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50 . Glasgow Business March/April 2013

THE PITCH Three companies explain what makes them special...

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Developing you with diversity!

Croner will keep you on the right side of the law!

Croner, a Wolters Kluwer business, provides HR professionals with the essential information, software and advice they need to make decisions with confidence.

Whether you require practical tools to solve HR or safety management issues, expert back-up for your team or 24/7 advice for line managers, Croner helps you manage operational costs while complying with the law, minimising the risk of disputes and creating a well-motivated and productive workforce. You can choose exactly what you need, when you need it, thanks to our comprehensive mix of products and services.

Our solutions include

» In-depth online guidance on employment legislation and case law, health and safety legislation and sector-specific regulations

» Expert advice to help solve complex issues or offer a second opinion

» Employee management software to centralise records and provide an audit trail of activity

» 24/7 outsourced phone advice to support your line managers, case-managed and issue-tracked to give you real-time visibility of ongoing issues and invaluable management reports

» Employment tribunal representation » Health and safety solutions » Pay and benefits tools and advice.

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As one of the most experienced and respected specialists in the business, you can rely on us to help you manage your people and your responsibilities more efficiently and effectively.

Get in touch with us For further information, contact: Richard Stark on 0777 3320291 croner-in-scotland

Values into Action Scotland assists businesses to successfully recruit, retain and develop employees with learning difficulties or autism. We provide good information, advice and practical support to businesses, enabling them to develop diversity in their recruitment.

This programme is called Diversity Works 4 U. As a result of our input, businesses can improve performance, increase innovation and enhance the company reputation far beyond the social and corporate responsibility tick box.

What we can do for you

» Using lean methodology, help you to figure out how to tap into the disability market and improve business performance

» Design bespoke comprehensive capacity building and offer easy to implement diversity strategies

» Assist in identifying opportunities where vacancies can be tailored to capitalise on skills and improve business efficiency.

Why this makes sense

With 1.1 billion people globally having a disability, controlling more than £2.5 trillion annually, this market is about the size of China. Stakeholders in disability, friends and family, represent an additional two billion people with a disposable income of £5.1 trillion.

Companies must see disabled people as customers first. If you want to sell to these customers, you must recruit, promote and retain them. How else will you fully understand and tap into your market?

Get in touch with us For more information on DW4U, please call 0141 880 9055, email or visit

It’s no risk to work with Bruce Stevenson!

Founded in 1981, Bruce Stevenson has grown to become one of the largest independent brokers in Scotland specialising in the provision of insurance and risk management solutions to many businesses and private individuals.

We are proud to be an innovative and dynamic organisation that remains owner managed and are committed to the traditional customer service foundations upon which we were established.

The company is proud to be the only broker in Scotland to have been awarded the prestigious Chartered Insurance Broker designation, which is testament to the professionalism and commitment of our staff.

We specialise in commercial and corporate insurance, property insurance, social housing insurance and are the UK’s leading insurance broker in renewable energy insurance.

Understanding your business risks and requirements is key to providing a tailored risk management and insurance programme.

Our commercial broking team has a wealth of expertise to help you identify gaps or weaknesses within your existing programme, judge the adequacy of your current cover and put forward a robust and bespoke insurance programme that address any deficiencies.

To arrange a free review of your existing arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below.

Get in touch with us For further information, call 0141 353 3539, email gordon.cameron@ or visit

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