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Unfortunately, if your palm gets this fungal attack there is no known treatment, and the only thing to do is have the palm removed. The most common sign of this is when the branches from anywhere in the crown start to individually dry out and die. If a branch turns brown and cleanly falls out this is more likely the weevil and immediate action is required.

Several leaves will go brown in turn and the palm will just look a little sad but the canopy will not fall out as it would on a weevil infected palm. The most important thing to do when dealing with your palms is to disinfect your saws or equipment in general to stop any more problems being created. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and please get a trap and join our forum and help us to help you to destroy the weevil.

Visit us at Iron Art, off the N-332, Gata de Gorgos towards Benissa. Call 966 113 374, email or visit

Can’t Sleep, Won’t Sleep?

We all know when we are feeling ill or stressed that the best cure is usually a good nights sleep. Easier said than done if you are one of the 3 out of 10 of us that rarely gets a full night, (undisturbed 7 or 8 hours) and that’s assuming you can get to sleep in the fi rst place and don’t suffer from arthritic or other painful ailments, or even simply “Angry Legs Syndrome”. Using a Hot Tub on a regular basis will, in most cases, aid a full and good nights sleep….Why?


Painful or infl amed joints cause muscles to tense in an effort to protect them. Warm water and hydrotherapy help relax the muscles and allow greater range of motion in the joints. Pain is reduced even after leaving the spa.

Buoyancy. When submerged in water your body is about 1 tenth its normal weight. Buoyancy is a key element of relaxation and stress relief. It helps overcome the effects of gravity and relieves stress on the joints.


Exercising can cause microscopic tears in the muscle and lactic acid build up. The warm massaging action of a spa will accelerate the healing process and allows the lactic acid to be carried away from the muscle without the need for medication and in a completely non-invasive way. As muscles relax the pain eases and you can move more easily with less pain.

Pain Relief.

Endorphins are natural painkillers for the body. Warm water stimulates their release so when the body is in warm water, blood vessels near the skin relax.


Warm swirling water reduces stress and allows you to rest and get a better nights sleep. Sleep deepens as body temperature drops. Experts recommend that people who suffer from sleeplessness soak in water of 100 to 104 deg f. for 15 minutes before bedtime.

Rocket Science?... Not really, the Romans were using hot spas 3000 years ago!

SLEEP WELL, Paul Walmsley, Canadian Spa Spain.

Call 691 158 767 or visit us at the Iron Art on the N-332 Gata de Gorgos (between the Gorge & Repsol Garage). Visit

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