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It’s the workers who are the engine of any business – so it’s vital that you recruit the best people to fuel success


inding the right staff can be no easy feat – and that’s not just for fledgling start-ups.

Consider the large established company that introduces someone new into a contented team. If that person becomes a disruptive presence, not only could this affect staff morale, but productivity could also take a serious hit. Get the right person, though, and they could help elevate your business to greater heights of success.

Just do it yourself

Tere are a number of options for geting candidates through the door for an interview, but no doubt the first thought will be to manage the process yourself. Tis theoretically keeps costs down, but it can significantly eat into a staff member’s time siſting through a potential tsunami of applications. Te first stop for advertising

your post will no doubt be S1 Jobs (, but don’t neglect more specialised sites for your particular industry. And for niche skills in areas such as

financial services, life sciences, electronic technologies and energy, you can advertise on the government website Talent Scotland (www.talentscotland. com). Te service aims to encourage people with specialist skills to live and work in Scotland from not only the UK, but also all over the world. Before even going to the

expense of advertising, you could

always tap into your social networks. Do key members of the team have chunky lists of connections in their LinkedIn pages? It could be worth a post or two to see if any of those professionals think the role is right for them.

Get an agency

Recruitment agencies can take the sting out of the effort in finding

”It’s important to

get the right agency for you”

someone, but there is a cost, typically a percentage of the candidate’s annual salary, which wouldn’t be payable until aſter a bedding in period to see if the person is right for the job, and is going to stick around. It’s important to get the right

agency for you. Some will specialise in particular industry sectors. It’s worth asking colleagues across your business to find out which agencies they’ve used in the past. “Don’t always go for the

biggest agency. Try to select someone who knows your industry and market well,” said Richard Louden, Managing Director of Global Reach Recruitment, which specialises in international accountancy and finance recruitment. “And don’t engage more than one. You will just get inundated, there will be duplication of effort, and if an agency knows it is working exclusively to fill the role, it will put more effort into the search.”

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Glasgow-based contact centre group RESPONSE has been commended for its proactive recruitment of unemployed people by Mark Hoban MP, Minister for Employment. He applauded RESPONSE’s partnership with Work Programme provider Ingeus, which in the past year has supported 130 people into work. “Ingeus and RESPONSE offer

invaluable support and opportunities to people at risk of long-term unemployment, ensuring their potential does not go to waste,” said Mr Hoban. Ingeus’s partnership with

RESPONSE involves perfectly matching unemployed applicants to specific vacancies, who are then guaranteed a telephone interview. Resourcing manager Jenny Taylor

said: “Ingeus ensures that applicants come to us motivated and well briefed. Tey offer us people with a variety of life experiences and skills.” Ingeus client Craig Murray was

employed with support of the Youth Contract, a wage incentive for employers recruiting unemployed 18 to 24-year-olds. His RESPONSE role is his

first permanent job since leaving college in 2009. “Ingeus helped with my

interview skills and made me believe in myself again,” said Craig.

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