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a fine time but says traveling is getting harder for her. DO DUNKEL JERMAN 1983 STANDSTONE VISTA LANE ENCINITAS, CA 92024-4247 DOJERMAN@ATT.NET


Louise Samuels Schindler reports that life is pleasant although she

misses VeeGee, the wooden boat that she always sailed with her late husband, Bud. “VeeGee and Bud are one for me, as you will understand.” As a fellow wooden boat lover, I certainly do. In December Mary Jane Baker Macart -

ney’s family welcomed a second great- grandchild, Matthew James; another “MJ,” he was named for her. MJ continues to be involved in her senior art groups, and loves it.

Nancy D’Wolf received the 10th Annual Spirit of Skating Award from the Provi - dence and Pawtucket (RI) Figure Skating Club in 2010. Leggie has served as a high- figures judge, a US Figure Skating gold- level judge, and a northeast regional com- petition judge. Elizabeth VanNess Reid, better known as “our totally musical Tibby,” is glad 2010 is over. She says she is eager for our next reunion: “I need it!” Ann Roberts Van Dyck is happy in

Char lottesville, VA, near daughter Polly. She enjoys living in a city (but misses the country), does a lot of gardening, and welcomes one and all to stop by. I heard from my old pal Sally Cheney Buell, who received a surprise letter from Carolyn Lapp Black, now living in Ari - zona. Sally recalls how Carolyn, who was married in 1945, had to visit her husband at Dartmouth because Skidmore frowned on them sharing a bed. What a different world it is!

I was happy to have a card from Han - nah Berrnstein Casden. Honey spends the winters in Longboat Key, FL, hosting her children, their spouses, and grandchil- dren. She enjoyed a winter reunion with Grayce Smethurst Elgar and her “lovely guy,” Dick, who live in Tampa. Katey Geyer Winant enjoyed Christmas, during which she hosted Dee Dion Har - die and her family in Williamstown, MA. Katey hadn’t seen the Hardies in many years. The group enjoyed a delightful breakfast, at which both Dee and Katey wore their pearls! A 20-inch snowfall pre- vented them from going out for dinner. Katey says it was a real New England Christmas and a happy time. Ann Crooks Seitzer had lunch with Pat Boan Rothermel and Leggie D’Wolf on

Cape Cod last summer. Crooksie and Dick sold their motor home and are spending much more time at home in Melbourne Beach, FL.

I had a great luncheon at the Metropoli - tan Museum of Art in NYC last fall with my roommate Billie Stein Tisch. We sat in the trustees’ dining room and chatted nonstop for two hours. It was good to see her again after a lapse of several years. I received a note from Bobi von Lenz Chenhall ’42, informing me that her sis- ter Bernice Von Lenz Lockridge died in September. We extend condolences to Bobi and her family. My husband, Larry, decided to return to flying and bought back his old (ca. 1978), airplane. At the age of 87, he passed all his medical exams and flight tests, in spite of macular degeneration in one eye and deafness in one ear. I was flabbergast- ed, and he still can’t believe it. GRETCHEN EISNER RACHLIN 115 RAYMOND AVENUE SOUTH ORANGE, NJ 07079-2339 973-763-6167 FAX: 973-762-3468 GRETCHEN@GOODPILOT.COM


Nancy Hare Dunn, who had a 10-year-old knee replacement

redone in October, has gotten back to normal. Her granddaughter was married in July and lives in Boston. Nancy spent the winter in Naples, FL, rather than Vail, CO, to rest her knee. Marge Fee Neff is still battling macular degeneration, which complicates her abil- ity to care for husband Charlie. The Neffs moved to a retirement village in Hender - sonville, NC, about 15 miles from their former home. They spent their 60th an - niversary in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Despite being on oxygen, Charlie was well enough to enjoy the waves. Grand - sons Phillip and Jimmy are in the Navy. Joan Hull is still ecstatic about the Giants winning the World Series last year. She says San Francisco celebrated with a big parade; the dress code was Giants caps, jackets, and T-shirts. She and Dale spent last summer on the Amazon. In September they cruised from Vancouver to Alaska and across the Pacific to Japan, Korea, Russia, and China. The Hulls also enjoyed a gathering of 28 family members at Bodega Bay.

Leah Cunningham Wood enjoyed 2010. She attended the graduation of a grandson from Penn Charter School in June and then joined the family at their Jersey shore house for a short visit. Her grandson swam in the Hall of Fame Pool

in Ft. Lauderdale with his Tufts University swim team. Leah says she doesn’t enjoy driving anymore. Artist Betty Detrick Williams had 14 shows last year. She is still painting and playing bridge. Husband Don was in a ter- rible accident that left him recuperating for a long time. Son Don teaches pottery at the University of New Hampshire. Betty has four great-grandchildren, many of whom live nearby. Marylou Woodruff Street lost her youngest sister to cancer last June. Hus - band Bud is taking a new wonder drug, Pradaxa, for his atrial fibrillation, and Marylou is getting physical therapy for a torn muscle in her left knee. They won big money in their golf outings, and Bud’s garden produced a bumper crop last sum- mer. In October, Marylou celebrated her 65th high school reunion with 36 class- mates. The couple wintered in Amelia Island but didn’t play golf. Helen Buch Thorpe spent a weekend in Jekyll Island, GA, for her granddaughter’s wedding. She described a wonderful story of how the couple met 27 years prior and then reconnected under odd circum- stances. Helen continues volunteering in a hospital for children with special needs. She keeps busy with exercising and enjoys special events with family.

The 50-year-old, award-winning house of glass, steel, and brick that Ellie Rao Witthoefft designed and had built in Armonk, NY, was recently bought, gutted, and reconstructed. The original home, featured in Interior Design & Decoration USA magazine in 1965, was given land- mark status. Ellie and Art have traveled across the United States and Europe but say they are in heaven in their Sarasota, FL, home.

Adelaide Hodgman Marx spent sum- mer in her lakeside log cabin in Massa - chu setts. The upkeep of the property keeps her busy. She celebrated her 83rd birthday with family. Taking her 3-year- old black Lab to agility classes keeps her young.

Madeline Flood Peel became a great- grandmother in October. She met up with Joyce Card Boehner last summer. Barbara Anne Nichols Wilsey’s hus- band, Bill, died in October. Before retiring several years ago to Port Orange, FL, they had spent 30 years together working as teachers in the Port Jervis, NY, school sys- tem. Barbara taught art, and Bill taught social studies.

Audrey Platt Jacobson went to Europe on the Queen Elizabeth II. She spent the winter in South Carolina.


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