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QUICKIES Skism feat Zomboy

Kick It Never Say Die 7.0

This muthafunker wheels along stroboscopic bass, mutating snatches of disco lyrics and cartoon FX for a bad-ass bassbin-botherer.


Twister/Eucalyptus Colony Productions 6.5

Fitting snugly into the US’s midtempo scene, ‘Twister’ is like a cavorting deep tech desert number whirling at about 110bpm, while ‘Eucalyptus’ is more glitchy and burbling.

Dubsective War (Kid Digital

Remix) STFU 7.0

A scything breakbeat take on the conscious female- sung ‘War’ from Russia’s Kid Digital, complete with


intricate trancey fillips and muted cowbell beats.

Heavyfeet Dirty & Stinking feat

DRS Black Butter 6.0

Straight outta Manchester, Heavyfeet link with Broken English badman DRS for a dutty slab of grime-rhyme chat that echoes inner city grit. Fits sweetly in the Black Butter oeuvre.

Ill Audio One Man War feat Alex Vargas (Subzee

D Remix) Distinctive 7.0

Gnarly dubsteppy bass music mix from Subzee, who mangles the rock vocal from the Vagabond singer and sporadically lays it over foreboding gloom-step.

Vinyl Junkie

Unidentified Frequencies Warehouse Wax


(Toronto Is Broken Remix)’ Sub Slayers “I nearly choked when the remix arrived in my inbox, absolutely outstanding!”

02. SUB FOCUS FEAT ALPINES ‘Tidal Wave’ Ram Records “Amazing vocal and synth work. Typically brilliant Sub Focus production.”

03. BLACK & WHITE ‘2 Bad 2 Rude (Original Mix)’ Sub Slayers “Inner Circle gets the future jungle treatment.”

04. S.I.N ‘Give Yourself To Me’ Formation Records “An unexpected slab of classic vocal-led future jungle on Formation, excellent


05. FRACUS & DARWIN ‘The Good Inside’ HU Breaks “A supreme slice of breakbeat piano goodness and an old skool slo-down sec-

tion which tickles all the right bits!”

06. KUTSKI VS BLACK & WHITE ‘The Original Muffin’ Sub Slayers “Fresh collaboration with Radio 1’s Kutski. Heavy ragga-fuelled jungle breaks

with an annoyingly infectious riff.”

07. HAYLO ‘Junglism’ CDR “Junglism! The title says it all really. Heavy!”

08. LOADSTAR FEAT BENNY BANKS ‘Black & White (Hamilton

Remix)’ Ram Records “Hamilton gets better and better, so much energy — massive remix!”

09. SLEEPER CELL VS BLACK & WHITE ‘Angel Face’ Sub Slayers “Techy d&b meets future jungle, very deep, very different, and very dark!”

10. KILL THE NOISE & FEED ME ‘Thumbs Up’ OWSLA “Funky as hell, absolutely massive-sounding track.”

Even though it uses a well- worn sci-fi sample — “Do not attempt to leave the dancefloor, the DJ booth is conducting a troubleshoot test” — ‘Threat To Society’ still kills it in a tear-out stylee, with grilled-green electric b-line and scything undertow. ‘WhaGwarn’ utilises stuttery junglist breakbeats before some Black Uhuru rhymes appear in the drop. Pummelling beats and bass ensue in this dubwise hardcore piece, and there are some big remixes here too. Dom Almond’s mutilation of an amusement arcade stands out for ‘Electro Rays’, and the 601 guys make ‘Resistance’ into a fantastic slice of low-swung conscious future jungle. Vinyl Junkie is running tings right now.

