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Business to be won in run-up to Glasgow 2014

Contracts The Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games will offer more than £50 million worth of business contracts over the next six months.

And those opportunities follow the £276m worth of work won by Scottish-based businesses, 75 per cent of the 2014 Games contracts awarded to date. In addition, Glasgow 2014 is offering sponsorship opportunities for west of Scotland businesses. Aiming to build on the success

of London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Glasgow 2014 offers the chance to be involved in what is expected to be the last home games for a generation. Beyond sport, the Games will create unique opportunities to engage communities across the UK and the Commonwealth. Glasgow 2014 said it is committed to developing strong partnerships

Youth Olympics could continue Commonwealth legacy

with leading businesses that will invest in the games and support the broader vision of delivering a truly outstanding and memorable Games. The first sponsor to be announced

for Glasgow 2014 was leading commercial law firm Harper Macleod, a member of Glasgow Chamber. The firm said it believes that hosting the Games will be Glasgow and Scotland’s defining moment and it wanted to share in that by investing. Stuart Patrick, Chief Executive

of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow will offer what will be an unparalleled marketing opportunity. “Should your business consider joining the existing sponsors?” Glasgow 2014 received a record

number of applications from those seeking to be volunteers at the Games. It received more than 50,000 applications for 15,000 places – topping both Manchester 2002 and Melbourne 2006.

Taxing a thriving industry is a bad idea

Chamber opinion As businesses, we still operate in challenging economic times. While there are some signs of

recovery, we are plainly not out of the woods yet and we have a way to go before the recovery can reach takeoff speed. However, there are sectors

which are performing well and helping improve the economy with a strong export performance.

At the leading edge of that

group is the Scotch whisky industry and companies like the Edrington Group.

It is vital, particularly at this

time, that society does not put unnecessary barriers in the way of this strong performance but unfortunately that is exactly what has been suggested by some who have been arguing for a special whisky tax levy. The idea was put forward

in a recent BBC Scotland TV documentary where some voices suggested that an additional £1 tax could be levied on the production of each bottle of whisky. The argument was that this additional tax could raise around £1 billion for the Scottish public

purse, but a new tax specific to whisky is the last thing this key Scottish and British export earner needs. This unnecessary burden

would make Scotch whisky less competitive in overseas markets where whisky is up against other drinks which are cheaper to produce and cheaper to sell. The Scotch Whisky Association

said that the industry has invested £1bn in Scotland in the past four years and estimates that it will invest double that over the next three or four years. Why should we even consider

putting that at risk and at the same time send the wrong signals to those thinking of investing in the Scottish economy?

City praise The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has shortlisted Glasgow in the competition to hold the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in 2018. The Committee praised

the city’s record of hosting international sporting events, including the work in the run up to the Commonwealth Games in 2014. The 2018 YOG working

group report stated that the Glasgow bid would also build on the success of the London 2012 Olympic Games. It said Glasgow would create a powerful and impactful Youth Olympic Games appealing to athletes and young people across the globe while representing minimal risk to the IOC. The Glasgow bid team is a

strong partnership between Glasgow City Council, the Scottish Government and the British Olympic Association. Stuart Patrick, Chief

Executive of Glasgow Chamber, said: “Hosting the 2018 Youth Olympic Games would continue and deepen the legacy of Glasgow 2014 and would provide further opportunities for the city’s business community.”

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