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SPN APR 2012 SwimSpas

SPA CREST FINDS THE PERFECT MARRIAGE IN ITS POWERSWIM When is a swim spa not a swim spa? Probably in the case of Spa Crest Europe’s PowerSwim Spa when it’s a large spa that uses powerful jets to create a swift counter-current. The result is a pool which offers therapy and relaxation and is the ideal marriage of pool and spa.

The PowerSwim is ideal for regular exercise, swimming, or aqua-jogging, as well as the enjoyment, comfort and relaxation of hot water. With an adaptable current of between 730 and 2,200 litres per minute, the PowerSwim adjusts to every style of swimming and to every exercise level. With six high flow jets, three pumps and three air regulators the swim spa creates the ideal current for any intensity or exercise desired. The Powerswim also allows for any combination of hot tub to be placed behind it or in the vicinity, to allow for choice to the customer as opposed to a ‘this swim spa has a 3, 4, 5 or 6 person hot tub end molded to it’. This also allows for a dedicated full length swimming area and no danger of the swimmer’s legs or feet colliding with the seating on a ‘through’ swim spa.

PowerSwim is one of the deepest swim spas manufactured allowing actual water depth of up to 140cm or as shallow as 130cm. Design innovations such as an exclusive ‘no slip’ floor makes it perfect for aqua-jogging. The water temperature is maintained at the user’s desired setting and is ready to go anytime in any season of the year. Equipped with two LED lights, PowerSwim can be illuminated at night for exercise or set to ‘lightshow’, creating an array of effects and colours designed to showpiece the swim spa.

With its superior insulation of polyurethane foam and an isothermal cover, PowerSwim is designed to re-circulate heat provided by the pumps and other mechanical components as well as to conserve heat-loss through the use of the most modern and efficient components

available. The PowerSwim can easily be placed in a garden, terrace or even in the interior of a house. Its small ‘footprint’ answers the need for both a pool and a spa in areas where space is constrained.

IN THE SWIM WITH CERTIKIN SWIM SPAS Iberspa has quickly been established as a popular swim spa launched by Certikin from Spain’s leading spa manufacturer it is a spa high on quality and luxury. This new range offers two models – Standard and Deluxe – available in a teak cabinet with an integral spa pack or alternatively an in-ground model with a remote spa pack is also available.

The swim spa is 5m long by 2.3m wide with an overall external depth of 1.38m. In the spa section there is a full width lounger on which to recline, plus two sculptured seats at each end of the lounger. The Standard model has 21 jets whereas the deluxe model has 25 water jets plus air jets to give an all over massage. Both swim spas have five turbo jets to provide a counter- flow swim trainer. In terms of filtration the Standard swim spa has a 100 sq ft cartridge filter, the Deluxe has a 200 sq ft cartridge filter, and the in-ground model comes with a pack including a 500mm diameter hi-rate sand filter. Heating for both Standard and Deluxe models is by a 3kW electric heater.

Spa Crest’s Powerswim a large spa that uses powerful jets to create a swift counter-current

EXPANDING ELITE RANGE INCLUDES £9,995 PARTY POOL SWIM SPA Elite Spas has an expanding range of swim spas for dealers including a new entry level and a new top of the range model. There are six models for the Somerset based business including a swim spa which gets under the £10,000 mark with an Elite Party Pool at £9,995. The Elite range is headed by their Pure Indulgence spa at £19,995. Eco swim spa, built to feature all the aspects of a swim spa but at an outstanding price. It has the same layout and is built with the same quality as Elite’s Olympic swim spa but is more economical. Topping out at £17,995 is the Spa4swim and this one has everything, a spa and a swim training pool, and, a removable dividing screen so your customer can spa and swim with independent temperatures. The Spa4swim gives cutting edge spa technology from the full wave seat for complete back therapy. And using 10hp of water pumps guarantees a complete hydrotherapy spa. The pool end has 15hp of fully controllable pumps for all swimming capabilities. Anyone undecided about whether to have a pool or a spa can have both at exceptional value. All come with a five year electrical and plumbing warranty. With the new cost effective controls, running costs have been as low as 91p per day!

“There’s no ‘typical’ swim spa purchaser say the companies selling the products. Dealers report that price is a factor and the market in swim spas may be a seasonal one”

Olympia, Spa4swim and Pure Indulgence swim spas come under the performance range and feature more power and therapy compared to the Eco-range swim spas.

The new Pure Indulgence is perfect for the extreme swimming enthusiast who also wants a very therapeutic all over massage spa experience. Elite’s Eco swim spas are built for those people who want a fully featured swim spa but on a budget. The major benefits are value for money, lower energy usage and recycled energy – heat generated from the spa pumps which is trapped and recycled back into the spa. This is because the inside of the shell and cabinet is insulated which creates a warm pocket around the spa and so reduces the heat loss saving money. spn


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