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Finning Power Systems targets total cost of ownership at Data Centre World 2013

A Socomec integrated

power solutions: The latest innovations on show at Data Centre World, stand H25, 27th - 28th February 2013


t this year’s Data Centre World, Socomec is showing a broad range of integrated products and services which have been developed to address what are considered to be four of the most critical power related issues in the Data Centre arena: Availability,

Socomec’s latest innovations from its core business applications;

Power Control & Safety and Solar include:

Green Power 2.0 - a transformer-less new unit. At 500kVA/kw the GP2.0 combines unbeatable energy efficiency with unity power to provide the ultimate “future-proof” critical power solution. Also on show will be Socomec’s ATyS range - designed specifically for low voltage automatic transfer applications.

Socomec Tel: 01285 863327 Web:

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t Data Centre World 2013, Finning Power Systems (Finning) is showcasing a range of power generation solutions designed to reduce total cost of ownership and improve efficiencies in mission critical applications on stand number B55. Cat C175-20 genset - The newly-rated Cat C175-20, now available to data centre operators for the first time in the UK, produces the greatest power output of any single high-speed diesel generator set available on the market, producing up to 4 MW of power. The engine's high power density provides more power from a smaller footprint. A single 4 MW C175-20 represents a 55 percent reduction in footprint when compared with two 2 MW Cat 3516B generator sets and, a 28 percent reduction when compared with a 4MW Cat 3612. This increased power density is a key benefit for standby power for large data centre installations and can reduce the ancillary equipment required, particularly when integrated with Cat switchgear and UPS products, resulting in a more cost- effective installation.

Finning Tel: 01543 465141 Web: enter 813

Efficiency, Capacity and Flexibility. Critical Power;

‘Intelligent’ 3 stage Industrial SLA Battery Chargers D

Energy Efficiency; The

Battery is treated with kid gloves.

esigned to not only Charge but also Maintain and Condition your SLA Battery, the 31AC Series offers a robust and dependable range of Industrial Battery Chargers at commercial prices. 36 Standard models covering nominal Battery Voltages of 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V at Charge Currents ranging from 1Amp to

100Amps provide Charging for SLA Batteries with capacities ranging from 2Ah to 1,000AH or more. Innovative Control Chip design provides accurate Charge Voltage and Current determined by the state of the Battery.

Bright LED indicators confirm Charge mode and multiple protection features ensure the Where applicable continuous Battery connection is acceptable

producing a simple but effective On-line UPS system. Warranty of 1-2 years depending on model underlies the quality of this range of SLA Battery Chargers. Suitable for: Fire & security, industrial, medical, mobility, marine, motor vehicles, agriculture standby / cyclic, leisure vehicles.

Ideal Power Ltd. Tel: 0845 2603400 Web:

Borri to Play a Pivotal Role in New 50,000 sq ft Co-location Facility

hosen for its global reputation for supplying high quality, resilient and reliable back-up power solutions, leading Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) specialists, Borri Ltd has been named as the primary UPS supplier for a major, new start-up co-location facility in Reading. Launched by Everest Data Centres and due to be operational by the


summer, the first phase of the 6.5MVA data centre has the potential to house up to 1000 rack footprints, capable of supporting rack power densities up to 35kW with separate A+B power supplies. Borri has so far been commissioned to supply 10 ultra-high efficiency B9600FXS units, which make up a total of 4MVA. Borri’s B9600FXS UPS systems are notorious within the data centre industry for being the most efficient solutions on the market and are suitable for almost any type of load accepting a power factor (PF) of either 0.9 leading or 0.9 lagging. This superior flexibility ensures that the units can achieve high efficiency even at low loads, which is essential for any new data centre running on a dual corded A+B configuration. This formation will deliver complete redundancy at all times, removing any single points of failure from the co-location site. In addition, the B9600FXS units will provide Everest Data Centres with the ultimate flexibility of choosing when to run the units in online double conversion or ECO mode, to further reduce energy costs, depending on the load requirements throughout the lifecycle of the data centre. Borri’s B9600FXS UPS units have been certified by TÜV NORD Cert as one of the most efficient and resilient transformer-based UPS systems on the market. They have a negligible effect on the mains supply as they come with IGBT (Isolated Gate Bipolar Transistor) rectifiers as standard, which provide less than three percent harmonic distortion. All of Borri’s three phase UPS systems come with a unique three year manufacturer’s warranty, which can help to dramatically reduce any unplanned maintenance costs.

Borri Ltd. Tel: 0800 136 993 Web:

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Riello UPS Multi Sentry achieves Government standard in energy efficiency


ninterruptible Power Supply systems manufactured by UPS could now save buyers thousands of pounds in upfront costs after qualifying for Government energy efficiency standards. The Riello UPS Multi Sentry range between 30 and 100 kVA has been listed on the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Energy Technology List (ETL) which encourages businesses to invest in approved energy saving technologies.


investing in environmentally friendly systems such as the Multi Sentry UPS,


can claim tax relief of over £26,000 from the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme set up by the Carbon Trust to encourage the reduction of carbon emissions; effectively writing off some of the costs of their UPS investment.

Riello Tel: 0800 269 394 Web:

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