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TECHNOLOGY IN ACTION Special offers for

Multifunction Installation Testers and Portable Appliance Testers

U ntil 30th June 2013, Fluke has special promotions offering a Fluke 1654B Multifunction

Installation Tester or a Fluke 6500 Portable Appliance Tester in money-saving kits. The Fluke 1654B/LIM EDITION includes free software and an earth spike kit.

The Fluke 6500/BASIC KIT includes data management software, appliance PASS labels and an extension lead test adapter. The extended memory Fluke 1654B Multifunction Installation Tester is designed for high productivity testing and verification of virtually all electrical wiring installations in domestic, commercial and industrial applications to meet the BS7671 IEE 17th Edition wiring regulations, while offering smooth DC- sensitive RCD type B testing and milliohm resolution for loop and line testing. The Fluke 1654B/LIM EDITION includes a Fluke ES165X Earth Spike Test Kit, which enables easy earth resistance testing using the 3 wire connection method and auxiliary earth spikes; and DMS 0100/INST Data Management Software, which uses the 1654B’s captured results for data recording, offers easy-to-use administration and reporting in compliance with BS7671 IEE 17th Edition Wiring regulations.

Fluke UK Ltd. Tel: 020 7942 0700 Web: enter 840

requirement to protect your plant and assets. Master Lock's lockout padlocks and devices have been designed specifically for industrial LOTO applications. We offer a complete range of products that is suitable for use in explosive atmospheres (zone 2). Products testing* demonstrated compliance with the

Master Lock® M

ATEX Directive that ensures it can be used safely in hazardous areas.

* Independent testing issued on 07/11/12, valid until 07/11/14

Contact at

enter 841

Legrand shows its wiring device strength with new catalogue

L enter 842

egrand has demonstrated the strength and expertise of its wiring devices division with the launch of a new catalogue that features almost 2,500

products. As well as providing a complete guide to the division’s building automation systems, wiring accessories and circuit protection ranges, the catalogue also focuses attention on Legrand’s commitment to innovation with the inclusion of a large number of new products, including: Bticino’s new Sfera audio/video modular door entrance panels New additions to the Arteor BUS / SCS touch screen controls range A new lighting management solution for standalone and BUS/KNX installations

USB chargers within the Arteor wiring accessories range Euro mod plates in the Synergy range, and RX³, a new range of MCBs for consumer units

The wiring devices catalogue is now available in both printed and digital formats. To order a copy visit, where the digital version can also be downloaded, or call 0845 605 4333.

First Lithium ion battery for motive power


nerSys® has extended its class-leading Hawker® XFC™ range with two new models, including its first design with advanced Lithium-Ion technology for use in the Motive Power sector. Both batteries are designed for low-duty pallet truck applications where operators want to maintain the availability of the equipment without the complexity and cost of additional infrastructure. The batteries can be recharged at any time irrespective of the

state of charge without degrading their long-term performance or reliability. Both technologies have an on-board charger and are ideal for applications with duty cycles lasting up to 45 minutes where periods of inactivity can be used for rapid opportunity charging. This means they are suitable for intermittent or sporadic handling requirements such as offloading delivery vehicles or replenishing displays in busy retail environments. The Hawker XFC-Li is the first motive power battery from EnerSys to utilise advanced lithium-ion technology. It is a 24V battery with 38Ah capacity that incorporates cells with a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cathode and graphite anode with an inherently safe lithium-ion electrolyte.

EnerSys Motive Power Tel: 0161 794 4611 Web:

ick has launched the new SICK GR18S photoelectric sensor to provide a universal solution to cost-effective presence and positioning detection performance from the most constrained access locations. With the shortest cylindrical housings currently available, the rugged and versatile GR18S family of products are designed for easy mounting. The GR18S is therefore ideal for logistics automation in a variety of industries, for example for storage, conveyor, doors and gate applications in materials handling, logistics and packaging. Right-angle and straight cylindrical one-piece metal and plastic housings ensure the GR18S sensor has the versatility for retro-fitting as original equipment replacement and, with its IP67 rating, it will withstand tough conditions. “The GR18S uses Sick’s advanced and powerful PinPoint LED technology to deliver robust performance even in the tightest of spaces,” explains Phil Dyas, Industrial Sensors Specialist at Sick UK. “The PinPoint development eliminates the inherent limitations of conventional LEDs to produce accurate spots for proximity, retro-reflective or through-beam sensing in a very competitively priced unit. “The GR18S is available with five different M18-size housing styles offering very versatile mounting options. The bright signal indicator LED and the high security fastening save maintenance and commissioning time by showing the unit is functioning and preventing accidental loosening.“

New Sick GR18S Photo Sensor S

SICK Tel: 01727 831121 Electrical Engineering FEBRUARY 2013 Web: enter 844 enter 843

aster Lock® is the largest padlock manufacturer worldwide who satisfies every Lockout


TR Fastenings

lobal manufacturer and distributor of industrial fasteners including sheet metal fasteners, inserts for plastic, self-locking fasteners, sets, bolts, studding, screws,

– The clear alternative G

nuts, security fasteners, blind

rivets and nuts, micro diameter and now including an extensive stock of circuit board hardware, plastic rivets and screws, cable ties and accessories and spacers and pillars.

Competitive prices • next day delivery on all stock items • online technical support • suitable for all industries including telecommunication, electrical, marine, lighting, leisure and automotive.

Contact TR Fastenings today – the clear alternative for all your fastener requirements.

TR Fastenings Ltd. Tel: 08454 811 800 Web:

enter 845 39

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