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NEWS INBRIEF Safeguard IP first

At NAB, ENENSYS unveils what is claimed to be the world’s first seamless IP switch, IPGuard, which provides safe delivery of any IP streams carrying digital TV, digital radio or data services to meet customers’ expectations with reliable IP broadcasting. The IPGuard offers a bypass mechanism in order to offer 100% of service availability in case of power outage or unit failure.

Clear-Com hires QinMedia Clear-Com has recently appointed QinMedia as its new broadcast industry distributor in Spain. Furthering Clear-Com’s efforts to provide its product offerings globally, QinMedia will supply Clear- Com’s full portfolio of professional intercom products for the broadcast market, including Eclipse digital matrix systems, Concert IP-based intercoms and FreeSpeak wireless systems. “We’re pleased to share in the growth of QinMedia’s new business ventures,” said Richard Palmer, regional sales manager at Clear-Com.

Enter Dimension 3 Dimension 3 2012 is calling for entries for this year’s festival and participants can register their content until 25 April. The award ceremony on 14 June will gather 400 international professionals. This year, the Dimension 3 Forum (13-15 June) will also offer the first S3D independent contents market. The 3D Market Place will allow distributors/producers to register their programme on the Market catalogue.

Diwel goes wireless Diwel, the French expert in high- performance wireless technologies for events and live performing arts professionals, confirms an intention to supply the market with a developing range of wireless solutions of sound and video transmission. It has recently unveiled its latest product, the SONO-TRANS 2AD, a transmitter- receiver in a single product providing all configuration characteristics of an audio transmitter and receiver.

Service your UEFA lens Fujinon has announced its local service point for Broadcast and Cine equipment during the UEFA EURO 2012 to be at the offices of Fujinon agent and distributor, 4Vision.

New Pro truck on the road with Broadcast Networks

OB Production By Jake Young

BROADCAST HIRE company Procam Television is now able to offer clients fully mobile production facilities after taking delivery of its first multipurpose production vehicle, which was built by systems integrator Broadcast Networks. The new vehicle can accommodate up to 12 cameras and has sufficient room to accommodate a crew of five. John Brennan, managing director of Procam Television, said: “We have invested in this new vehicle because we wanted to offer our

The new vehicle can accommodate up to 12 cameras and has sufficient room for five people

markets, and a large part of its attraction is its versatility and green ecological friendliness.” The new production vehicle is equipped with four Cinedeck RX 2-channel HD tapeless digital video recorders, a Blackmagic 40 x 40 Videohub video router that can be used with iPad control and a Blackmagic ATEM 2M/E production switcher. Also included are seven Sony

customers facilities for continuous filming in a range of settings. We hope to see the Pro truck working in lots of different

Trimaster EL monitors with proprietary OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. Matthew Slater, project manager for Broadcast Networks, added that the

interior of the vehicle had been carefully thought out to ensure maximum space and flexibility for the operating crews. “The sound, production and engineering control areas are on a single desk across the length of the vehicle and we have designed the desk so that different audio mixers can be accommodated depending on the production,” he explained. “We have also cabled the vehicle in such a way that crews can specify the freestanding production equipment they want to work with and then have it quickly and easily installed.”

Prime Television relies on Anton/Bauer power

Camera Batteries By Jake Young

LONDON’S PRIME Television recently switched to using and providing Anton/Bauer batteries, such as the Dionic 160 and DionicHCX, exclusively to broadcasters. “The professionals hiring our cameras want lighter weight, lithium ion batteries,” said Nick Ludlow, managing director of Prime Television. “Not to mention, Anton/Bauer’s customer care in general is

second to none and that helps a lot. “We need the reliability, the ruggedness and the individual power of the Dionic 160,” said Ludlow. Delivering up to 10 amps of power, the Dionic 160’s configuration is constructed of specialised lithium ion (Li-Ion) cells originally designed for high-rate military operations. Weighing 30% less than a NiCad or NiMH battery, with 15% more capacity, the Dionic 160 is a 183Wh

Realtime remote grade anywhere in the world

Post Production By Jake Young

COLOURIST JAKE Blackstone’s vision to build a business around realtime, remote colour grading resulted in the creation of MOD Color ( The company is focused on becoming one of the first international colour grading companies to offer realtime remote colour grading, and is built around Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve. Blackstone has built a client

portfolio that includes some of the biggest brand names in Europe. He has done this in conjunction with MetraFilms, a creative

production and post production house based in Moscow. Focusing primarily on short films and commercial campaigns such as Russia’s Megaphone, Burger King and the French high-end food chain Hediard, he has been able to perfect a realtime remote colour grading workflow on some of Europe’s most recognisable advertising campaigns. “Realtime colour correction

works very well with short form projects because the original material for colour grading can be sent rather quickly over the net. This is necessary because all parties must have access and be working from the same material at the same time,” he said.

Colourist Jake Blackstone created company MOD Color, built around Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve

Blackstone’s workflow includes Resolve Software, a control surface, high bandwidth internet connection and Mac Pro. MetraFilms uses identical hardware for its Resolve with calibrated monitoring, using a variety of different editing systems, while providing footage directly to him once initial edits are made. “When Blackmagic Design gave me the ability to use the

full set of Resolve features on my Mac, it fundamentally changed the way colour correction could be done. Realtime remote grading is just not possible without the Resolve software,” he said. “And with the ability, if needed, to run Resolve on a laptop, I can basically do what my clients and I need anywhere there is a good internet connection.”

battery and runs a 30W camera for more than six hours. Ludlow has also come to depend on the company’s Gold Mount System. “Anton/Bauer’s Gold Mount System ensures compatibility with many of the different camera brands that we own,” said Ludlow. Offering power requirements

ranging from 7.2v to 28v, the Anton/Bauer Gold Mount System is available as factory standard equipment on many cameras from manufacturers

such as Grass Valley, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC and Canon. Paramount to the Gold Mount’s performance are three solid mechanical connections that lock into place, providing secure contact for a stream of uninterrupted power, a problem with other mounts causing users to experience intermittent power failure. April 2012

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