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36 . Glasgow Business March/April 2013

Choosing the right people for your business is no easy task, but the Chamber’s Workforce Solutions could be just the job



ne of the biggest challenges for any business is finding the right people to take the enterprise forward. Tat’s why Glasgow

Chamber has launched a new service for businesses looking to increase their workforce. Workforce Solutions will help Chamber

members take on staff, giving them the right help at every stage of the process. Te aim is to give members a ‘one-stop

shop’ to help with the recruitment process and give them access to all the public sector grants that are available. For businesses, finding their way round the

range of employability grants that are on offer from the public sector can be a time- consuming and sometimes a confusing process. Te new Chamber service aims to take the

pain out of the process for members. Te Chamber has formed distinct private-public partnerships with four different public sector bodies in the city, Glasgow City Council, Jobs & Business Glasgow, Jobcentre Plus and Skills Development Scotland. Te new service brings together the wide

range of services offered on an individual basis in Glasgow and the West of Scotland. Chamber staff will work as brokers,

pointing members towards the relevant service of each of these four different partnerships or indeed any other body which our experienced team feel will be able to help. Te aim is to benefit members’ businesses

by providing the service as a main point of contact for the range of financial help available across the city, while also benefiting the partner organisations by giving them access to a quality business base, the membership of Glasgow Chamber. Te programme gives access to significant

amounts of public funding: Skills Development Scotland has already given out almost £700,000 to almost 600 companies which were eligible for their four main support packages. Glasgow City Council’s Glasgow Guarantee

has a combined value of £125 million. Specific support includes funding for

training of up to £1,000 from the Glasgow Regeneration Agency while Jobcentre Plus can

Gillian Kyle

”Selina Hales, our Chamber consultant, has wide experience in recruitment and she was able to guide and mentor us”

give businesses £2,275 if they take on a full-time candidate who has been unemployed for at least 13 weeks. Alison McRae, Glasgow Chamber’s

Projects Director, said: “We looked at the existing funding available and thought a consolidation of services would help both the employers and the public sector bodies which provide assistance. Tere is a lot of potential funding available for businesses looking to take on new team members. “By offering access to this support via a

single point of contact, we can make the recruitment process simpler, helping members with any queries they may have along the way. We are able to offer this service on a pro bono basis to our members providing further added value in these challenging times.

“We also welcome enquiries from

the wider Glasgow business community which we shall deal with on a case-by-case basis. “We hope that Workforce Solutions will

make a significant contribution by guiding employers through every stage of the hiring process, helping them recruit while also complementing the excellent work the public sector providers do in tackling unemployment and encouraging recruitment.”


Contact Shona MacPherson on 0141 204 8634 or email Shona.MacPherson@

Katherine Brown, Gillian Kyle Ltd; Shona MacPherson, Workforce Solutions, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and Gillian Kyle

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