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Feature Event Preview More to see at MAINTEC 2013

The NEC in Birmingham will host the MAINTEC 2013 exhibition on 5th-7th March, where visitors will have access to a host of learning opportunities and innovation


major new development for this year’s MAINTEC show is the Business Strategy Conference. Held in a special theatre on the

show floor, leading experts and practi- tioners from many of the UK’s bright- est companies will explore the maintenance issues of the day. Each day the conference will address a different strategic theme, with day one focusing on ‘Making the Business Case for Maintenance’. Included in the day’s comprehensive programme, Mark Thompson, head of Wastewater Assets, Southern Water, will explore the merits of control maintenance or a reactive mainte- nance operation.

The theme for day two is ‘Innovation in Action’ with Steve Statham, manager, Manufacturing Technology Centre, starting the day by exploring the latest effective method- ologies and high impact technologies. Dr Sethuraman Muthuraman, condi- tion monitoring engineer, Scottish & Southern Energy, will also share his insights on condition-based monitoring. ‘People, processes and legacy’ sit at the heart of good maintenance manage- ment and so appropriately day three focuses on these elements. Opening proceedings, keynote speaker, Graham Darch, regional engineering manager at

Britvic, will outline how the company manages the impact of new processes and KPI reports on maintenance staff. This people focused day closes with Ian Rigby, engineering manager, Pepsico, who will look forward to 2017. Rigby will predict what shape, dynamics and focus the maintenance team will have by then.

Also on the show floor, the Maintenance Exchange will host a rich programme of 38 learnShops - practi- cal sessions to provide visitors with insights into the very latest innova- tions, products and services to be found within the maintenance and asset management arena.

What’s on show Visitors will also be treated to an array of exhibitors, many of whom are using the show to launch new products or showcase their very latest work. For instance, BEKO Technologies will be outlining how it has helped one of the largest car manufacturing plants in the UK replace its old dryers and thus reduce running costs significantly and improve air quality.

Thermal Energy International will show how a FLU-ACE Condensing Heat Recovery System which it imple- mented for Premier Foods, saved the company £110,000 per year, which is approximately 7.5 million kWh of annual gas savings. First time exhibitor, SAACKE Combustion, recently helped Harveys Brewery improve the operation of its boiler plant. SAACKE recommended

fitting a burner with a superior turn- down, thus allowing the boiler to match the site’s steam demand, thus improving efficiency. Via a ‘live’ remote link to a wind farm based in Scotland, visitors will be able to see in real time how Schaeffler FAG WiPro’s condition monitoring system for wind turbines monitors the main rotor bearings, gearbox and generators on five wind turbines 24/7.

It will also be a UK show debut for Hansford Sensors’ new HS-109 Triaxial accelerometer that allows three axes to be monitored simultane- ously. In addition, Ocip Energy will outline how a recent project to install new LED fittings at Fletcher Moorland’s site is on target to save the company 70% of its lighting costs. Fluke UK will show its Fluke CNX

Wireless System. This is the first set of test tools that wirelessly connects mul- tiple measurement modules and sends simultaneous readings to a master device up to 20 metres away, allowing users to troubleshoot problems quickly and efficiently.

MAINTEC will be the first opportu- nity to see Idhammar Systems’ new Maintenance Management System V11. This offers a number of new ben- efits including minimised down-time, improved maintenance planning, audit compliance and greater control over budgets and stock.


Above - from the top: the DC 11 Module dust vacuum system from Dustcontrol UK; Fluke’s CNX Wireless System; Newson Gale’s Earth-Rite

hazardous area static grounding systems; Schaeffler FAG WiPro’s condition

Those who head to MAINTEC 2013 will find a show packed with learning opportunities and innovation


monitoring system and the FLU-ACE Condensing Heat Recovery System from Thermal Energy


MAINTEC will also once again include a HAZEX area. Successfully launched last year, the area brings the UK’s top hazard prevention experts under one roof. HAZEX exhibitors include Newson Gale showcasing its Bond-Rite static earthing clamps plus its Earth-Rite series of hazardous area static grounding systems. Also in this area will be R.STAHL, introducing IS1+, a key innovation for the com- pany’s explosion protected remote I/O system IS1.

The winners of the first ever MAIN- TEC Maintenance Professional Awards will also be announced live from the show floor. Plus, DENIOS will be run- ning a live and explosive-free experi- mental lecture throughout the show. This uses graphic demonstrations to explore the limitations of flammable materials in the workplace.

MAINTEC T: 0208 843 8800

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