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Frozen food retailer Iceland has announced a new strategic direction in its customer service focused on real consumer feedback. The ‘My Iceland’ programme, developed in par tnership with customer

experience management (CEM) exper ts Empathica, is designed to run alongside its current mystery shopping initiative. Iceland has also implemented GoRecommend, social media advocacy software

that amplifies the reach of real customer recommendations of their Iceland experience and products purchased, using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Steve Pennington, Iceland retail operations manager, said: “The response we’ve

had through using GoRecommend has been phenomenal. In the first week alone, we were able to amplify positive and personal customer comments to over 200,000 Facebook users, which have in turn resulted in a massive uplift in traffic to It’s fantastic that, at such an early stage in the programme, Empathica is helping to drive real change within the business.”

GROUPON INTEGRATES VOICE Daily deals provider Groupon has

integrated voice calling functionality to its customer relationship management (CRM) application to intelligently routes calls for better efficiency and an improved customer experience. “We desperately needed a voice

solution that was flexible, scalable and efficient but one that would also greatly improve a customer’s interaction with our brand. We are predominately an online business, so telephone interactions represent an impor tant oppor tunity to get closer to our customers,” explained Ash Mahmud, head of customer relationship management for Groupon UK and Ireland operations. “A traditional telecoms solution

would not have met our expanding requirements and stifled our growth, we required a new approach to voice that struck a balance between customer experience and business efficiency. It also had to be cloud-based with the capability for mass scalability,” said Mahmud. Before implementing

Natterbox hosted voice communications, knowledge and information from voice

was lost. Now Groupon has a system of transparent repor ting. Mahmud said: “Natterbox is unique

in that it works on two levels: it uses the information within the CRM system to manage voice, and automatically populates this voice activity back into the CRM system against the correct contact, oppor tunity or account.This helps with monitoring call activity, providing training and analysing voice. For example, it highlights if we need more resource.” All call activity is automatically

populated into Groupon’s CRM system in real time. Call recordings can be listened to within (via a web link) and are assigned to the correct contact, account or oppor tunity. Management can review calls and monitor customer representatives to help identify issues, reward success and make constant improvements. “Natterbox empowered Groupon to revolutionise its voice experience, remove reliance on the switchboard and turn the focus to customer experience and efficiency,” he concluded. “This is a long-term relationship; the UK is just the beginning.”


Online lingerie, loungewear and swimwear retailer recently revealed it was using Intelecom’s cloud-based contact management por tal Connect. Voice remains the most popular

form of communication for Figleaves. com customers, making up 57% of all contact, followed by email (32%) and web-chat (11%).’s central call centre is based at the organisation’s main warehouse and distribution centre in Haverhill, Suffolk and suppor ts 1.2 million customers in 100 countries. It replaced its original telephony

system with Intelecom’s hosted offering to provide automated call routing and accurate repor ting. Agents regularly monitor their own status and have a complete overview of the whole depar tment’s activity to adjust performance and provide the highest levels of service. The web-based Intelecom statistics

tool, Sonar, allows managers to create accurate repor ts that track performance by day, by week, by individual agent and by depar tment, as well as provide comparisons year-on- year, in a process that takes minutes rather than hours. Sarah Arnold, customer services

manager at, commented: “We didn’t even need to invest in new handsets keeping our capital costs to a minimum.”


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