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summers on Cross Lake near Syracuse, NY. One of their granddaughters and her hus- band belong to a Christian ministry based in Haiti and are starting their service in an orphanage supported by Hands and Feet Project. During the holidays, the Hills always spend time with family near Syracuse and hope for snow so they can get in some skiing. We hope to see Dick and Rose at Reunion. Sally Harrison Dickinson and husband Porter had a wonderful cruise to Quebec via the Hudson River, Erie Canal, St. Law - rence River, and the Thousand Is lands. Another Skiddie, from the Class of 1954, was on board.

Sylvia Bickford Webster says that, in spite of old age, “things are going pretty well!” Marylyn Taylor Mooney is enjoying life on Pine Island, FL, with husband Ed. She has shifted her energy from painting to gardening. Her grandson Fred lives in Japan, where he is a ski instructor. Ann Hammel Kahl has just published a book, Charge, about senior strength and how we seniors should get off our butts and get moving—as in “Charge!” Ann says that aging “is more than doctors and doses.” The women Ann coaches in weightlifting and running encouraged her to write the book. Gloria Dagilas McMurrough is associ- ate director of admissions at Roger Wil - liams College, where she has enjoyed working for 35 years. She traces the roots of her career to her work as president of the Skidmore club in Boston and later as president of the College’s alumni associa- tion. Gloria says that in both roles she helped with the admissions process, under the guidance of former director Phyllis Voss, “to whom I owe my career.” She counts among her fondest memories her friendships with alumni, former presi- dents Val Wilson and Joe Palamountain, Anne Pala mountain, and members of the alumni board. Nancy Howie visited Mary Stirling Campbell last summer in Seagirt, NJ, where they had a mini-reunion with Peggy Sharpe Whitehead, Joan Kreuser Noone, and Marg Conley McNulty. Nancy observes, “We all looked the same as always!”

Sally Quincy Hartshorn lost husband Stan in October, to a blood disease cou- pled with diabetes. He will be sorely missed by his six children, 13 grandchil- dren, and Sally.

My grandson Jon recently graduated cum laude from West Chester University in Pennsylvania and received his commis-

sion as a second lieutenant from the Army ROTC. He wants to join the Special Forces. Don’t forget—our 60th reunion is just around the corner, June 2–5. For details on registration, housing, and activities, please visit I would love to see you all there! PATRICIA BRYANT KOEDDING 83 CROSSLANDS DRIVE KENNETT SQUARE, PA 19348-9634


Our class is so appreciative of JP Pohlman O’Rourke, who passed

away in November. She kept us connected these past few years through her work as class secretary. We send our condolences and love to JP’s family. Now let’s continue to stay connected. We all like to know what our octogenarian classmates are doing.

Randy Moore Foster and Cindy Hart - wig Gyorgy attended a lovely memorial service for JP in Saratoga Springs this past winter.

Gus Forcucci and his wife, Marie, send their greetings to all. Margery Blacker Griffith celebrated her 80th at a birthday party hosted by her three children in Cincinnati, OH. Among the crowd of 56 was her first great-grand- child! She and her husband, Gordon, drove to Iowa and then to St. Louis in June to attend the weddings of two grand- daughters. Mary Lyons Harberg says “growing old is not for sissies,” but adds that all is well with her. She hosted her entire clan of 21 children and grandchildren at her Texas ranch for the holidays. Barbara Underhill Collyer and Jean Shaw meet on Skidmore’s campus twice a year. Barbie is “so proud of how Skidmore has matured.” They also saw Dotsy Bern - stein and her husband, daughter, and granddaughter at the gala Celebration Weekend in October. Barbie talks with Sally Evans Hunt, who lives in a condo in Florida. Sally so misses her husband, Ken, who passed away last August. Barbie keeps “pretending to be younger than springtime,” playing tennis and riding her horse most days. She says she and hus- band Frank “are ruled by two Lab puppies who think and act like terrorists.” Marcia Hilfrank Forrest and husband George still live in New Hampshire. George manages the Hampton Airfield, which is more than a full-time job. Mar - cia, a part-time visiting nurse physical therapist, took a trip to Aruba with friends; they all left their husbands at home and had a great time. All eight grandsons are doing fine; the youngest is

a football-playing senior in high school, and the oldest is at Southern Maine Uni - versity Medical School. Sallie Walstrum Herman Bailey lives in Leisure World in Mesa, AZ. She plays golf, bridge, and Mah Jongg and volunteers at her Lutheran church and at a children’s home. She remarried four years ago; her first husband, Charles Herman, passed away in 2000. She is proud of her oldest grandson, who graduated from the Naval Academy at Annapolis in 2009, and his brother, who is at the Coast Guard Aca - demy. The 21-year-old has seen active duty in Afghanistan but is now stationed in San Diego, CA. Sallie recently attended the Pearl Harbor ceremonies in Hawaii; her husband’s son was the architect for its new visitor center.

Helen McConnell Copeland and her family are excited that the Garden Club of America chose their small garden in Columbus, OH, to be included in the Ar - chives of American Gardens at the Smith - sonian. Lenny says the garden is French in design and did not include grass. Carolyn Goddard Major took a won- derful trip to NYC in April with her daughter, two daughters-in-law, and her youngest granddaughter, to visit another granddaughter, a sophomore voice major at NYU. She was determined to show them that an 80-year-old grandmother could keep up. “I must admit it was chal- lenging, but we had so much fun.” Flora Shoemaker Taylor had lots of snow around her Park City, UT, home this past winter. She did some traveling but was forced to slow down around Christ - mas, when she received an unusual pres- ent: three stents in her chest to alleviate partially clogged arteries. She spent Christmas with her three children and four grandchildren and says she is now feeling great.

Joyce Levine Eppler says that leading an active life at 80 is awesome! She re - ports that Sandra Buhai Barz lives just a block away from her in NYC, Lenny Pers kie Holland is nearby on Long Is - land, and Madeline Scheuer Selden and husband Bill live a short trip away in Con nec ticut. Thanks to Jackie Pinover Mulrow and Nancy Colway Cammann, who both wrote me offering their help with our class communications.

After retiring as a marriage and family therapist, Barbara Ettinger Bernstein started a landscaping business using only low-water-use plants and succulents, with an aim to conserve water in parched Los Angeles, CA, where she lives.


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