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Products Editor’s Choice Updated intelligent power manager software

The latest version of Eaton Corporation’s Intelligent Power Manager software has been launched for the monitoring and management of power devices in IT environments and data centres. The updated software includes compatibility with the VMware vSphere 5.1 virtu- alisation platform, Microsoft Windows 8 and Server 2012 operating systems and also introduces a new load shedding module which helps extend available battery back-up time for VMware virtualised system environments.

Upon detection of a power outage, Eaton’s software will suspend

or shutdown virtual machines (VMs) according to the system’s con- figuration. When VMware’s Distributed Power Manager is active, it will automatically consolidate the remaining active VMs before idling inactive servers. The update improves upon Intelligent Power Manager software’s existing VMware integration that enables IT personnel to view, mon- itor and administer not only physical and virtual servers, but also UPSs, enclosure Power Distribution Units (ePDUs) and other power devices directly through VMware’s vCenter Server dashboard. The software also enables users to initiate automatic and transparent live migrations of virtual machines and can trigger VMware Site Recovery Manager’s disaster recovery and planned migration process- es, therefore moving critical applications to available servers either within an organisation, or to a co-located facility or public cloud. Following a detailed validation process, Intelligent Power Manager software has been certified VMware Ready. Eaton Corporation T: 01753 608 700

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Improving motion application efficiency Rockwell Automation has

launched its new Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 servo drive, VP- Series low inertia servo motor and single cable technology as an inte- grated motion solution on EtherNet/IP.

Integrated motion control on EtherNet/IP eliminates the need for a dedicated motion network, reducing cabling by up to 60% and removing the need to create gateways to get information to or from secluded networks. In addition, the winding tech- nology and DSL encoder, con- nected with the smart cable

technology, allows power trans- mission and feedback communi- cation to and from the K5500 drive to take place on a single cable. The Kinetix 5500 and VP-Series drive motor system does not require dis- crete power rail or additional accessories so machines can be scaled up as needed.

The Kinetix 5500 drive is designed with an external common AC/DC bus connection system that reduces hardware requirements and allows for seamless scalability using a single platform for either single- axis or multi-axis systems.

Industrial Liquid Cooling Package

print, having a width of only 300mm, yet provides a cooling output of 10kW. Utilising water as the cooling medium has the advantage that heat may be transported away from its source using a simple pipework system. This results in the removal of heat dissipated by equipment housed in an enclosure without raising the temperature of the surrounding air. Rittal’s TopTherm chiller is well suited

Available now from Rittal is the compa- ny’s Industrial Liquid Cooling Package (LCP) - essentially a large air/water heat exchanger that has a chassis formed from the TS 8 frame. The Industrial LCP may be bayed directly adjacent to enclosures and used to cool installed equipment that dissipates a large amount of heat. Well suited to industrial applications. the Industrial LCP has a compact foot-


to partner the new Industrial LCP, and may be used to supply chilled water to the LCP and also has a chassis manufactured from the TS 8 frame. Hence, both units may be bayed directly to the enclosures that require cooling, resulting in a fully integrated, packaged solution. The Industrial LCP is suited for those applications that demand a level of cooling in excess of that provided by conventional cooling units or air/water heat exchangers. Rittal T: 01709 704 000

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Technical guide for SPDs

Hager has published a new tech- nical guide to surge protection that details the risks from an electrical surge, the AQ criteria method for a risk assessment, selecting the devices, installa- tion, cascading devices to create an SPD system and inspection and testing.

Chris Howells, product man- ager for Hager, commented, “Amendment 1 has increased the demand for surge protection in both commercial and domes- tic properties.

The Kinetix 5500 drive is sup- ported by the recently released Studio 5000 integrated engineer- ing environment and can be used with the Integrated Motion Encoder on EtherNet/IP. Rockwell Automation T: 0870 242 5004

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“There is some confusion about the whole area of surge protection - whether it is needed, what level is required and also how and where to install it. This guide aims to provide answers in a clear and concise way.” The 20 page guide is available from Hager or can be downloaded from the company’s website. Hager T: 01952 675 612

Enter 226 Battery options for UPS range

Zigor has added to its Tiber On- Line UPS range with extended run-time battery options. The 2U rack/tower Zigor Tiber series currently provides up to ten minutes back-up time when operating at full load from its internal batteries. However, the new external battery packs will give the new Tiber models the ability to increase run-time to several hours depending on the appliance requirement and type of load the UPS supports. The Tiber uses double conver- sion technology with two invert- ers to provide perfect clean sine wave power at all times without using the battery unless the mains fails. Available from 1kVA up to 3kVA, the Tiber can be floor or rack mounted with an LCD that provides information about input and output voltages, plus load and battery charge status. The UPS is well suited for back-

ing-up an individual server, net- work racks or telephone switch board systems.

There is also an optional SNMP interface card for secur- ing monitoring of the UPS which informs users of prob- lems when they occur. Zigor T: 0844 854 6264

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