and develops the use of learning technology, and he has responsi- bility for research and develop- ment within this area, as well as for innovation in the design of

learning and teaching spaces, and the integration of classroom AV technology.

He is also the chair of

SCHOMS, a professional body that represents 88 UK higher education (HE) institutions. SCHOMS specialises and pro- motes media services, the deployment of classroom tech- nology and AV equipment and innovation in the design of learning spaces. Birkett’s presentation will offer examples of innovation from his own organisation and will draw on the experience and contributions of colleagues within SCHOMS. Key issues will include change management for implementing technology initia- tives, developing user skills, the ease and usability of products, the challenges of future trending and the reality of operating in a new fees-driven market. Delegates can expect to acquire an understanding of the challenges, priorities and uniqueness of the HE market sector with regard to classroom AV technology.

After each panellist has pre- sented, the floor will be opened for questions. If you have a specific question to ask the panel, please send it by email to ptaggart@ so that they can consider it during their prepara- tions for the event.

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