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14 . Glasgow Business March/April 2013


Firm spreads knowledge to students on finance

Munro Partnership Ltd is in its second year of sponsoring the Finance, Investment and Risk degree at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU). This connection was established by Robin Dale, who is a director of the firm. In January, one of its advisers, Gavin Park, gave a guest lecture to the second year ‘Personal Finance and Investment’ students, and delivered a one-hour presentation on the subject of personal taxation before answering questions about the subject and the industry. At the start of the lecture,

the company presented last year’s best performing student with the module prize – a cheque for £250. Gavin graduated from the GCU in 2010 with a first-class honours degree, as did the company’s Regional Director, Carol Sneddon, in 2003. This immediate association with the degree programme was the main reason for Munro Partnership to take an interest in the degree and to try to find a way to support future graduates.

Castle Precision Engineering Bloodhound Project Team Members

Built for speed A

Glasgow high- precision engineering company has been picked to produce the

wheels for the Bloodhound SSC, the vehicle aiming to beat the world land-speed record. Castle Precision Engineering

will manufacture the 90kg forged aluminium wheels which will play a crucial part in the Bloodhound’s record bid. Te Cathcart-based company

is tasked with making both the runway and desert wheels for the Bloodhound, which will atempt to beat the 763mph record set by Trust SSC in 1997. Yan Tiefenbrun, Operations

Director at Castle Precision, set out the scale of the engineering challenge that the company faces. He said: “Te wheels are vital to the success of the project and are a key component that simply cannot fail.”

Gavin Parks, Financial

Planner, Munro Partnership

» Castle Precison Engineering is to produce wheels for fastest ever car

Te wheels, developed by

Innoval Technology and Lockheed Martin UK, will have to withstand forces 50,000 times that of gravity when they are rotating at the stunning speed of 10,500 revolutions per minute. Castle Precision has taken on

the engineering and design work by Lockheed Martin and the materials expertise by Innoval Technology to complete and produce what will be the fastest car wheels in history. Te innovative wheels will be

made from high-tolerance forged aluminium that is typically used in the aerospace industry. Te team at Castle Precision

is working towards a summer deadline, when the Bloodhound

“The wheels are vital to the success

of the project and are a key component that simply cannot fail”

will begin high-speed testing on the 12-mile Hakskeen Pan in South Africa. Mr Tiefenbrun said: “Te salt

pan is the flatest surface you can possibly imagine. Over its 12-mile length, the surface rises or falls only by five centimetres. However, the site needs to be

cleared very carefully – a rock entering the jet engine or hiting the wheels can be very detrimental at 1,000mph.” Te work on the Bloodhound

project is the latest engineering challenge for Castle Precision which was formed by Jack Tiefenbrun, Yan’s grandfather, in 1951 as the Textile Engineering Company. Te Textile Engineering

Company provided machine tools for customers including the Singer Sewing Machine Company which once employed 10,000 people and was one of the most significant industries on Clydeside.

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