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Glasgow Business . 15

A packed programme of Chamber events include host of big names 20

Cornerstone rises to the challenge

Charity At a time of the recession, award- winning charity Cornerstone has risen to the challenge and is continuing to go from strength to strength. The west of Scotland service is

one of its largest, with £14 million worth of services. It supports 626 people in Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, North Ayrshire and East and West Dunbartonshire, and has about 800 staff. Along with the rest of Cornerstone, the west of Scotland service has continued to develop and evolve in response to the changing environment of social care.

Business growth has risen

from £27m to £31.5m, while the charity has extended its work to 20 local authorities. In April 2012, Cornerstone became the first charity to be recognised with a prestigious European Foundation of Quality Management (EFQM) Recognised for Excellence Award. Formerly a predominantly learning disability adult care provider, Cornerstone has now diversified into other care markets including working with older people, children and families (including short-term and respite fostering), the development of community justice services, and employment and training for people with disabilities.

Anne Fraser attends Cornerstone’s day opportunities group in Glasgow

Sheppard Robson has completed a £14 million remodelling of the University of Strathclyde’s Lord Hope and Curran buildings

Strathclyde University buildings transformed

Remodelling Architecture practice Sheppard Robson has completed a £14 million remodelling of the University of Strathclyde’s Lord Hope and Curran buildings in Glasgow city centre for the newly formed Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Forming part of the university’s

new Humanities and Social Sciences Quarter, the extensive alteration works to the existing buildings represent a key project in the university’s campus development plan. Each floor of the buildings now


Return to passenger growth at Glasgow Prestwick Airport

has a large open-plan work space around the perimeter, ensuring maximum opportunity for daylight and ventilation, with a well-defined core space, with support areas such as meeting rooms, breakout hubs, touchdown areas and welfare. The remodelling sees workspace

for all faculty staff located together within the Lord Hope building. Between the two buildings,

a new external area of public realm provides a focus for the entrances, enhancing their setting.

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is upbeat about its prospects for 2013, after double-digit growth in the last quarter. November passengers were up

25 per cent on November 2011, December passengers were 32 per cent up on the corresponding month in 2011 while January passenger numbers continued the upwards trend with a solid 31 per cent increase on January 2012 – overall, a 29 per cent year-on-year increase for the three- month period. The airport’s confidence that a

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is expecting a strong summer ahead

strong summer lies ahead is based on Ryanair’s decision to increase the number of its routes to 27, including new destinations Rzeszow and Warsaw in Poland. Four other routes have received extra frequency while the number of flights per week increases from 86 to 95, a 10 per cent increase. There was more good news as the airport announced it was creating 50 new fixed-term jobs from the end of March to gear up for the busy summer programme. The new staff will work in a number of passenger-focused areas around the airport.

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