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Feature Energy Efficiency

CHP for sustainable homes shentongroup is helping a new development of contemporary apartments in Mitcham, Surrey, to

venture by Willmott Dixon Homes and Notting Hill Housing and offers modern, energy efficient apartments and penthouses. Development partner, the Homes and Communities Agency, a national housing and regeneration body, owns the site and has con- tributed grant funding of £6m to sup- port the delivery of affordable homes.


As part of the project, shentongroup provided two of its Tedom CHP systems

alspeed is offering its portable energy recorders for short term hire so companies can analyse their usage of electrical energy, and quantify the savings made by introducing energy efficiency measures. The energy recorders measure and record power, reactive power, power factor and other key parameters for the circuits to which they are connected.

R The data can then be analysed and graphed using

software supplied as part of the hire package, to reveal, for example, total kWh used over the period, the time and duration of peak energy usage and a whole range of additional information that helps to identify the areas that offer the best opportunities for implementing ener- gy saving measures. To ensure that it is safe and easy to use, the energy

recorder uses technology that avoids the need to make electrical connections to the circuits being monitored. The unit senses voltage via an ordinary 13A plug that can be plugged into any convenient socket, while for current sensing it uses three flexible open ended coils, which the user simply wraps around the phase conduc-


meet Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes after winning an order to supply its Tedom CHP units Above: Brenley Park, a new development of contemporary apartments in Mitcham Surrey

renley Park is situated in the 460 acre Mitcham Common, close to the town centre. The £19m development is a joint

to supply heat and electricity to a total of 169 dwellings, located in eight blocks. They will serve a district heat- ing scheme, taking heating water around the whole site including the more remote blocks of flats. As the heat demand varies, the CHP units are able to modulate their output to suit the varying requirements. This maximises savings by enabling the units to stay ‘on duty’ for more hours each year. The Tedom Micro T30 units will be installed in a plant room in one of the blocks below residential flats and living areas. To minimise sound levels and prevent disturbance during night time running, the CHP units are housed in

Quantifying energy savings reliably

tors for the circuit under test. This arrangement means that the disturbance to the electrical installation is mini- mal, and the risk of electric shock is eliminated. To complement the hire service, Ralspeed also offers technical support and advice. The company can provide guidance on the best locations to install the recorder and advice on the interpretation of the results. On the basis of those results, it can also suggest effective ener- gy saving measures and, in many instances, supply the equipment needed to achieve those savings. Ralspeed T: 01254 582 345

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sound-proof containers with sound levels of just 60dB(A) at one metre. In order to meet the exacting stan- dards of the code, the CHP units are Zero Nox emission rated making them a well suited solution for installations within a built environment in urban areas. The high efficiency Tedom CHP systems provide 95% efficiency which means that the scheme’s landlord prof- its from a reduction on his energy costs whilst the developer and tenants benefit from compliance with carbon reduction legislation. The Tedom Micro T30 natural gas powered unit produces a maximum electricity output of 30kW, 400V 3- phase, 0.78 power factor, 50Hz at 1,500rpm, and has a maximum hot water output of 62kW each and stan- dard water off temperature of 90°C. The two CHP units will be maintained under shentongroup’s Infinium24 pro- gramme, which is a scientifically designed and monitored ‘perpetual renewal protocol’ that constantly reno- vates and re-engineers components before their projected replacement date. “We chose shentongroup because they were able to provide us with an excellent, cost effective product backed by first rate engineering expertise”, said Jason Bedford, senior building manager at Brenley Park. “The company liaised closely with all parties to resolve technical chal- lenges and ensure we conformed to all compliance requirements includ- ing G59 regulations.”

shentongroup T: 0844 888 4445

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