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Preventative winter safety solutions cost 3-5 times less than the emergency cure!


Compact Engineered Fluid Dispensing Systems

• Dispensing systems to apply controlled amounts of adhesives, lubricants, sealants, solder pastes and other assembly fluids during their manufacturing processes.

• Air-powered unit that employs controlled air pressure and a microprocessor-based timer to make consistent, repeatable fluid deposits as small as 0.004” in diameter.

• Available in eight different configurations for several applications

• Improve product quality, reduce production costs, and increase profitability

EFD INTERNATIONAL INC. Tel: 01582 666334 Email: Web:

inter Safety solutions in buildings have been tested to the limit in the UK’s recent “cold snap “and many have failed the test! Water authorities have received emergency calls from customers with frozen and burst water pipes. Heating companies have received thousands of call-out requests to defrost outlet pipes from condensing boilers, and heat tracing suppliers have been called to provide solutions to the almost annual problem of ice and freezing temperatures. But the message remains the same: Prevention is better than cure! Pentair Thermal Management manufactures a range of Raychem frost protection and ice and snow prevention solutions that have been designed specifically with winter safety in mind. These including: Self-regulating frost protection systems for sprinklers, Snow and Ice prevention systems for roofs, gutters, and drainpipes and Ground, ramp, and access way snow and Ice melting systems. As part of its excellent customer service program, Raychem has launched a new web page which guides users through ’winter proofing’ a building with a link to claim a free winter audit.

Pentair Tel: 0800 969013 Web: enter 835

Discover the benefits of KNX UK membership

he KNX UK Association's new brochure, Discover the Benefits of KNX, details all the advantages of joining the thriving KNX UK Association. Many KNX systems integrators, manufacturers, wholesalers and other parties are already represented by KNX UK and the Association is looking to further increase its membership over the coming months. The Association acts as a conduit for building services consultants, specifiers, installers, end users and


other professionals to contact its members to discuss KNX technology, applications, training and any other aspect of KNX. For its members, KNX UK offers a wide range of services.

These include

workshops, training seminars, CPD programmes, networking events, exhibitions, advertising and PR, newsletters and technical literature. Mark Green, KNX Wholesaler, IMP, says about membership: “The support, comradeship and networking opportunities are very clear. I can work with KNX manufacturers on joint projects, offering a complete solution to clients. I wholeheartedly recommend joining KNX UK.”

enter 834 KNX UK

New 8 AWG PV Connector First

mphenol Industrial Global Operations, a global leader in interconnect systems, has launched the first UL rated 8 AWG PV connector for use up to 1000 V. The new connector can accommodate


larger cable sizes, allowing for more efficient DC system layout designs as well as reduced BOS (balance of system) component and equipment costs. The new UL1000 V 8 AWG connector uses the same mating interface as Amphenol’s current H4 connector making it easy to mate to all other wire gauges. It can be integrated into PV cable assemblies in a factory environment or installed on the job site. Amphenol’s 8 AWG connector is ideal for use by installers, developers, module manufacturers, combiner box companies and engineering procurement construction (EPC) firms in large scale utility and commercial PV installations. The UL certification to 1000 V allows for streamlined approval by local PV inspectors and financiers. Amphenol’s H4 connectors feature RADSOK technology, which gives the highest current ratings and lowest contact resistance resulting in lower power losses and improved reliability. They are compatible with industry standard connectors.



New Fluke 190 Series II ScopeMeter® F

luke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced the Fluke® 190 Series II 500 MHz ScopeMeter®

Test Tool, the first to achieve a 500MHz at 5GS/s real-time sample rate in a handheld, sealed, rugged, oscilloscope, without compromising on safety rating, ruggedness or battery operating time.

Now professional electronic

troubleshooters have a high-performance oscilloscope with the bandwidth and resolution to capture virtually any signal while in the field. The two-channel Fluke 190-502 model is the latest in the190 Series II ScopeMeters which offers bandwidths of 60, 100, 200, and now 500MHz. High-tech electronics in today’s medical, communications, navigation and military devices routinely operate at high speeds requiring higher bandwidth. Correct display of waveforms with high frequency content such as clock pulses requires a bandwidth of at least five times the clock rate of the system under test. The 5GS/s, or 200 pico seconds, sample rate of the Fluke 190-502 provides greater accuracy and clarity of shape and amplitude of unknown waveform phenomena like transients, induced noise and ringing or reflections.

Fluke UK Ltd. 38 Tel: 020 7942 0700 Web: enter 838 enter 837 Measurement System R

aytek®, a leading worldwide provider of infrared (IR) thermometry, has introduced the Raytek Equipment Monitoring System with DataTemp® Multidrop software,

a noncontact temperature

measurement system that provides round-the-clock condition monitoring of actively powered components or operating machinery in support of predictive and preventive maintenance programs. A temperature rise or spike on the surface of equipment can be a leading indicator of a problem. The Raytek Equipment Monitoring System acts as an early warning device for critical assets, including switchgear and electrical cabinets, electrical motors, pumps, furnace controls and heating elements, giving operators alarmed notice of thermal issues as they begin to occur, as well as recording data for trend analysis to support predictive maintenance programs. Early detection of heat-related faults and failures,

along with

maintenance performed as needed and not when estimated, result in reduced maintenance costs and less waste from unexpected downtime. Temperature is displayed on the system's LCD control module and/or remotely through PC-based, Windows 7® compatible DataTemp Multidrop software.

Raytek Tel: 01908 370000 Web: enter 839 FEBRUARY 2013 Electrical Engineering

Noncontact Temperature

Tel: 0845 869 5908 Web: enter 836

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