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the footing level up to the expected finished grade of the soil. Third, when backfill- ing around the basement

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so they can throw away their notes and cheat sheets,” said Searle. Another irritant to new Home Entertainment Sys- tems is all of those wires that you don’t know what to do with. Keith makes it a point to take care of those wires and leave you with a no muss-no fuss system. From beginning to end,

Keith prides himself on taking care of every detail, no matter how small, in his custom installs. Though the new TV in-

stallation in Funspot’s D.A. Long Tavern isn’t as detailed an install as some of Searle’s other projects, it still bears all the markings of Keith’s professionalism. “We are extremely happy

with the new TVs and the installation,” said Fun- spot’s Assistant General Manager Sandra Lawton. “Baron’s Major Brands has delivered a top qual- ity product, as always and Keith did a seamless job with the set-up. We couldn’t be happier.”

THE WEIRS TIMES, Thursday, October 28, 2010

foundation walls coarse sandy soil material should be used to allow the sur- face water to easily drain away from the foundation walls. The backfilling ma-

For more information

on Keith Searle and Home Theater Experts you can call him at 603-293-1133 or email HomeTheater- For more on Major Brands call 524-0163 or visit www.

terial should also be com- pacted firmly to remove any air in the soil adjacent to the foundation walls to mitigate the risk of soil settling and the formation To see what all the excite- ment’s about, come to Funspot’s D.A. Long Tav- ern on Rte 3 in the Weirs, call 366-4377 or visit

of depressions around the home’s foundation. Finally, when grading

the soil around the base- ment walls the soil should be sloped away from the home. The slope should be at least 1 inch per foot for the first 5 to 10 feet around the perimeter of the foundation walls.

How To Prevent Base- ment Water Leaks After The Home Is Built

If your home is already

built and you are con- tending with a leaky and wet basement there are a number of things you can do to prevent basement water leaks. First and foremost, check

to make sure gutter drain spouts are draining rain water away from the home foundation. Also confirm that the finished grade soil slopes away from the home and that there are no low spots or depres- sions around it. If there are issues with the fin- ished grade soil then have the soil around the home’s foundation re-graded. Second, look for hair-

Keith Searle of Home Theater Experts prides himself on taking care of every detail in complete home theater custom installs.


line cracks in the base- ment walls and floor. If you observe any, repair them with hydraulic ce- ment. However, before just squeezing some hy- draulic cement into the

cracks open them up first a bit (approximately ¼ to ½ inch in width) with a hammer and chisel, and remove any loose debris from the cracks with a stiff bristle brush. Then apply the hydraulic cement to the cracks. Make sure to firmly pack the hydraulic cement into the cracks and to wipe off any excess material using a trowel. If these issues do not

cure your basement water leaks, then you may have no choice but to consider putting in a perimeter drain around the foun- dation walls. This is an expensive endeavor but maybe your only choice. Installing a perimeter drain will require excavat- ing around the foundation wall down to the footing level and then installing the gravel and perforated drain pipes as I described earlier.

Mark Donovan is the own-

er and operator of www., a website focused on provid- ing home improvement and remodeling information to homeowners. He resides in Derry, New Hampshire and can be contacted at mark@homeadditionplus. com.


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