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Brittany Armington '12 worked for MiiR Bottles. MiiR, based in Seattle, WA, produces colorful, reusable water bottles to be paired with a variety of "skins": label designs that can be customized and applied to the bottles. She designed several. Learn more at

Olivia Boi '13 worked with famed sculptor Garth Evans. Her internship consisted of living and working with the Evans family at their home in rural Connecticut, where Evans has his studio. She would draw for three hours each morning; self-portraits, landscapes and interiors, and worked with Evans in the afternoon, first learning to construct a sculpture stand, then creating the sculpture.

Brittany Carr '12 worked at the 2011 World Scholar-Athletes Games and World Youth Peace Summit held at the University of Hartford in Connecticut. The event gathered participants from around the world to promote an understanding of friendship and peace through sports and the arts. She was an instructor in the Digital Photography program and was asked to return for a similar event to be held in Ireland in 2013.

Randi Giles '12 can’t divulge many particulars of her internship because she worked at Hasbro, one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers. "Because the toy industry is so highly competitive, I was asked to keep some of the information confidential, especially the new "Star Wars" products,” Randi said. She worked on an icon for the new G.I. Joe movie, and served as art director for packaging for "Star Wars" toys and a new logo.

Dock Howard '12 reported about his internship: "My responsibilities were to create artwork and various designs for the band, Adam Hofmann Revival. That included illustrations for the band’s website, logos, a T-shirt design, layouts and illustrations for their upcoming album, You’ll Get There." View at

Liz Loyte '12 worked for Conor Doherty, a fashion and product photographer who works in Boston and New York. Liz worked on projects in both cities, and on a fashion shoot that was taped for airing on the Boston TV program Style Boston. To view the clip, visit styleboston. tv/3432/fashion-forward-fall-fashion-editorial.

So it is rocket science! Montserrat student Carol St. Sauver interns at NASA.

Chris Pianka '12 worked at Handcranked Films last summer. His work on an animated film required hand drawing animation frames then preparing them for scanning and printing. A December 2011 grad, he is concentrating in Animation and Interactive Media.

Carol St. Sauveur '11, worked as an intern at NASA this summer creating three documentaries for NASA’s programs, which include camps and education programs and internships. She also helped update the website. Carol served her internship in NASA’s Washington DC offices.

Kristine Williams '11 was accepted for a Conceptual Art project residency on the Island of Hrísey in Northern Iceland where she created art in a studio for the entire month of October. l

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