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volunteer. She is survived by a daughter; her husband, George, predeceased her. Barbara Smith Mettler ’40 of Gwynedd,

PA, died October 14. An art major, she was a former director of field service for the Girl Scouts Council. During World War II she served as a staff assistant in the American Red Cross in the South Pacific. She is survived by three sons and two daughters. Her husband, William, pre - deceased her.

Nancy Bogle Dunn ’40 of Catskill, NY, died March 18, 2009. She was an English major. She is survived by two sons. Her husband, Carlos, predeceased her. Alma Steinen Jung ’41 of Ellsworth, ME, died January 19. She was a business major. She served Skidmore as a club offi- cer and class secretary. She is survived by two sons, a daughter, seven grandchil- dren, and eight great-grandchildren. Husband Charles predeceased her. Jean Summersgill Neiswinter ’41 of Mission Hills, KS, died January 14. A busi- ness major, she worked in the personnel department of AT&T before her marriage. She was a former president of the Garden City chapter of AAUW and the Hemp - stead Community Club and also VP of the Nassau County Historical Society. She served Skidmore as class secretary and officer of the Long Island club. She is sur- vived by a daughter, two grandchildren, niece Jean Summer gill Sandberg ’67, and grandnephews Eric Sandberg ’92 and Travis Sandberg ’94. Her husband, James, predeceased her. Laura Swift Burbank ’41 of Lookout Mountain, TN, died December 29. An art major, she founded the Greenwich, CT, chapter of the Junior League, volunteered for Meals on Wheels, and was president of the Children’s Home of Chattanooga Chambliss Shelter. She served Skidmore as a class volunteer. She is survived by a daughter, two sons, eight grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. Husband Walter predeceased her. Jean Clements Natale ’41 of Endicott,

NY, died May 18, 2010. An art major, she earned a master’s in education from Col - umbia University and taught art in the Maine-Endwell schools for many years. She was also involved in the Foster Grand - parent program. Predeceased by husband John, she is survived by two daughters, a son, a brother, 10 grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren. Mary Mayo Lewis-Thorne ’42 of Fitch - burg, MA, died January 8, 2010. An eco- nomics major, she earned a master’s in education from Boston University. She was a microcomputer tutor. A civic volun-


teer, she was an active in the Unitarian Universalist Church, the American Civil Liberties Union, and Amnesty Interna - tional. She leaves husband Stephen, two sons, a daughter, and six grandchildren. Shirley Grandeman Valk ’43 of Hilton Head, SC, died January 19 after a long battle with cancer. An art major, she also studied at the Katharine Gibbs School and the New York School of Interior Design. She owned an interior design firm and was an accomplished artist. She was a hospital board member in Stamford, CT, and an active volunteer with civic groups. She is survived by her husband, Fred Fitchey, two sons, and daughter Leslie Valk Benton ’69. Isabelle Ward Ottone ’43 of East Islip,

NY, died November 24, 2009. She is sur- vived by a grandson. Her husband, Peter, predeceased her. Walterlyn “Lynn” Vanderveer Woy - thaler ’44 of Peru, NY, died February 14. She was a chemistry-biology major. She served Skidmore as a club officer and attended her 65th reunion in 2009. She is survived by a son, a daughter, three grandchildren, and nieces Anne Louise Schwiebert ’63 and Lauren Grossman Schwiebert ’69. Her husband, Bill, and sister Mildred Vanderveer Schwiebert ’31 predeceased her. Elma Eden ’44 of Livingston, NJ, died October 4. A business major, she retired from a 40-year career in executive man- agement with Lord & Taylor. She is sur- vived by Robert Kanfhold. Nancy Blood Perry ’45 of Minneapolis, MN, died January 1. An art major, she was a longtime volunteer buyer for the Nor - walk (CT) Hospital gift shop and also vol- unteered at New York Hospital. She served in many community leadership roles, from VP of the New Canaan Garden Center and Women’s Club of Rye, NY, to president of the Roslyn Book Club. For Skidmore she served as an admissions contact, class agent, president of the Fairfield (CT) club, regional director of the Wide Horizons Campaign Committee, and chair of the nominating committee on the alumni board. She is survived by three daughters, including Christine Perry Eriksen ’73, and several grandchil- dren. Her husband, Alan, predeceased her. Dorothy Burgess Everett ’44 of Ithaca,

NY, died October 31. A chemistry major, she worked for Squibb Chemical and the E. J. Boell Chemistry Laboratory at Yale University prior to her marriage. A long- time school aide, she also volunteered for McGraw House, Service League, and Meals on Wheels. She was a Skidmore class

agent, reunion volunteer, and member of the leadership gifts committee. She leaves a daughter, a son, and three grandchil- dren; husband Herbert predeceased her. Marjorie Cutler Lowman ’45 of Elmira Heights, NY, died January 29. She was a sociology major. An active community volunteer, she was a board member of the Elmira Settlement House, a local youth shelter, and a needlework guild. She was extensively involved in her church. Pre - deceased by husband Marshall, she leaves two sons, a daughter, seven grandchil- dren, and four great-grandchildren. Virginia Lintern Sneve ’45 of Duluth, MN, died December 17. An English major, she was a longtime antiques and insur- ance appraiser who managed estate sales. She was a member of the Junior League, the Duluth Women’s Club, and the Kitchi Gammi Club. She was an associate at the Tweed Museum of Art and a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow. She is survived by daughter Virginia Patch ’67, two sons, niece Kath - erine Sneve ’76, a sister, and two grand- children. Husband Jack predeceased her. Marjorie Ploger Eger ’45 of Groton, MA, died October 26. A business major, she worked for the US Foreign Service in Ecuador and later at Massachusetts Insti - tute of Technology. She chaired the Gro - ton Conservation Committee’s Clean Lakes group and was recognized by the Groton Conservation Trust and the Nashua River Watershed Association. She is sur- vived by husband William, three sons including Richard Eger ’79, and two grandchildren.

Elizabeth Chipman Coker ’45 of Lock - essin, DE, died July 14. A sociology major, she was an assistant librarian at the Du - Pont Experimental Station’s Lavosier Li - brary in Wilmington for 16 years. Her community volunteerism embraced the Delaware Art Museum, the Historical So - ciety of Delaware, Wilmington General Hospital, and Christiana Care Inc., which she served for 41 years. She was a trustee of her church, an avid traveler, and an antiques collector. She is survived by her husband, James.

Miriam Blechman Grimes ’46 of Elkins Park, PA, died December 28. A psychology major, she was a former behavioral spe- cialist at the Philadelphia Geriatric Center. An avid collector of Judaica, she was an active member of the Harry G. Friedman Society and the Victorian Society of Amer - ica. For Skidmore she was a longtime class secretary and reunion volunteer. She is survived by three sons, a sister, and six grandchildren. Her husband, Paul, prede- ceased her.

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