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In Memoriam Alumni

Doris Dickinson Kilbourn ’27 of Bartlett, NY, died April 6, 2008. A music major, she retired after a lengthy career teaching music in Rome and Utica public schools. She served Skidmore as a class agent. She leaves a son and daughter. Her husband, Thomas, predeceased her. Mildred Myers Atkinson ’32 of Bruns - wick, GA, died February 26, 2010. A nurs- ing major, she was one of the first people in the nation to earn a bachelor’s degree in that field. She enjoyed a lengthy career as a public health and school nurse. Later in life, she earned a master’s in school counseling from the University of Michi - gan. In retirement, she founded an audio- taping program that supplied educational text materials for sight-impaired high school and college students in Florida. Predeceased by husband James, she is sur- vived by a son and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Virginia Parker Lewis ’33 of Wolfeboro, NH, died April 11, 2009. A psychology major, she did graduate study in educa- tion at Teachers College, Columbia Uni - ver sity. She taught at the Dalton School and the Lincoln School in NYC and later at the Brooks School in Concord, MA. More recently, she was codirector of Vista - mont Camps in Bristol. She was also an active community volunteer. She is sur- vived by a son, two grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Her husband, Fred erick, predeceased her. Betsey Sawin Kiel ’34 of Ann Arbor, MI, died September 19. A home-economics major, she was a former research techni- cian for the Border Company in NYC. She was a longtime community volunteer. She is survived by a daughter, two sons, and three grandchildren. Husband Charles predeceased her. Margaret Egbert Whytlaw ’35 of North - field, MN, died January 27. A sociology major, she earned a master’s in primary education from Columbia University. She taught nursery school prior to her mar- riage. In addition to helping her husband, a Methodist pastor, with his ministry, she was active in the PTA. In retirement, she volunteered for many organizations in Northfield, including the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society, Meals on Wheels, and Vietnamese Refugee Com - mittee. She was the recipient of the Mary Wood Community Service Award. She served Skidmore as a reunion volunteer and class agent. She is survived by two

daughters, a son, five grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. Her husband, Edward, predeceased her. Stella Waters Crane ’35 of Farmington,

CT, died December 29. She also attended NYU. She worked for the US Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and later as a special-ed teacher’s aide in the Hartford school system. She is survived by two daughters, a son, a brother, 11 grand- children, and four great-grandchildren. Her husband, Thomas, predeceased her. Mary Bull Sharp ’35 of Glencoe, MD, died October 16, 2008. A phys-ed major, she was a 30-year member of the Home Interest Group of Baltimore County. Pre - deceased by husband Alfred, she leaves two daughters, a son, and several grand- children.

Rheta Adella Armbruster Morgan ’37

of Windham, ME, died December 8. An art major, she was a retired art teacher and watercolor painter. She was also an active community volunteer and avid quilter and knitter. As the oldest resident of her community, she was the holder of the Georgetown Boston Post Cane. She is survived by a son and two daughters, including Vicky Morgan-Fickett ’80, as well as six grandchildren and five great- grandchildren.

Marion Mahoney Manning ’37 of Ken - nett Square, PA, died November 17. A phys-ed major, she did graduate course- work at Smith College and studied mod- ern dance in California. She taught PE before her marriage. A former docent for the Brandywine River Museum in Chadds Ford, she was also an avid birder and international traveler. She leaves three sons, a daughter, and seven grandchil- dren. Her husband, Jack, predeceased her. Betsy Wadsworth Harris ’37 of Paradise

Valley, AZ, died October 26. She was an English major. She leaves two daughters and a son; her husband, Har vey, prede- ceased her.

Beatrice Lichter Korn ’38 of Gloucester, MA, died November 26. An English major, she earned a master’s in speech education from Columbia University. She was a community volunteer. She is survived by a son, a daughter, and two grandsons. Her husband, Morris, predeceased her. Anne Debeaux Mitchell ’38 of Gil - manton, NH, died September 7. A music major, she served in leadership roles in the Junior League of Newark, NJ, the Garden State Auxiliary Board, and the United Way. She served Skidmore as a class agent and alumni admissions corre- spondent. She is survived by two sons and nieces Christina Mitchell ’91 and

Kathanne Kuhn Mitchell ’64. Her hus- band, Walter, predeceased her. Eleanor Lindemann Meeker ’38 of Altus, OK, died June 7. An English major, she earned a master’s degree from Lamar University in Texas. She taught high school English in the Port Arthur, TX, public schools for more than 20 years. She leaves a son, two daughters, eight grandchildren, and five great-grandchil- dren. Her husband, Cornelius, prede- ceased her.

Charlotte Maxson Moore ’38 of Fort Collins, CO, died December 28, 2009. A history major, she received a master’s in that discipline from Cornell University. She started a career in teaching at St. Mary’s School for Indian Girls in Spring - field, SD, and later shared the work of her husband, an Episcopal priest, in minister- ing to Native Americans at a number of reservations. At the Navajo Good Shepard Mission in Fort Defiance, AZ, she devel- oped an after-school enrichment program. Most recently, she was a docent at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in Alhambra, CA. She is survived by two daughters, a son, two grandchildren, and two great-grandchil- dren. Husband Edward predeceased her. Betty Eastman Peyton ’39 of Naples, FL, died December 3. An art major, she was a needlepoint pattern designer and created needlepoint for furniture in the Minnesota governor’s mansion and nu - merous churches. She held leadership roles in her community, including presi- dent of Sheltering Arms, member of the Min ne sota Governor’s Advisory Board on Mental Retardation, president of the Min - neapolis Junior League, board chair of the Needlework Guild of Minne sota, and pres- ident of the Naples Garden Club. She served Skidmore as a class secretary, cam- paign volunteer, and president of the Min neapolis club. She was a generous supporter of the Arthur Zankel Music Center, whose Peyton Green Room and Dressing Room is named for her. She is survived by three sons, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Norma Trabold Kerr ’39 of Fort Walton Beach, FL, died August 21. A music major, she was a former volunteer for the Pueblo, CO, Medical Auxiliary and the Symphony Guild. She is survived by two children. Husband Harper predeceased her. Jean Abrams Roberts ’40 of Cambridge, MA, died December 20. An English major, she was a retired publications editor for the New England Aquarium and a former board member of the Boston Circle for Charity. She served Skidmore as a reunion


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