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ability Advisory Board. She spends consid- erable time in New Orleans, where she is writing a new book about that city’s recov- ery from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. We extend condolences to Twila Fleck - ten Wolfe, whose husband, Deloit, passed away last May.

After recuperating from surgery last April, I joined husband Ben in taking part of the family to Disney Land in July. Three boys ages 3, 5, 7 and their parents managed to keep up with us in a fast-paced week in the heat. In September daughter Jennifer blessed us with another baby boy, Chris - tian. We stayed close to home, landscap- ing and putting interior finishing touches on a new retirement home in the New Hampshire mountains. SUSAN SAMBROOK BERRY 402 NH ROUTE 25A WENTWORTH, NH 03282 603-764-9802 LCDRSSBERRYRET@YAHOO.COM


Diana Haroff Bristol spent a fun week in Wellfleet on Cape Cod last July with her children Jeremy and Hannah and three grandkids, all under age 5. Her daylily business is doing well; she is also working with Chinese brush- work, practicing tai chi, and volunteering at the library, where she tries to steer folks toward great literature. A library patron was overheard saying she couldn’t take out a Danielle Steele novel because Diana was at the desk!

North Hall freshmen Linda Cohen Lu -

bell, Janet Block Lefkowitz, Louise Sie - gel Musser, Chrissie Fueller (aka Lucre - tia Robbins), and I, along with sopho- more addition Karen Levin Co burn, are planning a mini-reunion in Saratoga this year. Any other classmates who were in North that year are welcome! Contact me for more information. Last winter Sabre Gilmartin (aka Lynda Sable) took her dog to a carol sing for dogs and owners in England, where she lives. She later took a vacation to Morocco. Milli Krips Boyce and husband John are proud of their filly, who has never fin- ished in less than third place and now has three wins “under her saddle,” including one during a snowstorm and another on a 102-degree day! Milli’s eldest son, Mike, is directing and producing reality shows, and heads up a television department at a university in Johannesburg, South Africa. Youngest son Dan is planning his wed- ding. He owns two Manhattan eateries, Uptown (on 88th and 3rd) and Choice (27th and 3rd), as well as Bonfire Grill in Queens and is in negotiations to buy a

fourth restaurant. Middle son Phil runs a business in Pennsylvania. All of the children and their families visit often and “are a joy,” Milli says, adding that two granddaughters, ages 6 and 10, are “smart, beautiful, and a blessing.” Suzanne Henning Metzger’s daughter Morgan was married in November. The ceremony was officiated by well-known Telluride (CO) artist Robert Weatherford, who is also an ordained minister. The couple live in Telluride, where they own Sawpit Mercantile, a high-end, specialty convenience store featuring organic and locally grown produce. Jane Finneman Hochman and her hus-

band are grateful for their good health and healthy and happy children and grandchildren, who range in age from 3 to 18. Their daughters and their spouses all lead busy, productive lives. Judy Carter Colligan’s son is an inter- national jazz pianist who recently accept- ed a professorship in Manitoba, Canada. He and his wife, also a jazz pianist, have a year-old son, Judy’s first grandchild. Her daughter moved from California to Costa Rica last year to teach folks how to teach English. In January Judy visited her daughter on the Pacific beach of Costa Rica, with Chrissie Fuller. Judy loves life in Columbia, MD, where she pursues ball- room dancing and college Spanish courses. She also mentors girls from the inner city of Baltimore. She is co-founder of the Columbia Mindfulness Group and the Columbia Nonviolent Communication Group. Welcome to Susie Auld Pattison, the latest classmate to join our class Ning Web site. If you want to join, e-mail me and I will send you an invitation. The class sends sympathy to Laura

Young, whose husband, Tom Aprile, died in September.

The class also extends condolences to Marjorie Wall Wood, whose husband, Harry, passed away in December after suf- fering a stroke.

Husband John and I spent a wonderful Thanksgiving in North Candler, NC, with 26 extended family members. We stayed at the Honey Hill Inn, the B&B that John’s great-grandfather built in the mountains, where he established a successful vineyard that lasted until Prohi bition. It is a beauti- ful manse, and we had a glorious time, with the meal catered by folks who were willing to recreate John’s grandmother’s old recipes and the circa 1902 menu we requested. We gathered to be together, but also to bury John’s Dad’s ashes in Ashe - ville. It was a perfect reunion.


’64 ’65


Gail Delgado Nygaard traveled up the Nile and toured the Valley of the Kings, which had been a lifelong desire since studying the region in col- lege. She is very involved in supporting the prestigious Kaare Nygaard Travel Award at the Mayo Foundation in Roches - ter, MN. Gail created this award in honor of her late husband, who was considered one of the top four general surgeons at Mayo Clinic in the 20th century. Gail has been a charge nurse in gastroenterology at Norwalk Hospital, a facility ranked among the top 5 percent in the nation. She talked with Betty Bender Synnest - vedt, who lives in Bridgewater, CT, and Kay White Frank, who lives in Alabama with husband Ken. Jane Flax Lewis is still working two jobs in fundraising—one at Temple Israel and the other at the Commonwealth Shakes - peare Company, which provides free Shakespeare on Boston Common in the summer. She and husband John have 12 grandchildren between them. They live in Brookline, MA, and Bristol, RI. Sue Steele Isbell and Bob had a busy

year, celebrating his 50th reunion at Princeton, her 45th at Skidmore, their 45th wedding anniversary, the baptism of their youngest grandchild, their old- est’s securing her driver’s license on her 16th birthday, and Sue’s mother’s 94th birthday. They also spent more than two weeks in Telluride, CO. Susie Hess Hazelton is taking airplane landing lessons. Children and grandchil- dren are thriving, and her 90-year-old mother is doing better now that she is using oxygen full-time. Son Chad is en - gaged. Husband Russ is still on Penn Security’s board and is actively engaged in numerous activities, including golf, which they both enjoy. This past winter Judy Farmer Fulton and Rufus took their eight grandchildren to NYC after a blizzard, enjoyed many of the sights, and saw The Lion King. Judy says at points it was like “herding cats,” especially when one of the group became temporarily lost at Penn Station.


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