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Parks / For Your Information A Special Thanks

The Downers Grove Park District wants to thank the organizations and individuals who have contributed to the support and success of the many special events and activities offered throughout the year, including: • DGTV • Downers Grove School Districts 58 & 99 • Downers Grove Fire Department • Downers Grove Historical Society • Downers Grove Police Department • Downers Grove Public Library • First Baptist Church • Forest Preserve District of DuPage County • The Grove Foundation • Midwestern University • Park District Volunteers and Donors • Village of Downers Grove

Adopt-A-Park Partners

The Downers Grove Park District invites individuals and neighborhood or scout groups to volunteer for our Adopt-A-Park Partners program. Park Partners volunteers assist with beautification projects, spring and fall plantings, park workdays and neighborhood park watch. For more information, call Volunteer coordinator Pat Semple at 630.963.1304.

Aerosling Swings

Portable swings for children with disabilities are available to residents on a weekly sign-out basis at Lincoln Center, McCollum Park Concession and the SEASPAR office. Aerosling swings can be locked onto existing swing sets and are accessible from a wheelchair. The swings can also accept a feeder seat and offer several seating positions to accommodate various needs. For more information call 630.963.1300.

American with Disabilities Act

The Downers Grove Park District is committed to accessibility for individuals with disabilities and strives to provide equal, integrated participation in all programs, activities and services. The park district’s policy is to reasonably accommodate all qualified program applicants in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We welcome the questions, comments and concerns of interested community members regarding park district ADA compliance. To arrange for auxiliary aids or accommodations enabling individuals with disabilities to participate in park district public meetings, or to request publications in a special format (such as audiocassette or large print), contact the park district’s ADA Coordinator, Deborah Utecht, by calling 630.963.1304 or by writing to 2455 Warrenville Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60515.

Code of Conduct

To ensure an enjoyable and safe program for all participants, the park district has developed the following behavior code. Participants must: • Show respect to all participants and staff • Refrain from using foul language • Refrain from causing bodily harm • Show respect to equipment, supplies and facilities

• Additional rules are developed for specific programs as deemed necessary by the staff


Look for Downers Grove Park District park board meetings and program information on DGTV Channel 6.


The park district applies a caring, positive approach to discipline. Rules are reviewed with participants and staff is willing to work with parents to develop behavior modification programs as necessary. The park district reserves the right to dismiss a participant whose behavior creates an unsafe environment.

Employment Opportunities E-Newsletter

The park district is pleased to accept applications for posted employment opportunities. Refer to our web site at for current openings.

Sign up to receive updates, special programs, promotions and alerts via the Park District e- newsletter at

Facebook page IFor Your Safety

Become a fan of the Downers Grove Park District to get updates on programs, field/skating conditions and promotions.

n the event of a serious accident or illness, it is

the park district’s policy to contact the fire department for emergency first aid and transportation to the hospital. Preschool-age children enrolled in park district programs are not released from a class to anyone other than a parent or guardian unless advance written notification is given to the instructor.

Gift Cards

Give a gift of recreation! The Downers Grove Park District offers gift cards in any amount and can be used for hundreds of different classes, activities and events. Purchase gift cards year-round at Lincoln Center, 935 Maple Avenue, the Recreation Center, 4500 Belmont Road and during the season at the Golf Course Clubhouse, 2420 Haddow Avenue. Call 630.963.1300 for more information.

76 l Autumn 2011 l l 630.963.1300

IInclusive Recreation Programs n a continuing effort to meet the needs of

residents with special needs, SEASPAR and the Downers Grove Park District provide inclusive recreation services. This means that individuals with disabilities are able to participate in programs offered by the park district. This inclusive recreation environment provides residents with disabilities greater choices for their leisure and allows all residents to learn about one another as they participate together. Let the park district and SEASPAR know of your special needs and interests so we can be prepared to provide you with appropriate services. Find out more about SEASPAR on page 78.

TInsurance he park district carries no medical insurance

and assumes no liability for personal injuries or loss of personal property while attending park district activities. A participant’s policy must cover any medical cost incurred.

Lightning Prediction System

The ThorGuard Lightning Prediction System is installed in five zones, at 19 sites throughout the park district. Each zone has a base unit with sensors that set off warning sirens at the base unit and its satellite stations in surrounding parks. The lightning prediction sensor at each of the five zones operates independently of the other. Therefore, it is possible that conditions and alert signals can vary from one end of the community to the other (zone to zone). The North Zone includes Doerhoefer and Whitlock parks. The Central Zone includes Lincoln Center, Constitution, Ebersold, Gilbert, Hummer, Memorial, Patriots, Randall, Washington and Fishel parks. The South Zone includes McCollum Park, Concord Square, O’Brien, Powers, 63rd at Brookbank and Mar-Duke Farm parks. The golf course and Lyman Woods operate in two separate zones.

The system will be activated from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm; except at Lyman Woods, Lincoln Center, Hummer, Gilbert, Memorial, McCollum and Doerhoefer parks where the system will remain active until approximately 11:00 p.m. in conjunction with lighted activities and athletic fields.

When the ThorGuard system predicts lightening in the area, an 8-second warning horn will sound and a warning strobe-light will activate at the base and each satellite park in the zone. Anyone who hears the horn or sees the strobe-light should seek shelter immediately. All activities at the park should stop. The strobe-light will continue to flash until the all clear signal is received. After the danger is reduced, an all-clear signal of two (three at the golf course) short horn blasts will sound and the strobe light will turn off.

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