The heat is on a s young RACHP eng i prepare to compete – at home and abroad

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Howdo you prepare to take part in the ‘Skills It really is quite similar to howour athletes p r

The heat is on as young RACHP engineers prepare to compete – at home and abroad

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Notmany people can say they have represented their country, and I am d to do everyone proud in Russia –my family,my friends and

epare for theOlympicGames. I Olympics’?

have been trainingwithWorldSkillsUK since 2017 and I’ve spent lots of time workingwithMark Forsyth –my trainingmanager and the head SkillFRIDGE judge – focusing onmy skills development.However,what did surprisemewas that the trainingwe are put through teaches us howwemust be ‘competition fit.’This includeswhatwe should be eating, ho techniques to help us copewith competing in

front of the 100,000 visitors wwe should be sleeping and

whowill be in Kazanwatching us. It’s the same training thatTeamGB goes through to prepare for theOlympics.

That sounds full on. Can you give usmore details?

It’s a busy time for some of the brightest young engineers fromthe RACHP iindustry. This year’s SkillFRIDGE cycle is well underway as qualifying apprentices get set to face the regional heats across the UK – while 2017 competitor Orlando Rawlings has his sights set further afield as he prepares to represent his country in Russia at WorldSkills Kazan 2019.

It’s a busy time for some of the brightest young engineers from the RACHP ndustry.This year’s SkillFRIDGE cycle iswell underway as qualifying apprentices get set to face the regional heats across theUK –while 2017 competitorOrlando Rawlings has his sights set further afield as he prepares to represent his country in Russia at

orldSkills Kazan 2019. The latest on SkillFRIDGE 2019

Registration has closed, the preliminary selection process is complete, and the regional heats are getting underway. Consisting of skill-specific challenges, these heats put theoretical knowledge, practical skill and time management to the test,with expert judges overseeing thework of the competitors to determinewhowillmake it to theWorldSkillsUK Final this November.

With the first heat taking place on 8May at Cardiff andVale College, this will be followed by heats on 29May atGlasgowKelvin College, 11 June at Bath College, 13 June at Eastleigh College, 26 June –World RefrigerationDay – at the Practical RefrigerationTraining Centre in Burnley, and 16 July atGrimsby Institute.

Meanwhile, as SkillFRIDGE’s profile continues to grow, Castolin Eutectic – a global leader inweldin g, brazing, thermal spray coating, a nd serviceworkshop solutions – has come on board as its latest sponsor. It’s a fitting partnership, as SkillFRIDGE aims to drive the improvement of joining standards across the

by the nation’s brightes sponsoring the SkillFRI Castonlin-Eutecnic’s RACHP sector.

in their learning.” Flying the flag: an interviewwithOrlando Rawlings

ThisAugust, SkillFRIDGE 2017 Bronzemedallist and service engineer at DaikinUK,Orlando Ra wlings,will fly the flag for theUK R ACHP industrywhen he travels to Russia to compete atWorldSkills Kazan 2019.ACRNews spoke with himto find outmore.

Orlando, congratulations!Howdoes it feel to be selected forWorldSkills Kazan 2019?

Iwas in total shockwh enWorldSkillsUK toldme Iwas joi ningTeamUK. May 2019 91 19 Sébastien Pandini said: “We are excited about

DGE campaign.Offering our quality equipment for use t talent,we aimto help students and trainees succeed

WorkingwithMark, I complete blocks of trai ning – usually for aweek at a time . This all needs to be fitted aroundmy job atDaikinUK.They have been really supportive, especiallymymanagerDan Blanc designed to helpme performwell in Russia, it better engineer atDaikinUK and I hopemore get involved in skills competitions.

apprentices in the company can has also helpedme become a hard.Although the training is

As part ofmy training I recentlyworked on an ice rink project, designing and building a refrigeration systemwith a flooded evaporator and using a secondary refrigerant to chill the ice down to -10°C. I also had to install the electrical circuit for each component and commission it.My trainingwill continue right up until I board the plane to Ru ssia inAugust .

What can you expect fromthe competition in Russia?

Iwon’t knowthe exact details until I arrive at the competition site in Kazan. I knowI have a sound understanding of the technical skills required, but the difficultywill be completing the test project to exact requirements under the strict, timed conditions.There’s no roomfor amistake.

Howdid you get involved in SkillFRIDGE?

My lecturer atGrimsby Institute told us about SkillFRIDGE. I thought, “What I have got to lose?” I reached the finals,which are held atWorldSkillsUK LIVE, andwon Bronze in 2017. Following that Iwas invited to join theWorldSkillsUK Training andDevelopment programme forW orldSkills Kazan 2019. I have t o pinchmyself to realise howfar I have come!

What attracted you to a career in RACHP?

When Iwas younger Iwasn’t surewhat Iwanted to do.My uncle arranged for me to have somework experience at Rolls-Royce,where heworked, and from that day I knewIwanted to be an engineer.

Iwas lucky thatmy school, Patchway Community School in Bristol, had a proactive approach to careers advice.We had talks fromtheNational Apprenticeship Service and being able to earnwhile you learn seemed like a great opportunity; I started looking for an engineering apprenticeship and secured o newithDaikinUK. I love being abl e to fix things andwant t o progress as far as I can in the engineering industry .

Formore information onSki lFRIDGEsponsorshipopportunities, contact Karena Cooper on 01622 699150 or at

or more information on SkillFRIDGE sponsorship opportunities, contactl KarenaCooper on01622699150or at


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