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She spent the winter in Naples, FL. A 1956 mini-reunion was held last sum- mer in the Thousand Islands when Gracia Parkhill Dayton and husband Bruce, Sue Kelley Miller and Ed, and Rosemary Mon aco Faulkner and Rollie visited Cathy Hinds and Jim. Everyone had a great time, and all look forward to attend- ing Reunion in June. Sue Leach Ryan sent regrets that she and Kevin will not be able to attend our 55th reunion. Their son Chris will cele- brate his 50th birthday that weekend, and Sue is throwing a big party for him. She and Kevin keep busy in Port Ludlow, WA, with their yacht club Coast Guard auxil - iary. Sue has taken a job with the local arts council. The couple enjoys cruising the Can adian waters; last summer they took a six-week trip on their 39-foot boat Escapade.

Claire LaBelle Stebbins and husband Roland are doing well. They spend six months in Naples, FL, and the rest of the year back home near their four children and their families. Claire enjoys playing duplicate bridge year-round. Her oldest grandson, Matt, was married October 10, 2010, at 10:10 a.m. Claire notes, “The bride was 10 minutes late.” A member of the military, Matt was deployed overseas in January. Claire’s granddaughter, the daughter of her oldest son, is a junior at Skidmore and recently returned from a semester’s study in New Zealand. Grandson Dan has returned from three months of traveling throughout South America.

Margot Stainton Pulver took a wonder- ful trip to Israel last May. Despite having medical problems, she and her husband still enjoy winters in Florida and summers in Michigan.

Ann Gardiner Drake remains active in the Church of Bethesda by the Sea in Palm Beach, FL. Her daughter Wendy, a rising star at Morgan Stanley, has had articles published in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine. One of Ann’s grandchil- dren recently returned from a semester’s study in Spain. Ann’s life is filled with painting, beaching, playing bridge, and attending Daughters of the American Revolution lunches and teas. She urges classmates to attend Reunion in June. Condolences to Virginia Marshall Firda, whose son-in-law Larry died of brain cancer last year. Two weeks later, her 16-year-old granddaughter was killed in an automobile accident. Along with this sad news comes the glad news that Ginny has three new great-grandchildren. Sue Hoben Hinchey has been “through


the wringer” in terms of health the last couple of years. Fortunately, everything is looking up, and the Hincheys’ kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids are doing well. “What more can we ask?” says Sue. She hopes to attend our 55th. Barbara Marolla Roberts is writing a screenplay based on her 2006 novel The Vineyard on Mulberry Street. She says there are some anecdotes involving Skidmore in the book. Barbara is also a part-time advi- sor and recruiter for the graduate counsel- ing program at Pace University. Sandy Eisler Wohlberg lives close by, and they meet for lunch whenever they can. Carolee Gordon Stray and husband Miles enjoyed a visit from Nan Lauder Eckfeld and husband Jack in September. Rosemary Sheridan Phillips reports she continues painting and “taking my old bones to the gym.” She is looking forward to Reunion.

Barbara Meltzer Rochman says, “Life goes on but isn’t the same” without hus- band Morty, who passed away in 2009. She stays busy with children and grand- children. Barbara saw Janet Samuels Fishbone and Alan this summer and met again recently in NYC for a movie and dinner. Barbara also keeps in touch with Ann Honig Seeb and husband Stan by phone. We send condolences to the families of Ellen Blum Levin, who died in Novem - ber 2009 of cancer, and of Joan Sparling Bull, who passed away after a long illness in May 2010. We received the sad news from Anne Lerch Sofronas that her husband, George, died in September. A memorial service was held in November in Vero Beach, FL, where Anne now lives. Since then, she has visited her children and grandchil- dren in California and NYC. In October I visited granddaughter Julia

’13 for Celebration Weekend. I am deeply envious of her classes in documentary film making and writing. While in Sara - toga, we had dinner with Joan Per kins Ferguson. She is still skiing in the winter and doing antique shows in the summer. The day before Christmas I was taken to the hospital with “a heart incident.” After undergoing “a procedure” (don’t you love the euphemisms?), I feel wonderful and lucky to have had only a close call. Re - union beckons; I hope to see you there. AVERILL DAYTON GEUS 2 OLD ORCHARD LANE EAST HAMPTON, NY 11937-3911 631-324-1229 EGEUS@OPTONLINE.NET


Hope Thompson Kerr and twin sister Hilary spent two weeks last August enjoying the unspoiled natural beauty of Iceland and Greenland, observ- ing steaming hot springs, huge waterfalls, thousands of puffins, and iceberg-filled bays. Besides traveling, Hope stays in shape officiating field hockey games and playing tennis, paddleball, and golf. Jo Leach Lewis joined Dotty Wakeman Mattoon and Dotty’s neighbor for a three- week tour of Italy last June. The trio drove from the Dolomites to the Mediterranean coast and back to Lake Maggiore in Swit - zer land, where they rented an apartment overlooking the lake. They enjoyed per- fect weather and had some unusual expe- riences along the way, as they drove back roads instead of the Autostrada. Joy Hamann Shaw spent last summer and fall dealing with all the produce from her suburban farm, including peaches, raspberries, and currants. She also har - vested honey. She used black currants to make cassis in her basement distillery, where she also made excellent limoncello. Joy is busy with her grandchildren, two of whom live in Concord. Marcia Seymour Hanson and Karen Siegfried Magee ’56 celebrated Marcia’s sister’s 80th birthday last August in Buf - falo, NY. Afterward, Marcia and husband Paul stayed with Karen and husband Tim at their home in Canada on Lake Erie. From there, Marcia and Paul began their fifth cross-country odyssey, this time in Michigan, Colorado, and California, where they stopped to visit family, then up to the Canadian Rockies for hiking with the Adirondack Mountain Club, before returning home in September. Phebe Grauer Appleton’s children and grandchildren came from Wyoming, Vir ginia, and New York State to visit her last year. She enjoyed the annual chamber music festival in her hometown of Niagara on the Lake, Canada, during July and August. As a member of the Shaw Guild, Phebe volunteers for the Shaw Festival there and last year got the opportunity to see several plays. Last fall she enjoyed a visit with an old friend in New Hamp - shire.

Florence Andresen, past president of the Saratoga Springs Rotary Club, reports that over the last decade the group has raised more than $850,000 for scholar- ships for high school seniors. The club’s annual brunch, chaired by Florence, gen- erates about $70,000 each year. This year, the club will provide $45,000 to 12 local students attending colleges. For students attending Skidmore, Florence helped

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