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Switchtec’s control and instrumentation brochure is expanded and fully updated for panel building and other projects

ABB fast chargers power award winning electric buses


ward winning electric buses are using ABB fast chargers to double their range and slash the cost of recharging. The Optare Versa EV midibuses recently won the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Award for Automotive Innovation 2012. ABB worked closely with Optare to ensure the Versa EV was compatible with ABB Terra 51 DC fast charging stations. With a passenger capacity of 51, the Versa EVs are the UK’s first fully operational, full sized battery powered electric buses.

Three of the buses

are operated by Travel De Courcey in Coventry and are charged by two ABB Terra 51s installed at the city’s Park and Ride. These can charge the buses’ batteries to full capacity in less than two hours, compared to the standard six to eight hours from a normal street charger. This offers the potential to double the daily range of the buses from the current maximum of 95 miles on a single overnight charge, making it particularly useful in intensive city centre operations or for providing services to 24 hour a day operations such as airports. Using off-peak electricity, a full charge can cost as little as £6.40.The ABB recharging stations also allow the buses to re-charge throughout the working day, removing the need to return to base.

ABB Tel: 01925 741 111 Web: enter 828 Riegens Lighting Ltd. Tel: 01376 333400

single unit. The four intrinsically safe inputs with functional safety can be used for applications up to SIL 3 and Cat 4 PLe. Despite the combined features, the requirements for users during commissioning remain the same. The safety interface for the new module is identical to that of a pure safety I/O module from WAGO. The input and other process data is transferred using PROFIsafe protocols V1 and V2 on one fieldbus line. Inputs are continually monitored for cross circuits and voltage supply from separate sources. Different settings can be made in the I/O module

One Wago module, twice the safety W

using the WAGO-I/O-CHECK configuration software, such as the operating mode, activating and de- activating of test pulses and discrepancy and filter times.

WAGO Ltd. Tel: 01788 568 008 Web:

3M launches the UK & Ireland’s first ever high voltage Cold Shrink joints and terminations


M, the diversified technology company, has launched the first ever range of Cold Shrink joints and terminations for high voltage (HV) electrical networks in the UK and Ireland for 72kV and up to 145kV.

With this introduction, 3M has brought

the benefits of Cold Shrink technology to high voltage cable joint and termination installations. Installations of the new product range have already been conducted within the UK utilities market. “Pioneered by 3M over three decades ago, Cold Shrink technology is today used by more than half of the UK’s main power utilities,” says Neil Roberts, General Sales and Marketing Manager for 3M’s Electrical Markets division. “Now, our customers can use Cold Shrink technology across low, medium and high voltage electrical networks.”These new products are the latest addition to the established 3M Cold Shrink joints and terminations for medium and low voltage applications.

More than 15 million

Cold Shrink joints and terminations have been installed worldwide. With a consistent track record across the globe, every pre-moulded component is 100 per cent electrical factory tested.

3M Tel: 0845 602 8033 Web: Electrical Engineering FEBRUARY 2013 enter 832

Fluke UK Ltd. Tel: 020 7942 0700 Web:

enter 833 37 enter 831 Web:

AGO's new 750-663 4 channel input I/O module for PROFIsafe applications combines functional and intrinsic safety within a

New voltage and continuity testers

luke, the global leader in portable electronic test and measurement technology, has introduced the Fluke® T90, T110, T130 and T150 Voltage and Continuity Testers. The new family of rugged two pole voltage/continuity testers offers a combination of light, sound, vibration and digital display to provide instant answers under any working condition. The Fluke two-pole testers feature high-quality construction, including a heavy- duty moulded case, thicker wiring with WearGuard™ wear indicator, a sturdy battery case and durable probe protector. The Fluke T90, T110, T130 and T150 are Cat IV 600 V, Cat III 690 V (T110, T130 and T150 models), or Cat III 600 V, Cat II 690 V (T90 model) safety rated. The two-pole testers offer four ways to indicate AC/DC voltage: a clear, instantly visible LED indicator, a bright digital display of the measurement value (T130 and T150 only), an audible continuity test, and vibration to provide tactile feedback so electricians know there is voltage present, which is especially helpful in noisy environments or when they cannot take their eyes off the probes. The testers are ergonomically designed for comfort all day and are easily used even when wearing gloves. The bright backlit display on the T130 and T150 ensures that buttons and indicators are visible under any lighting condition and the audio on/off setting allows testing in quiet areas without disturbing others.

F enter 830

pecialist distributor Switchtec has released version five of its dedicated control and isolation products brochure that covers all of its key panel products, including those from Hongfa, Telergon, Tend Sirena, Anly, SCL and Meanwell. Aimed at panel builders, wholesalers, distributors, OEMs and manufacturers, the brochure is an invaluable and useful aid to those who specify or purchase control and isolation products. Switchtec’s ‘C&I 5’ is a clear, easy to read 16 page, full colour booklet and is also available in PDF form. For ease of product selection and quick ordering, the brochure shows a colour photo of each product along with a detailed description, products dimensions, and the order code. C&I 5 includes electro mechanical relays from Hongfa, DIN mounted control relays, latching relays, timers, indicators, transformers, modular contactors and panel ventilation products from SCL, light towers, sounders and LED beacons from Sirena, switch mode power supplies from Meanwell, DIN rail and plug- in timers from Anly, an expanded selection of changeover switches, fused and non-fused switch disconnectors from Telergon, and panel mount and enclosed isolators from Tend. Switchtec’s C&I 5 brochure is available now.

S Switchtec Tel: 01785 818600 Web: enter 829

Focusing on Riegens range of LED luminaires for interior, industrial, exterior, retail, display and decorative lighting, the catalogue details products that meet the needs of the specifier whilst offering excellent value for money.

LEDing the future R

Each of the featured products is

illustrated with a combination of line drawings and photographs, with additional images showing product applications accompanied by explanatory product descriptions.

An additional section is

dedicated to providing an overview which explains in detail the benefits of LEDs for specific applications, with advice on which Riegens products would be suitable.

The catalogue is available to

download from the company’s new website www.riegens- or by calling the sales office on 01376 333400.

iegens Lighting has launched a new catalogue dedicated to the company’s energy efficient range of LED lighting solutions.

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