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interactive experiences on the move, according to the results of a major study into consumer near field communication (NFC) adoption by Kinetic and JCDecaux. In March 2012, Kinetic and JCDecaux


launched the largest trial of NFC enabled six-sheets in Reading. Working with 13 clients from GroupM agencies, campaigns ran across all the poster sites in Reading and in the Oracle shopping mall, over a four-week period (NFC poster trial goes live in Reading,, 9 March 2012). The results show that over 3,000

people in Reading scanned the poster sites, the equivalent of a million people nationwide. People were overwhelmingly positive (78%) about the experience, citing NFC’s ease of use as key to the trial’s success.

ew technology is fuelling the public’s appetite for outdoor adver tising that also provides

Significantly, the research also found

that 87% of people with NFC-enabled phones were likely to repeat the experience, while 80% of non-NFC phone owners said they would like to use it in the future. Richard Brooke, communications buying

manager at Unilever, said: “As one of the UK’s largest adver tisers, it’s impor tant that we continually explore the emerging digital world to get a glimpse into the future of marketing – and even play our par t in shaping it.The Reading trial gave us the perfect oppor tunity to experience this way of opening conversations with our consumers through four of our brands – Vaseline,Toni & Guy and Magnum – and we’re pleased that the results proved to be so positive.The four-week trial showed that we can successfully combine the out- of-home channel with mobile technology to create a rich and deeper engagement with our consumers.”


asio’s new VX-100 Android platform electronic point-of-sale

(EPoS) system and cloud-based business portal is helping two small East London businesses breathe new life into their local High Street. Shane’s Restaurant and

Venetia’s Coffee Shop have both installed the Casio systems to speed up business processes, assist in business planning and forecasting, and help control business costs, stock and wastage. “EPoS systems are an

invaluable tool that really help you understand what is really happening with your business,” explained Shane Harrison, chef proprietor of Shane’s on

Chatsworth Road,Hackney. “By giving you detailed overview and analysis of sales data, it gives you the power to forecast required stock and staffing levels accurately. I’ve calculated that this level of understanding can add up to 12% to the bottom line of a business and, in today’s tough trading conditions, it is these small savings that can

make the difference between success and failure.” Since installing the VX-

100 and business portal, the businesses have seen huge benefits.These include the ability to accurately monitor stock, predict profit margins, forecast busy spells and manage staff rotas accordingly.These, in turn, have helped better day- to-day control of costs, while the low power consumption of the VX-100 has contributed estimated electricity cost savings of around 85%. In addition to this, the

portal allows the proprietors to remotely download new customer business applications and monitor store activity from any location via an internet

connection.These applications can include electronic paperless receipts, promotional vouchers and tokens, customer booking facilities and customer loyalty schemes. “In terms of being able to

keep track of stock levels, I’ve seen a huge difference already,” said Venetia Strangwayes-Booth, owner of Venetia’s Coffee Shop. “Before, we were using a regular cash register set-up and it was difficult to get an accurate idea of what was being sold, especially if I wasn’t around the shop to keep an eye on things. I can now see how busy the business is, wherever I happen to be, in real-time, giving us a real chance to be a competitive business.”


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