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Emergency Lighting cable, Prysmian’s guide to BS5266-1:2011

DANLERS launch new ‘Intelligent’ Photocell Batten Mount Control


ANLERS NEW Batten-mounted ‘Intelligent’ Photocell switch is capable of delivering significant energy savings at low cost. By virtue of its radical new calibration process, this control can distinguish the difference between artificial and natural light delivered to the photocell and by doing so removes the site specific addition of artificial light from any decision to automatically switch the lights on/off. This minimises hysteresis drift and reduces the risk of false triggering or ‘hunting’. This technology has a GB patent pending No. 1219746.3. This UK manufactured control mounts onto the end of lighting battens via the 20mm knock out and comes with a 1metre lead to connect to the ballast. It can switch lighting loads of up to 10 amps (6 amps of fluorescent).

DANLERS Tel: 01249 443377 Web:

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he code of practice for emergency lighting, BS 5266-1 was revised and then reissued in November 2011. To help installers and specifiers keep up with these requirements, Prysmian has published a guide, the latest in its series of FP guides to British Standards. BS 5266-1:2011 is a full revision and it replaces the 2005 edition of BS 5266-1. The revision gives recommendations and guidance on the design, installation and wiring cable selection for electrical emergency escape lighting systems. This brings it more closely in line with the British Standard for fire alarms, BS5839-1:2002. BS 5839-1:2002 was the first British Standard to call upon ‘standard’ and ‘enhanced’ fire resistant cables and now BS5266-1 adopts this criteria of two performance levels for circuit integrity in the event of fire. Prysmian fire resistant cables FP200 Gold and FP PLUS already meet these criteria and are readily available. ·

T Prysmian Tel: 0870 5133 143 Web:

TALEXXmodule STARK DLE Premium T

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he TALEXXmodule STARK DLE Premium from Tridonic is a tuneable white LED system that enables the colour temperature to be adjusted to suit different design requirements.

Offering complete flexibility, DLE

Premium enables lighting designers and building operators to adjust colour temperature in situ without needing to change the light source. The DLE Premium is DALI compatible to take advantage of advanced lighting management systems and can also be controlled using DSI, a colour control interface or Tridonic’s switchDIM, which enables standard mains voltages to be used for dimming and switching. DLE Premium modules can be incorporated into a large range of luminaire types including downlights and spotlights and can also be used in scene-setting configurations, so that lighting can be adjusted locally, for example in meeting rooms. Tridonic offers a 5-year guarantee on all products with a rated life of at least 50,000 hours of operation.

Tridonic UK Ltd. Tel: 01256 374300

Hager launches Klik.system surface connector box

ager has extended its offer by launching a seven pole surface connector for the simple installation of digital lighting that uses traditional fixed wire installations. Trunking or conduit fits directly to the connector so that the luminaire can be connected or disconnected via a pluggable lead. The surface connector or conduit box is available as a stand-alone product or complete with a pre wired lead. It is rated at 16A and is short circuit tested to 1500A conditional.

H Hager Ltd. Tel: 01952 675612 Web:

Verbatim makes first foray into lighting fixtures

and extends LED lamp range for retail and architectural applications

or the first time, Verbatim is selling fixtures to complement the high- quality and reliable LED lamps it already supplies. The stylish fixtures perfectly fit Verbatim’s PAR16 GU10 lamps and are ideal to provide a handy and economical lighting upgrade to homes and offices. Sold through B2B and trade channels across Europe, each fixture pack consists of a fixed ring available in either white or brushed aluminium plus a holding pin, a GU10 socket and electrical connection box. The fixtures are available in two different IP protection ratings. While the IP23 rated version is suitable for general-purpose lighting including kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, the IP44 version offers better defense against intrusion from splashed water making it ideal for lighting in bathrooms and other wet rooms. Verbatim’s robust and solid LED downlighting fixtures are easy to install generally without needing tools as they simply fit into standard size cut-out holes used by existing downlighting fixtures mounted in ceilings. The new products are adjustable and offer a straightforward twist and lock connection system.

F Verbatim Ltd. Tel: 01784 439 781 Web: Lighting & Lighting Controls FEBRUARY 2013 enter 807 enter 806 Web: enter 805

The KNX UK association welcomes Philips as a manufacturer member

NX UK is delighted to announce that Philips has joined the Association.

K The Philips name is

synonymous with high quality, user friendly and energy efficient lighting control solutions for a wide range of markets and the company's new LightMaster KNX range will bring recognised lighting know-how to the world of KNX, providing energy savings, comfort and flexibility. President of KNX UK, Iain Gordon, commented: “Having Philips as a member the KNX UK reflects the strength and importance of our fast growing association. Philips name reflects quality,

The innovation and

expertise in lighting and their membership will help to raise the profile of the KNX UK Association even more.” For Philips, membership of KNX UK opens up a completely new market. Lighting Controls

As the company's VAR and Dimension Dealer

Manager - UK, John Preston, explains: “KNX is not just a communication protocol, but it is also an association. Membership of KNX UK is important as it allows us to develop KNX solutions for the market. As an open protocol, KNX also enables end-users to easily interface products for each application - such as HVAC and lighting - as these can all operate off the same backbone.”

KNX UK Tel: 0845 869 5908 Web:

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