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Nature Trail. Each year, she crocheted 100 hats and mittens for local Head Start stu- dents. She was an expert birder and accomplished tennis player. She is sur- vived by husband Thomas, two sons, a daughter, and three grandchildren. Joanne Sage Ceraso ’52 of West Clover,

VT, died October 30. A sociology major, she worked clearing land in Finland after graduation in a program to help rebuild war-torn Europe. She went on to earn an MSW from Columbia University and was a school and family social worker in New Jersey for many years. She was active in peace, nuclear disarmament, and social justice movements. She is survived by her husband, John, four daughters, and six grandchildren.

Janice Brown Dupuy ’52 of Mason, OH, died August 2. She was a home-eco- nomics major. She is survived by two daughters, a son, and several grandchil- dren. Her husband, Paul, predeceased her. Rita Foley Bialecki ’52 of North Haven,

CT, died January 26, 2008. She was a chem- istry major and had served Skidmore as a co-chair of the New Haven club. She is survived by a daughter. Edith Barbour Lauver ’54 of Tucson, AZ, died January 14. A nursing major, she worked as chief nurse for the Arizona Air National Guard, assistant professor at the University of Arizona College of Nursing, assistant administrator for patient care at Pima County General Hospital, and nurse administrator at the New Kino Commun - ity Hospital. In retirement, she was execu- tive director of the Interfaith Coalition for the Homeless for 18 years, earning many awards for her work to help homeless and other at-risk populations in the Tucson area. She is survived by husband Robert, three sons, and two grandchildren. Marcia Adikes Cronin ’55 of Port Ches -

ter, NY, died December 3. An English ma - jor, she earned a master’s in education from Teachers College of Columbia Uni - versity and special-ed certification from Manhattanville College. She was a special- ed teacher in Westchester County and NYC. She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and she served Skidmore as a class agent. Prede - ceased by husband Robert, she is survived by five children, two sisters, and nine grandchildren. Virginia Meneely Stephens ’55 of Tampa, FL, died of a heart attack on November 3. A home-economics major, she was a re - tired accountant. In her community she was an associate historian for the Davis Island Yacht Club, a member of the Junior League, and a volunteer at the Tampa


Museum of Art. She served Skidmore as an alumni admissions correspondent. She leaves husband Geoffrey, two sons, a daughter, and seven grandchildren. Julia Card Arbuckle ’56 of Punta Gorda, FL, died September 25. She also attended the Katherine Gibbs Secretarial School and worked in the newspaper advertising industry. She is survived by husband Dave, two sons, a daughter, and seven grandchildren.

Cynthia Irelan ’58 of Arlington, VA, died October 13. A nursing major, she retired after a 30-year career with the National Education Association. She is survived by Jennifer Gibson. Audrey Bloodgood Jessell ’59 of Terre Haute, IN, died January 26. An art educa- tion major, she also did graduate work at C. W. Post College and Indiana State Uni - versity. She taught mathematics and art at Patchogue Junior High School on Long Island before her marriage, and remained a volunteer tutor for many years. Later she was a member of the Terre Haute Newcomers Club and Children’s Theatre and the Wabash Valley Water Garden Society. She is survived by husband John, three daughters, a brother, and 10 grand- children.

Sandy Feldman Schoenfein ’59 of NYC, died June 4, 2010. An English major, she was president of the board of the Eisman Foundation for Children. She was also a freelance book editor. She leaves two daughters and a sister; husband Robert predeceased her.

Jane Leedom Petridis ’61 of Worcester, MA, died April 29, 2009. A nursing major, she also studied at Assumption College, where she completed a bachelor’s in nurs- ing. She is survived by four children. Helen “Judy” Trayer Johns ’61 of State College, PA, died August 5. A history ma - jor, she completed her bachelor’s degree at Lycoming College. She co-operated a family appliance business for many years and later worked in accounting. She is survived by husband Harry, two daugh- ters, a son, and a sister. Susan Rockwell West ’62 of Saratoga Springs, NY, died January 15. A govern- ment major, she earned a master’s in nursing from Columbia University. She worked at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and as associate editor of RN magazine. She later joined Pfizer Inc. as manager of professional education and subsequently continued to work as a nurse paralegal and a nurse over the years. A member of the City Symphony Orchestra of New York and the Junior League, she more re - cently volunteered for the Yaddo Garden

Association and Mediation Matters. She served Skidmore as a class agent and cam- paign volunteer. She leaves husband Lee, a son, two brothers, and a sister. Barbara Baldwin Kastner ’64 of Coral Springs, FL, died September 16 of cancer. She was a government major. She is sur- vived by her husband, Edward. Judith Jobin ’66 of New York, NY, died January 13. An English major, she started a career in journalism at TV Guide and wrote for the New York Times, Parents mag- azine, and other publications. She gradu- ated magna cum laude from Fordham University School of Law in 1992 and forged a second career as a lawyer special- izing in intellectual property and media- related issues. She leaves husband Daniel Leary, a brother, and a sister. Nancy Nims Mullins ’67 of Yorktown,

VA, died October 23. A sociology major, she also studied library science at Mis - souri University. She had been an active member of the Junior League of Stamford- Norwalk, CT, and past president of the Newport News Medical Society Alliance. For Skidmore, she served as class secretary, class president, and class agent. She is sur- vived by husband James, a son, and sister Catherine Nims Swett ’62. Roberta Jo Maras ’70 of Niska yuna, NY, died February 25. An English major, she graduated summa cum laude and as a Woodrow Wilson Fellow. She earned a master’s in education from Harvard Uni - ver sity and a doctorate in school psychol- ogy from Clark University. Over a diverse career, she worked as a third-grade teacher in the Schenectady public schools; a school psychologist for the Niskayuna ele- mentary schools, Capital Region BOCES, and Schenectady High School; and a psy- chologist for Northeast Parent & Child Society and South Central Community Health in Bloomington, IN. She was also a personnel officer for the Madison North Mar keting Communications Agency in Sche nectady and a victim’s advocate for the Monroe County, IN, prosecutor’s office. In her community she served on the board of Capital Region Big Brothers Big Sisters and worked with AIDS patients at Damien Center Hospice in Indianapolis. She is survived by husband David Wardle and by two sisters including Pam Maras Marcini ’71.

Loralee Englemann Strauss ’70 of Mount Pleasant, SC, died January 21 of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. An art major, she was a real estate broker and also ran her own monogramming and embroidery business. She served Skidmore as a Celebration Campaign volunteer. She

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