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The Downers Grove School of Welcome to...


Students may select and register for classes; however, the instructors may make appropriate changes in class placement if necessary. Participants must be the age specified within one week of the first day of the class. For questions regarding placement, please contact Kim Wallace, Recreation Supervisor at 630.963.1300.

CLASS ATTIRE is ballet, jazz, hip hop or tap shoes depending on which class you are registered for. Leotard and tights and/or bike shorts and t-shirt are required.

RECITAL… All dance classes with the exception of the Parent/Tot and Creative Movement classes perform in the Spring Recital that will be presented on Saturday, May 20, 2012.

PARENT-TOT DANCE is a class where parent and toddler can interact with other parents and tots through song and dance. The goal is to develop balance, increase body awareness, improve listening and gross motor skills and of course, have fun!

CREATIVE MOVEMENT is a specially designed program that encourages, dance, mime, creative movement, music education, ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics and performance. Children gain confidence, rhythm, better coordination, balance and memory.

PRE-JAZZ—Learn simple jazz positions while building strength and coordination.

PRE-BALLET students work on becoming familiar with the concept of left and right, following directions in a group, taking turns, moving across the floor, balancing and sequencing exercises and free expression to classical music.

COSTUMES… All participants must attend the costume fitting during class times January 9 - 14, 2012. A separate costume fee of $50 per class is due at the time of the fitting. This fee is non-refundable. If you withdraw from a dance class for any reason after the costumes are ordered, you will still receive a costume. Participation in the recital is not mandatory however; students must have a costume to participate in the recital.

PRE-TAP—Students improve their coordination and rhythm as they learn their first tap steps.

PRE-BALLET/TAP COMBOis a combination of ballet and tap instruction.

PRE-JAZZ/HIP HOP COMBOis a combination of jazz and hip hop instruction.

HIP HOP is a popular dance technique that mixes street moves and jazz.

BALLET I & II students build upon the fundamentals learned in pre-ballet through barre work and developing combinations of several dance moves. Dancers become accustomed to learning both adagio and allegro combinations across the floor individually as well as performing together in the group. Beauty, grace and expression are the inspiration for our ballerinas!

Visit our website at for more information about the Downers Grove School of Dance including instructor biographies and our new dance performance troupe.

Downers Grove Dance Ensemble

Dancers who are interested in our new Downers Grove Dance Ensemble program are asked to audition on September 17. Participants must be at least 7 years old by September 1, 2011, have at least one year of experience in ballet and jazz and be registered year- round in ballet and jazz classes at the Downers Grove Park District. Members of the company are taught proper technique, body placement and flexibility exercises. The Dance Ensemble represents the Park District in community shows as well as all recital shows and some members may be trained to compete in dance competitions.

For auditions, participants should be dressed in a leotard and tights and bring ballet and jazz shoes. Those accepted into the company will begin rehearsals in October. Additional fees may be required for costumes and participation in events or competitions.No rehearsal November 26. Age:

7 & up Class #

217523-01 9/17 Class #

Rehearsals 217523-02 10/1 - 12/17

Audition Date Day SA

Location: Lincoln Center Time

Day SA


2:00 - 4:00 pm FREE Time


m/M 10/20

m/M $130/$195 10/20 l 630.963.1300 l Autumn 2011 l 29

TAP I & II students learn how to create rhythmic sounding tap combinations! Tappers focus on using a wide variety of tap steps while keeping their weight distributed on the balls of their feet and using their heels when necessary. The melodic tapping enhances memorization of dance combinations and creates an ease to balance and performing!

LYRICAL—Students work on skills taught in ballet and jazz and combine them to develop expressive dance rhythms. Students must be enrolled in a ballet class.

JAZZ I & II—Learn isolations, jazz positions and combinations while building flexibility, strength and coordination.

JAZZ/HIP HOP—This combination class will bridge the gap between classical jazz and Hip Hop. Students work on strength, balance, isolations, groove and technique while dancing to today’s popular music.


...the Downers Grove School of Dance! The School has been created to bring a well-rounded yet affordable dance program to the Downers Grove community. The program is designed to meet the needs of the beginner and seasoned dancer from preschoolers to adults. Dance is exercise, a social gathering and an art form. Our goal is to provide a fun, safe and nurturing environment while sparking creativity in all of our dancers.

Our dance year encompasses three sessions: one 14 week fall session, one 19 week winter/spring session, and an 11 week summer session along with short dance intensives. The objective of the fall and winter/spring sessions is to prepare the students for a spring recital by focusing on both technique and combinations. Our very young dancers follow shorter session schedules.

Our schedule has been created to provide an opportunity for growth in the art form for all ages. While looking at the schedule please keep the following definitions in mind pertaining to the levels of classes: • Level I – Beginner – no previous experience • Level II – Beginner/Intermediate – 1-2 years previous experience

Students enrolled in our fall session will have priority registration for

New This Year!

the same time slot in which they are currently registered for the winter/spring session.

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