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News Industry Comment Circuit breaker retro-fit for Scottish substations

We have a packed issue of Electrical Engineering this month as we wel- come the return of the Lighting & Lighting Controls Supplement. It’s the third installment of this popular addition to the magazine and addresses the latest products and technologies in this vital sector of the industry, including taking a look at some of the more recent lighting installation projects, the future of LEDs and the issue of recycling with- in the lighting industry. We also have a great competition in our February edition - thanks to Newey & Eyre, one lucky reader will win an iPad mini. To enter, just answer the simple question on page 27. As part of our regular content this month, we are also covering the latest developments in cabling, fire safety and energy efficiency. Also, Electrical Contractors’ Association CEO, Steve Bratt, presents his regular comment for the magazine as he explains the opportunities available to businesses via the repair, maintenance and improvement (RMI) market. Joe Bush, Editor

SCOTTISH AND SOUTHERN Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) has awarded a major contract to ABB to provide a medium voltage (MV) circuit breaker retro-fit service for eight distribution substations on Scotland’s east coast - from Perth to Aberdeen. SSEPD is utilising an Energy Network Association (ENA) assessed retro-fit service developed by ABB to address the increasing obsolescence, maintenance, reliability and safety issues associated with the exist- ing oil filled circuit breakers. ABB’s retro-fit service offers a cost saving compared with replacing the complete switchboards, while giving the opportunity to extend their useful service life by 20 years or more. It also enables the project to be carried out on a fast track basis with minimal dis- ruption to the normal operation of the substations. In this case, ABB will retain the original fixed switchboard equipment, such as the housing and bus- bars, which remain in good condition, while a total of

60 South Wales Electric C4X and C8X circuit breakers will be replaced by VOR-S (vacuum oil replacement with a spring operated mechanism) retro-fit units built around ABB’s Vmax vacuum circuit breaker.

Offering guidance on machine safety issues

safety technology for machines and systems in accordance with the international standards EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061.

The manual is free to download from and shows operators how to achieve functional safety with electrical, electronic and program- mable components and systems in safety relevant applications using circuitry examples.

TO AID MACHINE builders, panel builders, trainers, trainees, and anyone interested in the issue of machinery safety, Eaton has pub- lished a new manual that outlines

Hospital gets standby power upgrade

nessed factory testing, installa- tion and commissioning. Dieselec Thistle provided two

DIESELEC THISTLE HAS pro- vided a complete turnkey standby power package for the East Wing of Cross House Hospital in Kilmarnock. Cross House Hospital is the main accident and emergency centre for North Ayrshire. The standby power plant for the East Wing had reached the end of its viable service life so Dieselec Thistle was brought in to upgrade it in a project that involved design, supply, wit-


125kVa FG Wilson gen sets, each with sound attenuation and ventilation. The company designed a Deep Sea 8620 con- trol system to enable each gen- erator to synchronise individually with the mains along with protection relays for each unit to protect the mains supply during synchronisation. Dieselec Thistle’s technical manager, Kenny Berrie, com- mented, “In a hospital environ- ment, reliability of supply is of paramount importance and this system has been designed with sufficient safeguards to ensure that the hospital can remain operational come what may.”

The manual covers topics such as stopping in the event of an emergency, monitoring a movable guard, monitoring open hazardous areas, enabling safe operation, combining several safety func- tions, preventing restarts, and pre- venting unexpected start-up.

Legrand goes 3D

LEGRAND’S SWIFTS IEC cable ladder, IEC cable tray, Salamandre distribution trunking and Cablofil wire mesh cable tray systems have been integrated into the AVEVA PDMS 3D design software.

Matt Crunden, marketing manager for Legrand, commented, “This has been done with the dual intention of increasing specifications and placing our products in the right shop windows in recognition of the industry’s shift to Building Information Modelling (BIM).” Bruce Douglas, AVEVA’s senior VP marketing and product strat-

egy, added, “Legrand is a world leader in cable management and we are delighted to provide integration for its cable management solu- tions to AVEVA PDMS 12 series. “We are working hard to offer our customers greater access to industry standard components directly within PDMS, allowing them to use standard databases rather than being forced to create their own catalogues. This integration is further evidence of why PDMS is widely considered the most configurable 3D plant design solution for the process plant and power industries.”

FEBRUARY 2013 Electrical Engineering

Commenting on the new manual, Stuart Greenwood, prod- uct marketing manager, Industrial Control & Automation at Eaton, said, “Safety is an ever more important issue and this guide is an excellent opportunity to become acquainted step by step with the wide ranging issues of functional safety technology. It provides several circuit examples with the relevant safety parame- ters to illustrate the information, and like the Eaton Wiring Manual, which has been recog- nised over decades, the new safety manual is a well founded and competent guide for theoreti- cal and practical issues.”

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