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Accessories aiding camera protection After receiving feedback from its

customers, autoVimation has extended the range of acces- sories available for its Salamander series of protective camera enclosures.

The new additions are mod- ular and can therefore be installed and retro-fitted as required. Additionally, Salamander enclosures can now house cameras with a maximum diameter of 40 x 40mm if their corner radius is at least 3mm. A new 60mm spacer enables easier installa- tion and adjustment of large lenses (e.g. 80mm long with a 55mm diameter).

The spacer is simply assem- bled together with the enclosure lid - before the lid is installed, the lens is easily accessible and can be reached from all sides. Salamander enclosures with a spacer maintain IP67 protection. A new positioning ring also allows users to reproduce the installation position of the camera inside the enclosure at

any time. This facilitates the re- installation of cameras in the correct position e.g. after repairs. A pneumatic shutter is available as a series model.

It is designed for environ- ments with extreme contamina- tion where image capture is required during breaks in opera- tion. Made from stainless steel, the protective shutter is resistant to aggressive media. A Poron seal on the inside prevents the contamination of the front window. Creating excess pres- sure with help of a wind curtain just prior to the shutter opening helps further to prevent front window contamination. Finally, the new accessories also include a mirror attachment for orthogonal beam deflection that provides an alternative to cameras with a 90° viewing direction or cost intensive prism attachments in applications with limited installation space. autoVimation T: +49 0721 6276 756 Enter 217

Base/plinth system for floor standing enclosures

The new Flex-Block base/plinth system has been introduced by Rittal for its floor standing enclosures - TS 8, SE 8 and CM along with floor standing human interface products TP and PC.

The Flex-Block plinth is made up of four

fibreglass reinforced corner pieces that fix directly to each corner of the enclosure, either to the frame or the base tray. These blocks support the whole weight of the enclosure providing direct access to the whole of the underside allowing for cable management or pallet trucks for simple transportation. With provisions for threaded inserts, the corner pieces allow for castors or adjustable levelling feet to be installed with the minimum of effort without tools. With all the corner pieces in place it is possible to clip fit or mechanically fix

Full range now available in the UK

A full range of polycarbonate, steel and aluminium electrical and electronic enclosures is now available in the UK from Retex UK.

In addition to the extended enclosure range there is a complete suite of IT/data centre solutions now available. Well suited for data centres and enterprise networks, it includes passive products such as racks and cold aisles to complete modular CPDs (the DataBox range) and active elements such as cooling, smart PDUs, plus active monitoring and environmental control/management software. Rexel can provide a single cabinet through to a full

turnkey solution for a variety of applica- tions from secure bank installations to mobile shipping containers.

Included within the racking range is the

‘Logic2’ self assembly racking system that takes five minutes to fully assemble. To support the range of enclosures

from handheld electronic device cases through to lockable IP65 outdoor cabi- nets, Retex UK is also supplying a range of new and complimentary wiring prod- ucts, including high temperature terminal blocks, thermostats and IDC connectors. Retex UK T: 01933 234 400

Enter 219

accessories such as a punched section for the use of standard accessories i.e. cable management, punched section, cable restraints, etc, providing a solid solution for cable access when working at low level. All plinths are supplied with trim panels made from sheet steel and painted in RAL 9005. These can be clip fitted without the use of tools or fixings, and have been test- ed to withstand the rigours of transport and vibrations. For additional security there is also the option to screw fix the trims along with points for earthing the trims. With the TS 8 bayable range of enclo-

sures in mind it is also possible to bay the plinths together using the baying clip sup- plied as an accessory. Rittal T: 01709 704 000

Enter 218 Time to get tough with IN-BOX

Designed for demanding industrial environments such as digital and analog instrumentation, sensors, interfaces and security systems, OKW has launched the new IN- BOX range of industrial strength plastic electronic enclosures. The design features concealed mounting screws, and all the lids (including the transparent poly- carbonate models) feature a recess for mounting a large mem- brane keypad or product label. Sixteen standard sizes are available with external dimen- sions ranging from 84 x 82 x 55mm to 302 x 232 x 110mm. The housings are rated IP66 and IP67, and are offered moulded in. The ABS models are impact rated to IK07 (two joules) while the stronger polycarbonate models are rated to IK08 (five joules). Internal screw pillars are pro- vided in the top and base for fit- ting PCBs, displays, mounting plates or DIN-rails. The lids are


mounted by quick action stain- less steel locking screws. Accessories include an internal mounting plate in insulating material, a wall mounting kit fea- turing four external mounting blocks and screws, an interior hinge kit with two hinge mould- ings and screws, and a security kit with two mouldings and lead tags. Customising options for IN- BOX enclosures also include CNC milling and drilling, silk screen and tampo printing of legends and logos, EMC shielding and assem- bly of components. OKW T: 01489 583 858

Enter 220 FEBRUARY 2013 Electrical Engineering

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