Far Too Loud

Firestorm (Remixes) Funkatech 8.5

FTL’s ‘Firestorm’ was massive in the middle of last year, and those on-point Funkatech technicians have now fed the parts to a fine selection of remixers. Peo De Pitte maps out a beats lattice that unfolds into squawking trap/glitch territory — a bleepin’ beauty. Massive anticipatory builds, and what sounds like a “Doh!” from Homer Simpson top it off. Specimen A’s revamp is a fizzing dubsteppy headbanger, Karetus produces a dynamic drumstep dancefloor destroyer, and SKiSM re-rubs ‘600 Years’ into drumstep skank-turned-dastardly jump-up, growly d&b. A fine futureshock remix package.


Hawk/Hit Em C4 Records 8.0

Are they Japanese? They run a night in Camden? We don’t know much about Koshii from the limited info that arrives with this journey into trap music, but the mix of low- slung, stripped-down hip-hop and screaming squiggly leads and stabs on ‘Hawk’ lets you know that you’d better watch out. A bit Star Wars, a bit gloom-step, these guys have arrived just in time for the trap explosion, and ‘Hit Em’ adds to the pantheon with hip-hop vox, bleeps and beats for a Miami gangsta throwdown.


Ready For More Klub Kids 6.0

What’s happened to Karton? These versatile Aussie bass fiends lead here with the feelgood drum & bass title track before ‘Reckless’, featuring the vocals of Shot Gun Radio — big- bollocked warping bass bizness that then features some trancey stabs in the latter part. ‘Black Metal’ is dark, futuristic 110bpm moombahcore that’s so bottom-end it falls out the seat of its pants, and ‘Every Colour’ featuring Chanel Cole is a pitch for the stadium bass EDM radio airwave dollar until it gets all Skrillex on our asses. Disappointing.

Neon Steve

Feeling EP Bombstrikes 7.5

All the way from sunny Canada, Neon Steve teams up with fellow Canadian Charlotte Dobre for the catchy electronic breaks-lite title track. The vocal recalls an old hardcore vox —

Baby D maybe, or Rachel Wallace — and then ‘Kill Em With The Vibes’ featuring the commanding patois vocals of MC Zulu is a wobbly, bashy bass music beast. Both still only really suitable for early doors, it’s left to our old friend Rico Tubbs from Finland to gallop into more of a hardcore bashment/bass music arena.

Konjah/Steezie Wonder

Southern Hemisphere EP Vol 1 Top Drawer Digital 5.0

This bass music pair come from sunny New Zealand, with Konjah’s ‘Make A Move’ falling somewhere between tribal breakbeat — with what could be a chopped-up native Maori vox — and pared-down tech-funk. ‘Badunkadunk’ by the lovingly-named Steezie Wonder is a chopped bass music piece that sounds a bit too rudimentary, homespun and ‘first release’ for much club play. Not the strongest release from TDD, who have been on fire lately.

Auntie Susan

The Retirement Home EP Hardcore Lives 9.0

Auntie Susan — fantastic moniker — takes us back to the early ‘90s with a breakbeat hardcore EP full of pugilistic polyrhythms and ravey keys. With its stop/start riddims, ‘1993’ has an Origin Unknown ‘Valley Of The Shadows’ vibe to it (Andy C’s first big hit), while ‘All I Want’ is more of a Suburban Base proto-junglistic piece. ‘Butterflies In The Pencil Case’ is like east London artcore, utilising some renegade Omni Trio kicks and snares, and ‘Hardcore’ is ravey-davey in-the-now piano heaven. Hardcore never died, it’s just been resuscitated for the new generation.


Big Bad Sound EP RadioKillaZ Recordings 8.5

Horns and a skank kick off the title track before big bad beats, a burbling Zincy garagey bass and a scything bassline undertow nice up the dance. Big old T99 hardcore stabs and some scratchadelics complete this something-for- everyone missive. ‘Murda DJ’ has dancehall vocal samples peppered throughout, breaking into rolling steely breakbeats after a couple of minutes of braggadocio, and future jungle piece ‘Herbaliser’ — as you may have guessed — has Rasta and TV announcer voices extolling the joys of weed before the joint is passed over to bad-ass bass and blissed-out synths. RadioKillaZ is also running tings at da mo.



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