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Principal Features: This high-performance hot water pressure washer gives 220 bar pressure at 1200 litres per hour and is designed for autonomous use in construction and industrial markets. The engine and burner share a common fuel tank for convenience, and this also gives compact dimensions. The diesel-fired ‘eco’ boiler is designed for high efficiency, reducing running costs and protecting the environment.


The design of this powerful machine is impressive, with the engine and burner sharing a common fuel tank. Its compact nature facilitates transportation and storage, and the unit could be hired for many equipment cleaning applications and tasks such as graffiti removal. It has environmentally friendly qualities, and hirers might also find it useful themselves for tackling dirt on off-hired equipment in their own workshops.


Principal Features: Designed to provide pedestrians with a safe means to cross when fixed crossings are under repair or in a street works environment, this system is quick to set up with minimal disruption. It is radio-linked and battery powered, with no cables, and can operate continuously for 14 days. The product is silent in use, and is configured so that batteries can be changed while the system is operational.


Judges’ Comments: This product has been developed to meet a specific market requirement detected by the manufacturer. It utilises components incorporating the latest technology to reduce power consumption, including highly efficient LEDs, radar sensors and controllers, and addresses concerns regarding noise and emissions, particularly in sensitive locations. The fact that the system is cable-free also enhances Health & Safety in the work site.


Principal Features: The tools incorporate an electronic water control, powered by an onboard generator, to ensure effective dust suppression when cutting. The water supply switches off when the saw is not being used, and the flow can be metered so that reserves last longer, with less downtime. The filter is integrated into the hose adapter and the water control can be reached easily while gripping the tool handle.

TS 410 A / TS 420 A CUT-OFF SAWS Judges’ Comments:

The easy-to-use design of the water control will encourage operators to achieve effective water-assisted cutting and dust suppression, an important on-site Health & Safety consideration that more hire customers are recognising. Optimal water metering helps preserve a valuable resource, and the operator can work for longer without interruption, giving greater productivity. Improved cutting efficiency can also extend motor life.

STIHL Principal Features:

This device holds multiple bricks firmly and safely for cutting at a wide range of angles. Made from stainless steel, it comprises a base, adjustable end stops and a cutting guide. Available in two sizes, to accommodate three and ten bricks respectively, it can save time, improve accuracy and ensure safe working practices are used when cutting bricks or block paving.


Judges’ Comments: The panel liked the simple but effective design of this product, which could be used frequently by many construction site personnel and tradesmen. It helps site managers and staff adopt safe working practices, while also increasing productivity, especially when many bricks have to be cut to the same angle. It also incorporates a rubber mat to help reduce vibration when cutting, and can be quickly set up for operation.

TOWERLIGHT UK Principal Features:

This mobile lighting tower has been designed to combine fuel saving features with environmental benefits. It incorporates a Euro 3 regulations compliant Hatz diesel engine, consuming only 0.53 litres per hour, giving savings of up to 72% compared with traditional sets. The machine has a 9m mast, four 400watt metal halide lamps and runs for 320 hours before refuelling.


Judges’ Comments: This machine enables hirers to meet customer demand for eco-friendly equipment, with reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions. Its helps decrease running costs for the operator and lowers labour expenses associated with refuelling, with maintenance personnel typically only having to make one site visit per month instead of four. Noise is also reduced, as the VB9 has a super-silent sound attenuated canopy.


Principal Features: The Teletower is a telescopic mobile access tower that can be erected in less than three minutes by one person. It offers seven platform heights from 0.33 to 2m and can be configured as a podium. It incorporates integral advanced guardrails, stabiliser legs, a folding platform with a climb- through hatch, and folds flat to enable the product to be transported in an estate car or small van.


Judges’ Comments: This product’s ease of operation will appeal to users across many market segments, while hirers will appreciate that the Teletower comprises only two components, the tower unit and the platform, removing the risk of losing parts. It offers an effective work at height solution and can be stored and transported easily. The judges noted that aluminium and GRP versions are available, extending the potential applications for the product.


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