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April 2012

TVBEurope 3

The premier broadcast workflow

IT Broadcast Workflow is back for 2012 at BAFTA, Wednesday 13 June

Conference Preview By Melanie Dayasena-Lowe and Fergal Ringrose

THE FOURTH IT Broadcast Workflow conference from TVBEurope will move to the prestigious BAFTA venue in central London on Wednesday 13 June. It is Europe’s premier event charting the development and adaptation of file-based operations in broadcasting organisations. AmberFin, EVS and Symbox

have joined the event as Gold Sponsors and Silver Sponsors to date are Blue Lucy, Pebble Beach and SGL. The convergence of

Information Technology with traditional broadcast engineering is happening fast. Any chief technologist tasked with building a broadcast infrastructure today would use IT solutions to power the bulk of facilities. Any CFO tasked with making the business

Editorial Director Fergal Ringrose welcomes delegates to ITBW2011. This year’s event will take place at the bigger BAFTA venue in central London

more flexible to new plaforms, and more efficient in the process, would seek the automated and extensible systems that only IT can provide. These strategic decisions are based on getting the technology choices right. There are two key issues that

make the ITBW conference compelling: (1) no two organisations approach the

move from traditional broadcast hardware to a file-based IT infrastructure in exactly the same way and (2) file-based IT infrastructures are still not as totally bullet-proof, predictable and interoperable as traditional broadcast hardware… That’s why ITBW remains an essential learning experience. How did other broadcasters approach the problem? How did they

News & Contents Contents

1-25 News & Analysis New Formula for Sky Philip Stevens learns how Sky Sports is producing its coverage of Formula One races for the home market

implement IT-based operations across ingest, archiving, content manipulation, finishing, transcoding, storage, MAM, broadcast playout, and multiplatform repurposing? The well established ITBW event is dedicated to putting the facts before an audience of broadcast decision makers. Last year’s event was a huge

success, attended by the likes of 3sixtymedia, ARTE, Associated Press, Broadcast Center Europe, Canal Sur, Canal+, Discovery Communications Europe, Disney Channels, HBO Holdings, ITN Source, MTV Networks North, NBC Universal, NRK Norway, Reuters Television, Radio Suisse International, SBS Broadcasting Networks, TV4 Group Sweden, TVI and TVM Ireland. Register now to attend this year’s

ITBW conference at BAFTA and take advantage of the special early bird price before 1 May.

The original HD DSLR is reborn as 5D MKIII

DSLR Acquisition By David Fox

THREE-AND-A-HALF years ago, Canon kick-started the large sensor revolution with its full-frame DSLR, the EOS 5D Mark II. Now Canon has introduced the 5D Mark III, which addresses most of the Mark II’s problems. The 5D Mark III has all the video features previously announced for the upcoming EOS 1D X, but at about half the price, and adds a headphone jack for audio monitoring.

It can record using either

interframe or intra-frame compression, with IPB AVC H.264 compression of about 50Mbps (variable bitrate) or the ALL-I intra-frame codec at 300Mbps (or more). It will shoot 1080 at 24, 25 or 30p, plus 720 at 50/60p (at variable frame rates), and adds free-run and rec-run timecode support. According to Canon, “the new

full-frame sensor combines with the vast processing power of DIGIC 5+ [processor] to improve image quality by virtually eradicating the presence of moiré,

false colour and other artefacts,” which was the principal problem with the Mark II. Other video related changes include the addition of a movie mode switch and a recording button and locks to prevent accidental exposure changes (something that was a paid upgrade for the Mark II). Instead of the 4GB limit per recording (which amounted to about 12 minutes on the Mark II),

Canon 5D Mark III: More weather-proof and durable body than Mark II

Our second product preview of what you can expect to see on the showfloor at this year’s NAB at the LVCC in Las Vegas. The theme of this year’s event is ‘The Great Content Shift ’ 63-81

the Mark III can record up to 29 minutes 59 seconds without pause, as the camera connects the 4GB files.

For in-depth analysis of the broadcast DSLR experience please turn to Adrian Pennington’s feature piece on page 24


82 TVBEurope’s News Review A look back at the month’s most interesting stories from the broadcast technology arena


Shaking up the DSLR market Adrian Pennington takes a user view of the DSLR camera market, following the launch of the Canon C300


26-27 The Business Case The business of Sony Professional Naomi Climer, executive vice president of Sony Professional Europe, talks to Adrian Pennington about how TV technologies, business customers and home consumers interconnect


28-45 Media Asset Management

Find out how BBC Northern Ireland, Mediaset, TRT and others in the broadcasting world have reaped the benefits of more efficient workflows with a MAM system in place

46-61 The Workflow An opening for the Olympics David Fox reports from the ISE show on a session that looked at the creation of the opening titles for the Olympic Games 55


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