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Global outdoor sports clothing and accessories company has increased IT access and control while improving end user experience using virtualisation and integration technologies

including a mission-critical enterprise resource planning (ERP) application and a global product data management application. But, too often, application availability and


application performance was unacceptable, due to memory management issues with the ERP application in the Citrix XenApp environment. This prevented other business applications from launching, which reduced user productivity, as well as delivering an increase of helpdesk calls and also a requirement for additional hardware resources and associated management. By choosing to deploy AppSense, O’Neill was

able to introduce a user vir tualisation platform that addressed all prioritised issues, while delivering additional capabilities for use in future IT projects. The use of AppSense Environment Manager

gave O’Neill’s IT organisation the ability to centrally manage and deploy all user settings with the flexibility required to apply exceptions where needed. Previously, in cases where a Citrix server would become corrupted, it took days to rebuild and re-provision a server. Now, with AppSense, O’Neill can re-provision a new server within hours due to the distribution of all policies and registry settings in one go, including the processing of all Active Directory policies. “Delivering our users with a personalised, fast,

consistent and instant-on desktop experience is what I love about AppSense. It makes our users productive wherever they are and whatever device they are using, and allows us to manage our user environment in an optimal way,” said Peter Maljaars, global O’Neill IT service and infrastructure manager. By deploying AppSense Performance Manager,

the ERP application memory usage could be managed in a granular fashion, ensuring that other applications can always be launched in parallel. It has also helped O’Neill achieve direct cost savings by avoiding additional investments in server hardware and memory expansions to deal with the performance issues of the past.


’Neill employees access a number of applications via desktops and laptops through a Citrix XenApp 5 platform,

The spor ts brand also recently installed Liaison

Technologies’ Electronic Commerce Server (ECS) with enterprise data transformation tool, Liaison Delta, to consolidate its diverse range of applications and databases onto a single platform. Working with 34 distributors in Europe, each

with its own warehouse and tracking systems, keeping stock at optimum levels across all stores had become a huge logistical challenge, and was resulting in lost sales. It needed to rationalise its current relationship with its distributors, to just one mega-warehouse holding all stock and running a single ERP system. Operating as an on-premise enterprise

application integration (EAI) system, Liaison allows all retailers to link directly back to O’Neill’s central ERP system in real-time with their restocking needs, and respond to trends far quicker than was previously possible. Richard Van der Hoek, O’Neill integration

manager for Europe, said: “The decision to move to Liaison will continue to drive savings for years to come. The solution allows us to get the right data to the right people at the right time. It may sound simple but, with thousands of retail outlets involved, it has helped us transform the efficiency and precision of how we do business.”

It may sound simple but, with thousands of retail outlets involved, it has helped us transform the efficiency and precision of how we do business

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