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amily-friendly fair trade café chain, Pistachios in the Park, has adopted innovative new technology from

PXtech to help manage its rapidly expanding franchise of outdoor coffee shops. Initially focused on London, the chain

has enjoyed significant growth with eight new London outlets, plus sites launching in East Sussex and Guernsey.To suppor t this rapid expansion programme, the company has implemented a web-based business intelligence (BI) software from PXtech, PXpor tal, which enables them to remotely implement a company- wide sales drive and oversee brand management, while responding to local needs in real time across multiple locations. The PXpor tal tool sits on top of

Pistachios in the Park’s existing electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) system, monitoring and feeding back exactly what is going on in the business, as it happens. As well as giving franchisors and franchisees an up-to-the minute picture of sales performance, customer demand levels and overall operation, the system can be tailored to monitor for fraud to warn

users of suspicious behaviour, facilitating immediate action. Aysin Djemil, Pistachios in the Park

owner, commented: “The PXpor tal system offers us a unique depth of real-time data. We can compare sales site versus site, spot any oppor tunities as well as anomalies and act on them immediately, rather than waiting for results at the end of the week, when it’s too late to do anything about it. We are also able to assess which products are selling well and this, as well as assisting in menu tailoring and stock levels, enables

us to go back to suppliers and use the data to negotiate better deals.” He added: “PXtech were able to

offer us a full package including tills and surveillance, which integrate fully with the PXpor tal. We are seeing the benefits, not only at management level, but also for our franchisees, who are now able to spend time away from the business without relinquishing any control.They are able to log in from anywhere in the world, see exactly what is happening in their café back home and, if needs be, act on it immediately.”


Specialist mother and baby retailer Mothercare is using Memor mobile computer s instore to boost pr icing and sales operation efficiencies. The retail group, made up of

Mothercare and Ear ly Learning Centre, required a reduction in the amount of time it took for staff to re-pr ice products and prepare for sales per iods, in order to increase inventor y flow. It also wanted to eliminate human er ror in product pr ice reduction calculations, produce

labels on the shopfloor in real time and reduce the amount of waste generated by the use of sheet labels. SATO provided the Mothercare

Group with the Memor mobile computer by Datalogic ADC, which accesses a user-defined database to perform pr ice calculations. Since implementation, Mothercare

Group has noticed a drastic reduction in time spent on sales preparation by employees, leaving its staff more time to ser ve customer s

and perform other tasks. Mark Birnie, Mothercare Group

retail operations manager, said: “For Mothercare and Early Learning Centre, the technology provided by SATO and Datalogic represents a real problem- solving solution. Not only is the price very competitive, but the ease of use and functionality gives our companies flexibility of response while maintaining total control of our pricing. Now, we save time and reduce waste, resulting in an impor tant return on investment.”


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