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formed with several groups across Man - hat tan, including York Dance Works and Graci Meier. He will be touring with De - ganit’s company in Florida. Emily Schlemmer is working in the psychology department of the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copen - hagen, and enjoying European adven- tures.

After a yearlong internship with Three Group Research, a market and media re - search firm in Saratoga Springs, Elizabeth Lundy accepted a position at NBC Uni - ver sal in NYC. She is now a senior analyst in entertainment research for Oxygen Media. In Washington, DC, Terence Kennelly works in investor relations for the Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest private equity firms. Patrick Cronin has been having a great time working as a builder and carpenter alongside his father. He recently volun- teered in the art departments at local schools in Hartford, CT, and thoroughly enjoyed working with his students and witnessing their willingness to learn, ex - plore, and laugh. He is now pursuing cer- tification as an art teacher at Central Con - necticut State. Last summer Carolyn Raider worked for National Geographic, teaching photogra- phy in Italy and Greece. She then went to Italy to teach English to high school students.

Michael Goldsmith is at Charlotte School of Law.

After a stint at a law firm in NYC, Robert Morlino moved to Central America to teach. Carly Goldstein is earning a PhD in clinical health psychology from Kent State University. Her research focuses on using interactive media that allow pa - tients to communicate with health-care providers, to improve medication adher- ence by heart-failure patients. Joshua Stone had a great first year at Penn State College of Medicine in Her - shey, PA. He has enjoyed the whole expe- rience so far, including studying anatomy, learning how to give a physical exam and take a history, and eating lots of Hershey chocolate! This summer he will be con- ducting neurosurgery research. Arielle Kouffman has been in Chile teaching English with a United Nations– sponsored program called English Open Doors. She plans to stay in Chile and work in the Santiago branch of an inter- national NGO called Nonprofit Enterprise and Self-sustainability Team, as assistant to the CEO.


Sonia Segal-Smith has been enjoing law school at Suffolk University Law School. Jeffrey Meyers has had a great time working at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, UT, skiing every day. Kate MacAllister is an audience project fellow and special events assistant with the Drama League in Manhattan. She is also codirecting her old high school a cappella group, which she says has been incredibly rewarding. Andy Garlick is a fifth-grade special-ed teacher in Newton, MA, where he gets to apply the skills and knowledge he gained at Skidmore on a daily basis. He also drew on his minor in government when he served as deputy communications director for his mother’s successful campaign to become a state representative in Massa - chusetts. Andy also coaches a Special Olympics soccer team and was recently named to the board of Needham Cares. Arielle Manstein lives in Elkins Park, PA, and takes undergraduate science classes at Temple University in preparation to apply to dental school. This past winter, she enjoyed a family vacation in Aspen, CO, during which she visited Lauren Dinsdale. Tom Saglimbeni is working toward a master’s in nursing at Stony Brook Uni - ver sity. He is also an elite-level instructor of the Les Mills USA fitness program, teaching BodyAttack and BodyStep classes. He travels around the Northeast


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presenting the fitness classes at gyms and conferences. In Boston Emma Newcombe is a full- time tutor and teacher’s assistant at MATCH Charter High School. She says, “The hours are long, and the work can be stressful, but the kids are amazing!” Dan Haro is teaching English in a bilin- gual public school in Madrid, Spain, until July.

Alex Frost has been living in Los Ange - les, surrounded by numerous Skidmore alums. He is “having a blast” pursuing an acting career in sunny California. Johanna Barr moved back home to Manhattan to pursue a career in journal- ism. She has completed internships at WNYC radio and the Talking Points Memo political Web site. She’s currently blogging for NBC News and fact-checking for Rolling Stone. Sharon Strom is a master’s candidate at Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, working toward a degree in contemporary art. An archival assistant, she spends her spare time getting familiar with the inter- national art world. Katie Temes is volunteering with an NGO in India that focuses on strengthen- ing local self-governance. She writes, “I live in a city where life is slow and you cannot find a real cup of coffee, but I drink a lot of chai and read after work. Life is certainly interesting, but it is also good.”

Samantha Widder works in the com- munications and marketing department at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, DC. Last summer she tried her hand at professional baking, which was “fun and exciting.” Last July Jim Welsh and Jacob Shwartz

’08 summited the Grand Teton. Melissa Ross lives in NYC, where she is getting a master’s in special education from NYU. As part of her program, she taught at PS 32, an elementary school in Brooklyn.

Elissa Nadworny is living in Saratoga and working at the Palio ad agency as a video producer, planning and overseeing all its video and film productions. I am in a two-year fellowship at the In - stitute of Southern Jewish Life in Jackson, MS. I spend a lot of time driving across the South, meeting interesting people, and eating interesting food. Come visit! CLAIRE SOLOMON 1715 MYRTLE STREET JACKSON, MS 39202-1336 CLAIRE.A.SOLOMON@GMAIL.COM

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